Zealandian Church

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Zeelandienska Kyrkan
Zealandian Church

Founder Senior Cardinal Astrid av Zeelandien
Founded 2014 - 2016
Senior Cardinal Astrid av Zeelandien
Headquarters Tyrshavn
Territory Zealandia and New South Scotland
Language Swedish, English and Zealandian

Zeelandienska Kyrkan (English: Zealandian Church) was a Christian church in Zealandia.
Zeelandienska Kyrkan was notable for being the first church founded within Zealandia.
The Church was disestablished with it's property being seized by the Zealandian League of Communists during the Red April Revolution that also saw the end of the Zealandian monarchy.

Organisation and Clergy

The Church was headed by a bishop who was also the its Senior Cardinal and first among equals and bore the title of High Cardinal. Geographically, the Church divided into dioceses, each ruled by a bishop or cardinal. No bishop or cardinal in the Church was considered infallible. None has any authority over or apart from their priests, people or the other bishops. Bishops have the responsibility of maintaining the unity of the Church throughout the country by insuring the truth and unity of the faith and practice of their diocese. The bishops represent their particular dioceses to the other churches or dioceses, and represent the Church to their own particular priests, and people. There was a council of cardinals which where superior to the bishops within the hierarchy of the church.

Lower in the hierarchy of the Church where the priests who where also referred to as vicars. Priests usually administered a church by the authority and with the blessing of their respective bishops or cardinals. The priests blessed all of the divine services conducted in their churches and are authorised to celebrate all of the sacraments of the Church, with the exception of ordination, which is reserved to the cardinals.

Dioceses and parishes

The church's dioceses and parishes where:

Diocese Parishes Bishop Date of establishment
Senior Cardinal
Senior Cardinal of All Zealandia None Astrid av Zeelandien 3 May 2014
Diocese of Tyrshavn and St George St George in the City Astrid av Zeelandien 3 May 2014
Diocese of Quattro TBA TBA 3 May 2014
Diocese of Palmestad TBA TBA 3 May 2014
Diocese of New South Scotland and Ällaton TBA TBA 3 May 2014

Senior Cardinal

The Senior Cardinal was the specific title given to the bishop who served as the leader of Zeelandienska Kyrkan. The Senior Cardinal is the de facto ruler of the ZK but is also primus inter pares, first among equals. Her duties are to oversee the actions of the church and preserve the church's unity, customs and ethics as well as the application of God's Word.
The first and last Senior Cardinal of All Zealandia was Her Majesty Astrid, Queen of Zealandia, Bishop of Tyrshavn and St George.