Church of Lytism

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Church of Lytism
Hosacorg o'Lytism
LeaderIris Nox
LanguageIrisen, English
FounderIris Nox
Origin26 June 2023
Number of followers1
SloganB'forwyen wit Valor. B'tarar'd o'ny Digs.

The Church of Lytism (Irisen: Hosacorg o'Lytism) is an eclectic pantheist religion in the Autonomous Democracy of Lytpatri.


The Church is an eclectic faith, taking concepts from many different faiths and philosophies. One may believe in any range of scriptures and ideas.


Scriptures are texts with spiritual, philosophical, historical, and/or literary value. They do not need to be fully adhered to our believed, and a follower may be as eclectic as they wish.

Social and Political Views


The Church is fully supportive of LGBTQ+ people, and is an activist for them.


The Church is advocates for universal healthcare, social justice, equality, universal housing, a living wage, universal college, and taxation of the elite. It is very progressive.