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Created byGaelyon
Regulated byThe Druidic Council


The word Ethrynism is derived from the Thurèdo words Ethi (A close equivalent of the word for a building and grounds most similar to Estate) and Rynom (The word for God or Gods). Ethryn means Temple or the Holy grounds, anglicisation of the word derived us to the current term.


Gods of Light


God of Light, Humanity, The Sun, and Wisdom. Lives in the Realm of the Mountain This God controls the legions of Mountainous beasts and the Angelic beings that inhabit the luminous caves of the Mountain Realm.


God of Nature, Intelligence, Magic, the Moon, and the Earth. Lives in the Realm of the Forest. This God controls the sprites of the 8 realms, the magical beasts of the forests, rivers, mountains, deserts, grasslands, etc... Of all nature, and the Angelic beings that inhabit the lakes of the Forest Realm. Anoints druids to the council of Druidry


Goddess of the Sky, Emotion. This God was made by Emith and Asar. Lives in the Realm of the Stars. This Goddess controls the Angels, magical beasts from the sky, and zodiac. Anoints prophets, teachers, and births demigods (children born of the Gods)

Shadow Gods


God of Chaos evil, and destruction


God of Death illness, and darkness


God of Oblivion nothingness, and insanity

The Great Prophets


First of the six prophets. 3 Followers Tought humanity about Creation and Life Twin brother of Taenon


Twin brother of Gaileon 7 followers Tought humanity about Death and Chaos


Greatest of the six prophets 14 followers Taught humanity about Order the Gods and Humanity Kind of big headed

The Wonderer

Nothing much is spoken of this son, it is only told that he wonders in the wilderness. One follower Taught humanity about Nature


The last of the six prophets 5 followers Taught humanity about the prophets

The Shadow

Thought to be dead by his twin brother Aetherwood 3 Followers Taught humanity about magic and the realms Was abducted by Thanom

Sacred Texts

Scroll of Creation

This text speaks of how the Gods came into being and what they did to create the universe around you.