Holy Bradonic Violet Church

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Not to be confused with Holy Violet Church. Check out the disambiguation page for more information.

Holy Bradonic Violet Church
Heilig Bradonisch Violett Kirche

Founder Holy Patriarch Rukuanth
Founded 7 March 2022
Heavenly Flourisher Rukuanth
Headquarters Bishopric of Malba, Bravrina, Bradonia
Territory Kingdom of Bradonia
Language English, German
Adherents 1

The Holy Violet Church officially the Holy Bradonic Violet Church is the secondary state religion of the Kingdom of Bradonia behind the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia and was formerly a Microchurch before Bradonian Acquisition. After the Bradonian acquisition, the Holy Violet Church was renamed to the Holy Bradonic Violet Church to better fit the needs of Bradonia and French was removed as an offical language and replaced with the Bradonian languages of English and German. Today the Holy Bradonic Violet Church is the offical secondary religion of the Kingdom, behind the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia


Flag of the Kingdom of Bradonia, the current holder of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church

Around February, The Primate H.H recognized the conversion of 'Lord Bernhardt, King of Bradonia, after the Bradonian nation state got very interested within the Holy Violet Church due to the King's everlasting love of the color purple, this was the first conversion since Lluis Esteve Y Rando's, which took place on 19 November 2016 and more than five years have passed between the two conversions. March 1 saw a completely unexpected statement that His Holiness Hyacinth announced his intention to resign from the primatial office, H.H said he wanted to resign in favor of Lord Bernhardt, as it was clear Lord Bernhardt wanted the position of Primate with Lord Bernhardt, stating "it has always been a dream for me to lead such a church, as I do not desire the church to fall waste once again" and was given to him on March 7, making him the 1st primate of the Holy Bradonic Violet Church as the Holy Violet Church was at this point reorganized.

On 7 March 2022. His Holiness Hyacinth, by publishing his second Decretal Constitution (called Derrièira Annada : "The Last Year"), which announces his renouncement of the Primatial fonction, in favour of Lord Bernhardt (recently) and which codifies his entry in emeritus. This is his last pontifical document. Lord Bernhardt officially accepts his appointment as the new Violettist Primate, and took the pontifical name of Daniel but later changed it to Rukuanth as it sounded better. The Holy Violet Church becomes the "Holy Bradonic Violet Church", however there was a problem, due to Primate H.H signing an agreement with the Republic of Luminor, the church was legally bounded, a deal was going to made, but then realizing how much he would lose from such a deal, decided to revoke the agreement and declare the church absolutely independent from Luminor rather opting to annex it into the Bradonian Kingdom as a secondary religion, however this caused a quick schism in where a branch of the Holy Violet Church declared independence from Bradonia, however this seen by the Bradonian leadership of a necessity, as it will allow both churches to go both ways and it will allow Bradonia to do what it please's while the Holy Violet Loyalist's can do what they please, all in all Bradonian leadership view's this as a favor. Today the Holy Bradonic Violet Church is the secondary religion of the Kingdom of Bradonia and remains so to this day. Since March 2022, Lord Bernhardt has the pontifical name of Rukuanth .

List of Leaders

Official portrait Holy Patriarch Name Civil Name Date Notes
80px Daniel (from 7 March to 8 March 2022) Rukuanth (since 8 March 2022) Brayvenric since 2022 Founder of the Church

The Cult

Saint book

The Saint book of the Holy Violet Church is the Violet Odyssey. This text is believed to have been revealed by the Violet God to Babou Chkaya, the then President of the Popular Union of Occitania, on 6 November 2016, as he told it. With the ascension of a new primate, it is expected that new texts would be unveiled, but, as of now, any official source has confirmed nor denied it.

In any case, a primacy of honour is and would be reserved for the first text given to the Occitan President, in his time. That's why the Violet calendar starts its annual countdown from this date. In official documents, either the Violet year (in Roman numerals, forcefully) replaces the Gregorian year, or it is added after it.

For example, in the Holy Violet Church, you can write "6 November 2016 - I" and/or "6 November I".

2. Daily life

Devotees prays violet God in any moments they judges necessary (in case of doubt for advice or to ask a favor). Violets are respected while daisies are sacrificed at religious holidays. Violets can do miracles. If that happens, the violet becomes by his first name a saint.

Violet sweets should be consumed for a proper conversion.

Masses are held on Sundays. They begin with a prayer for the world. There Next is a reading of the Violet Odyssey. They end with a personal prayer.

Under the pontificate of Hyacinth, four Masses were held (one regular mass on March 28, 2021, one funeral Mass on June 5, 2021, one canonization Mass on November 6, 2021 (on the Revelation Day), and one last Mass, organised in order to pray and call God, in order to invocate the end of the Violettism (on February 27, 2021).

3.List of saints

a. Canonized by Babou Chkaya

b. Canonized by Juan


c. Canonized by Hyacinth

  • Saints Imelda, Seraphin, Florianne, Stephany and Pascal, since the 09/08/2021. Conserved on the "Chien-Cassejoie" (Dog-Brokejoy) Saint Seed. Commemorated every 21 March, the date when they "performed" their miracle.

d. Canonized by Rukuanth (formely named Daniel)


4. Religious holidays

Name Date Notes
Day of universal peace 9 January Begin of persecution against Nougara
Violet Festival 2 July Celebration of the violet god
Day of the Violets 4 August Celebration of the violet god
Revelation day 6 November Revelation of the religion

III. List of churches

Kind of Church Place
Nougara Violotika Church Bradistadt, Bradonia

IV. Adherents by countries and nations

Micronation Dates Adherents
Kingdom of Bradonia (officially) Since 2022 1

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