Heavenly Kingdom of Bradonia

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The Kingdom of Bradonia
Motto: "In Eternity We Reign, In Omnipotence We Possesses"
Anthem: "Bradonia Forever"
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
State Atheism
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Brystopheles I
from the United States
• Independence declared
9 August 2020
• Transition into a constitutional monarchy
10 October 2020
• Transition into an Heavenly Kingdom
30 December 2023
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi) (220th)
• Water (%)
• 2023 census
CurrencyBradonian Staatmark (Bßm)
Time zoneUTC-6, -7 (BCT, BMT)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
day month year
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Bradonia, officially the Kingdom of Bradonia, is a self-proclaimed state, that is commonly referred to as a micronation[1]. Bradonia is located within North America and is landlocked by the United States of America. Bradonia possesses territorial exclaves both in Texas and Colorado, and also possesses colonies within the Pacific Coast. Bradonia has a total land area of around 1 km2, and a population of 20 making it one of the least populated and smallest states in the world. The capital and largest city of Bradonia is Tseleryna which acts as the administrative, cultural, and political center of the nation.

Bradonia was originally founded and established on 9 August, 2020, as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, which was a highly underdeveloped and politically unstable state governed as a liberal autocracy. The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would ultimately be short-lived due to a political crisis that would occur only two months after its formation, which would force the nation's leader, Brayvenric I, to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia, a constitutional monarchy with Brayvenric as its 1st and only king, before declaring divinity.

After the transition to constitutional monarchy, Bradonia would quickly stabilize its form of government and begin the nation-building process, which would see the successful emergence of a strong sense of national identity and the overall stability of the Bradonian Realm. However, it would not be easy and would come with many struggles both within the micronational community and internally. Against the odds, Bradonia would successfully endure, and those struggles would only come to boost its strong sense of national identity. Today, Bradonia is a relatively stable nation that puts a strong emphasis on traditionalism, nationalism, unity, tranquility, eternity, and monarchy and boasts a strong and unique national identity.

Bradonia, similarly to other micronations, cites the usage of Montevideo Convention as the legal basis to both justify her sovereignty from the United States of America and to justify her right to self-determination. In accordance with the Montevideo Convention, Bradonia fulfills all four requirements to be classified as a sovereign state, but despite this, Bradonia remains unilaterally unrecognized by the United Nations, and additionally, lacks diplomatic relationships with both macronations and micronations, preferring to remain in isolation from the micronational community.


Bradonia was chosen by Lord Brystopheles who decided to name the country after himself, establishing the nation as the Bradonian Realm. Lord Brystopheles decided to name the country after himself due to the sole role that he played in the foundation and establishment of Bradonia.

With cultural terminology, the terms Bradonic and Bradiotic are frequently used to describe and characterize the cultures and people living within Bradonia, alongside the commonly used term Bradonian. This is ultimately reflected in a similar manner to how in Germany, the term Germanic is frequently used to describe and characterize the cultures and people living within Germany, or in some cases is used to describe the predecessor of Germany, Germania.


Establishment & the Bradonian Anschlußes

The Flag of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia

The Bradonian Realm originally, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, was founded and established on 9 August 2020 as a small plot of land that was located within the backyard of the Sonoma Palace. Bradonia was originally created due to the founding father of Bradonia, Lord Brystopheles desiring a county to call his very own. Shortly after on the same day, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would annex the Sonoma Palace into the nation facing little resistance, thus beginning the First Bradonian Anschluß.

Shortly after the First Bradonian Anschluß, a provisional government would be established with Lord Brystopheles serving as its 1st Dictator. After begging for a position within the newly established Bradonian Provisional Government, Hibernia would serve as Bradonia's 1st Chancellor. Despite the presence of the provisional government within Bradonia, it would barely convene and was considered a formality in all but name.

The provisional government, after its formation, would begin to enforce newly passed legislation that was proposed by the Dictator, which included legalizing all LGBTQ+ communities and relationships, and would also include banning religion from Bradonia due to the strong anti-Christian and strong atheist sentiments that were present within the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia at the time. Despite the de jure separation of the head of state and the head of government in Bradonia during the Liberal Autocracy, the Dictator, Lord Brystopheles would do much of the governing due to the Chancellor, Hibernia, lacking an overall interest in governing the nation.

Although the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, after its formation, would lay mostly in a state of dormancy for the next few weeks, it would arise out of its dormancy when an opportunity for territorial expansion resulted in the establishment of the Lukas District.

In late August, another opportunity for territorial expansion would suffice. However, this time it would occur on a road trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Dictator's father would bring a friend Brion J. along for the journey. Both of these situations would provide the Dictator, Lord Brystopheles, a great opportunity for territorial expansion, thus beginning the Second Bradonian Anschluß. Lord Brystopheles was easily able to establish another territory in the Second Bradonian Anschluß. However, to his unexpected surprise, Duke Jaune of Hutto offered to join Bradonia, however, it would come at a price. Jaune would ultimately join the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, however, in exchange, he requested to be made a Duke, however, despite Bradonia not being a monarchy, the request was quickly accepted, and the Duchy of Hutto was formed as an autonomous province of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, with Jaune being made its 1st Duke.

Transition Into Constitutional Monarchy

File:Bradonian Royal Standard.png
The Bradonian royal standard

On 8 October 2020, Chancellor Iris L. would announce her resignation from her position due to her overall lack of interest in governing Bradonia. She would temporarily be succeeded by Gabriella L., who would be briefly appointed as the Acting-Chancellor of Bradonia. Due to Iris's resignation as Chancellor, it was made very clear that the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia couldn't last much longer due to the instability and ineptness of the provisional government that was brought about by both the surprise resignation and the inability to find suitable replacements who were capable of governing.

Dictator Brayvenric, seeing no better alternatives to the situation, would ultimately make the reluctant but much-needed decision to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Kingdom of Bradonia would formally be established on 10 October 2020, and would formally be a constitutional monarchy with the Dictator Brayvenric being crowned as its first King. Additionally, Brayvenric would appoint Brienna L. who was already the Acting-Chancellor into the Acting-Prime Minister of Bradonia on the very same day, with the role of Chancellor being abolished for the time being.

Following Brayvenric's ascension to the newly established throne, he would attempt to schedule democratic elections and would appoint candidates to run for the newly established position of Prime Minister. These elections and how they proceeded would be heavily inspired and influenced by the 2020 US Presidential Elections, with the elections even having an "Electoral College," though it was only a formality. Iris L. and Ester L., due to being the only qualified candidates for holding political offices, would run for the position of Prime Minister; however, when Iris won the election, she would decline the premiership, saying that she'd "Rather have a dog as the Prime Minister." As a result, the Premiership would lay mostly vacant until April 2021, in which Brayvenric would "hold" the Prime Minister position, thus creating a "de facto" absolute monarchy in Bradonia, although still nominally a constitutional monarchy.

Harry Island War

The Flag of the Disputed Harry Island Protectorate

Around December 2020 or January 2021, Bradonia was undergoing the process of implementing expansionist and imperialist policies due to the lack of territory it possessed. During a bike ride with the Daines, devoted friends of the ruling house, Brayvenric discovered a rather small and marshy island and wished to annex it into the Bradonian Realm; however, before he could attempt to do so, Harry D. wouldn't allow it due to him wanting the island for himself. Upon the realization that there would be no compromises made regarding the island, a declaration of war was declared by both Harry and Brayvenric, thus beginning the Harry Island War.

The Harry Island War was fought personally between Harry and Brayvenric on Harry Island, with the only battle of the war being the Battle of Harry Island. The Battle of Harry Island would see both Harry and Brayvenric fight with sticks, though no one would be injured in the battle. The Battle of Harry Island would only last a mere five minutes and would result in a stalemate after Harry's father would intervene, and he would break up the "fight," thus ending the battle in a permanent stalemate and armistice.

The peace treaty, which was supposed to be signed by both parties during lunchtime, never happened due to a change of plans with the two families, thus preventing peace from ever being signed by both parties. Today, an eternal stalemate and armistice remain on Harry Island, and though the war is considered long over, the island is considered split between the two individuals and remains to be split to the present day, however, Bradonia's side of the island would shortly be neglected thereafter, and has unofficially renounced her claims to it because of such.

The Hosenburgian Rebellion

The Flag of the Hosenburgian Empire

Unfortunately for Bradonia, December 2020 and January 2021 would see Bradonia face a series of national crises, government instability, and diplomatic humiliations which would ultimately humiliate and delegitimize the Bradonian Realm, and by the end of February 2021, would be under an illegitimate and inept socialist government, which like its monarchial predecessor would suffer humiliation after humiliation, until another national crisis would end up boiling into being the Hosenburgian Rebellion, formerly the Bradonian Civil War.[a]

Sonomans living within the Bradonian Realm would feel dissatisfied and disgruntled with the illegitimate and inept socialist government that was put into power on a whim, due to its overall absurdity and incompetence, as shown by its inability to enforce order within its territory. Things would ultimately come to a boiling point when on 4 April 2021, Gabriel L. would attempt to coup the illegitimate and inept socialist government, but he would fail to do so. In retaliation, Joseph would declare the Hosenburgian Empire, with himself as its Emperor, thus starting the Hosenburgian Rebellion.

The Hosenburgian Empire would shortly after be at war with Bradonia, due to the Hosenburgian Empire being considered a separatist movement by the illegitimate and inept socialist government. The Hosenburgian Empire wished to replace the Bradonian Realm, essentially attempting to wipe the Bradonian Realm off of the map permanently. "General-Secretary" Brayvenric would attempt to rally the people of Sonoma to assist him in defeating the Hosenburgian Empire and restoring order within the Bradonian Realm, however, despite his best efforts to rally the people, most Sonomans didn't really care about the conflict between Bradonia and Hosenburg and saw little to no reason to intervene in the conflict. As a result, mos Sonomans would stay neutral in the conflict.

Brayvenric would make a rather undaring retreat to the backyard of the Sonoma Palace to reorganize and regroup his forces. He would call upon the subjects of the former capital, Kaylensburg for assistance in crushing the Hosenburgian Empire which was quickly accepted by the people of Kaylensburg, whom were more loyal to the illegitimate and inept socialist government. Despite the initial trouble that the Hosenburgian Empire was causing the Bradonian Realm, it would be made very clear that the Hosenburgian Empire would stand no chance against the Bradonian Realm, due to the fact that they would make no attempts at fighting back against Bradonian forces, which would ultimately cost them their sovereignty. An hour later after the attempted coup, Brayvenric would storm the Sonoma Palace with the Hosenburgian Empire being dissolved shortly after due to Sonoma Palace being the only "stronghold" the Hosenburgian Rebellion actually had.

The national victory in the Hosenburgain Rebellion would reaffirm Bradonian sovereignty, however, it would come at the cost of internal stability, as despite its best efforts, the illegitimate and inept socialist government was flawed and unpopular, and would shortly after be dissolved by Brayvenric's own volition in favor a "restored"[b] monarchy, which alongside it would come a new form of constitutional monarchy and an attempt at federalism, however slowly overtime, constitutionalism, federalism, and socialism would be routed out of the government in favor of absolute monarchy.

The Third Bradonian Anschlußes

The Flag of the Chowā Province

Despite internal development and reform being prioritized over territorial expansion an opportunity for territorial expansion would shortly arise. On 17 March, 2022, King Brayvenric would go on a bike ride to the Kalahari Resort, however, unlike the other times he went bike-riding, Brayvenric would see various pink blossoming trees in the area which would ultimately pique his interest. King Brayvenric wanted the trees to be in the Bradonian Realm for both ceremonial reasons and for reasons of national pride due to the cherry blossom tree being the National Tree of Bradonia.

Shortly after his bike ride, Brayvenric would convene with former military veteran Esterhess L. to determine a proper course of action regarding the matter. It would ultimately be decided that a military operation to incorporate the territory into the Bradonian Realm would be formalized and initiated in the coming weekend, on 19 March, 2022. Bradonia would begin the invasion of the Kalahari Resort on 19 March, 2022. Brayvenric would first send his forces to Waco, Texas to meet up with Daniel to decide what military strategies should be used for the upcoming invasion of the Kalahari Resort. After determining the proper course of action for the invasion, Bradonian Forces under Brayvenric, would retreat back to Round Rock, Texas, however not before most of the Bradonian Forces under Brayvenric's leadership would attend to other matters, thus jeopardizing the invasion effort. Despite all of the Bradonian Forces under Brayvenric's leadership abandoning the front, Brayvenric alone would use bike calvary to his advantage, and when arriving in the Chowā fields, would face little resistance from the locals, as such, Brayvenric would successfully be able to place a Bradonian flag and thus would consolidate the territory of Chowā under the Bradonian Realm.

After the Third Bradonian Anschlußes, the King Brayvenric would ultimately decide that despite Chowā being geographically close to the autonomous Duchy of Austroazat, Chowā would instead become a new province within Bradonia with Brayvenric declaring himself its 1st Governor, and would additionally declare Crown Princess, Brianna Lieutenant Governor of the Chowā Province. To coincide with the establishment of the Chowā Province, a new noble title, the "Grand Duke of Austro-Sakurastadt" would be established to go alongside the already established "Duke of Austrozat".

Expansion Into Colorado

The Flag of the Bradonian Denver Colony

Although Bradonia had consolidated its regional authority over the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, many members of the Bradonian Royal Family, most notably Joseph and Josephine L., wished to move elsewhere due to the hot climate and undesirable politics of Texas. Both Joseph and Josephine agreed that the Bradonian Royal Family should move to Colorado due to its better standard of living and preferable climate. King Brayvenric despite being staunchly against it would reluctantly agree knowing it would better benefit the Bradonian Realm.

In order to begin the transition from Texas to Colorado, a Royal Mandate on 4 May, 2022 dissolving the the "Ducal Municipality of Austrozat" was put forward, and placed the Sonoma Palace in the hands of the Royal Bradonian Government. Only a few days later, the Sonoma Palace Reconstruction Authority would be established to assist in the transition from Texas to Colorado, which would be headed by King Brayvenric. The ultimate goal of the Sonoma Palace Reconstruction Authority would be for the successful transition from Austin to Denver and the abandonment of Sonoma Place, which had gotten a reputation for being disorderly and cluttered.

Gabriel L. would be the first member of the Bradonian Royal Family to voluntarily leave the Sonoma Palace, and would head to the newly established Denver Colony. While the government transition to Colorado was occurring, the Royal Bradonian Government would receive a message from Saspearian regarding Bradonia's territorial claims in the Chowā Region, however, the dispute would be short-lived, as Sasperid ambition would lay elsewhere, In response to receiving the message from Saspearian, the Royal Bradonian Government would initiate the "Great Reconquest", which would result in the reacquisition of all former Austrozatian territory. When deciding what to do with the newly gained territory, it would be decided that the territory would be given to the newly established province of Isabella-Lukonia, with Climintino Mendonca serving as its first Governor.

Despite the recent establishment of the Denver Colony, it wouldn't be until July, 2022 when the King, Brayvenric and Crown Princess Brianna would leave for a state visit of the Denver Colony. While visiting the Denver Colony, Brayvenric would oversee the consolidation process of the Denver Colony, which would last for around two weeks, and would result in a strengthening of colonial authority within the Denver Colony. Whilst in the Denver Colony, Brayvenric would establish the Royal Diet which originally would serve as a ceremonial body to the King, with Esterhess L. returning to once again to become the Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm. The King, Brayvenric and Crown Princess Brianna would make one final trip back to Sonoma to celebrate the 2nd Bradonia Day, until leaving the very next day to head off for the Denever Colony, however, this time the King and Crown Princess would stay permanently.

Establishment of the Royal Diet

The Flag of the former Bradonian Royal Diet

Although the Royal Diet would be established on 20 July, 2022, it was only a ceremonial body, and it would take until 14 October 2022 for the Royal Diet to become a fully functional legislative body. Originally, the Royal Diet was filled with members of the Bradonian Royal Family, however, after the October Reforms, the Royal Diet would additionally be filled with members of the nobility and clergy, which would be appointed personally by Brayvenric. The October Reforms would put an emphasis on traditionalization and stability within the Bradonian Realm. As a part of these reforms, the Royal Bradonian Government would hire a former church elder to become the first Archbishop of the Bradonian Realm. To coincide with these reforms, the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia would be reformed into the Reformed Church of Bradonia, as to differentiate itself from Presbyterianism and to form its own branch of Christianity.

November would be met with similar stability, however, it would come to a close when the illegitimate and inept Forest Republic attempted to claim the name of Bradonia, which would cause a national crisis, however, this was unintentional by the illegitimate and inept Forest Republic. The Royal Bradonian Government would personally intervene to ensure that the integrity of the Bradonian Realm remained intact, and succeed after it was revealed by the illegitimate and inept Forest Republic that they intended to change their name to the Forest Republic of Bradistan. Thus the November Crisis was over, and the integrity of the Bradonian Realm remained intact.

December would, similarly be met with stability akin to November, however, many Lords of the Royal Diet would request a recess for the rest of the year. The King, Brayvenric would grant the Lords their request, and would dissolve the Royal Diet until 9 February, 2023, though not before getting the Lords chocolate as a Christmas gift.

Contemperary History

The Flag of the Bradonian Realm

On 1 January 2023, much to the surprise of the government, it was revealed that the 2nd Chancellor, Esterhess L. held views that were both heretical and ill-conductive to the Bradonian Realm. Upon receiving this information, the King, Brayvenric made the decision to remove him from his office and to force him to resign from his positions within the government. Afterwards, a successor, Josephine L. would be appointed to become the 3rd Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm. For the first time in Bradonian history, the King would both host and oversee an inauguration ceremony in which the King Brayvenric would officially appoint Josephine as the 3rd Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm.

Shortly after, the first Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm, Iris L. would be appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm, and for the first time in Bradonian history, there would be a fully functioning government, however, it would be short-lived. Although Brayvenric would attempt to revive the Royal Diet, there would be little enthusiasm from the Lords, who had begun to slack off and not take things seriously. Despite the situation for the Royal Bradonian Government looking much better than before, there were many in the Royal Diet who wouldn't even bother communicating or even act professionally, which would make the government's job much harder. This alongside finding replacements being nearly impossible would ultimately put the Royal Bradonian Government in a horrible predicament. Ultimately, it would be decided by the King Brayvenric, that the Royal Diet, the House of Lords, and the Chancellor position would be abolished on 6 March 2023, and so, on 6 March 2023, the Royal Diet and the House of Lords would be permanently dissolved and the Chancellor position would be abolished indefinitely.

Despite the setbacks that would come from dissolving both the Royal Diet and the House of Lords, the King Brayvenric would still attempt to communicate with the nobility and clergy, however, this effort would be short-lived as both the nobility and clergy for reasons unknown would stop interacting with the Royal Bradonian Government. Seeing no other option, King Brayvenric on 6 April 2023, would revoke the subjectships of all remaining subjects, due to their self-perceived illegitimacy and inability to properly communicate with the government, however, both the royal houses would be immune from the expulsion.

Unexpectedly on 16 April 2023, Brian, the Duke of Hutto, would pass away due to unknown causes and would have no heir to succeed him, however, it wouldn't be a week later until the Bradonian Royal Family would find out, and would be completely devastated by the news. A state funeral for Brian would be held a week after his passing in order to pay respect for the late Duke. Due to dying childless, a succession crisis in the Hutto Duchy occurred, which would shortly thereafter be renamed to Hudora as to pay respect to Brian. A Regency Council would be formed, and would ultimately appoint Ray L., a friend of the late Brian, as the 2nd Duke of the Duchy of Hudora. Ray would be installed as Duke on 8 June 2023 and would swear an oath of fidelity to the King, Brayvenric, and the Bradonian Realm.

On December 30th Bradonia "dissolved" as a micronation and became a personalized nation simulation

Politics & Government

Bradonia is a unitary, theocratic, and autocratic absolute monarchy under a hereditary diotocracy[c] which is ruled by a pseudo-god, though in actuality, a monarch. The Deity of Bradonia, officially, the Sovereign & Divine Lord/Lady of Imperial Bradonian Realm who also possesses the title of "Tsar/Tsarina" or "King/Queen" of Bradonia, is the head of state and the head of government of the Imperial Realm of Bradonia.

The Sovereign & Divine Lord/Lady is the highest political, sovereign, and religious authority within Bradonia, and possesses absolute authority over the Bradonian Realm and the Imperial Bradonian Government. Brystopheles also referred to as the Lord of Violets is the current Deity of Bradonia having been the sole founding father of Bradonia.

Due to Bradonia being a theocratic, autocratic, absolute and hereditary diotocracy, there is no official legislative body that governs the Bradonian Realm, instead, there is a Privy Council which nominally acts as an advisory body to the Deity, in which Privy Councilors advise the Deity on important matters regarding the governance of the nation. Privy Councilors are appointed by the Deity and serve life tenure, they are apolitical and must refuse to get involved with political parties or associations outside of Bradonia.

Unlike most micronations which usually follow the first-past-the-post voting system, and usually possess some form of political representation such as politcal parties and a parliamentary system, Bradonia prohibits political parties or political organizations from running the government, due to "dividing the people into fake political lines that only benefit corrupt politicians". As such democracy of any sort is prohibited, being widely frowned upon by both the people and the government, furthermore, the Imperial Bradonian Government promotes its subjects to devote time to other activities rather than political ambitions,

Law and order

Bradonia shares the same legal code as the United States of America, mainly due to being located within the borders of the United States of America, however, Bradonia possesses its own legal code which is referred to as Bradiotic Law. Bradiotic Law is considered more conservative and traditional than the legal code of the United States of America, however, Bradiotic Law is also considered logical and reformist despite its authoritarian principles. Unlike most legal codes, Bradiotic Law puts a huge emphasis on stability and order rather than freedom or equality, though it does implement principles such as colorblindness and equality under the law, and is additionally accepting towards homosexual and bisexual communities. Bradiotic Law is enforced through Bradonian Legislation, Royal Mandates, and the Bradiotic Legal Code, with all three being obligated to follow the fundamental principles of Bradiotic Law alongside being obligated to follow and enforce the will of the Monarch.

The Judicial Branch of Bradonia is the Supreme Court of Bradonia, in which 8 Justices are appointed by the Monarch, and serve for life tenure. The 8 Justices are responsible for all judicial rulings and agreements in Bradonia and additionally also handle judicial affairs for the Supreme Court of Bradonia. There are a total of 9 members of the Bradonian Supreme Court, including the Supreme Judge, who alongside the 8 Justices, is appointed by the Monarch and serves for life tenure. The Supreme Judge, as the head of the judicial council, is responsible for all judicial rulings and the judicial administration of Bradonia alongside ensuring that the 8 Justices act within the confines of Bradiotic Law. The current Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court of Bradonia is Iris L. who has served since 7 March 2023.

Foreign relations

Bradonia holds an overtly isolationist foreign policy regarding the micronational community, and has no diplomatic relations with other micronations in the micronational community, which can be mostly attributed to its government's resentment of other micronations due to the ideological differences that Bradonia has regarding the definition of micronations and the fundamental principals of micronationalism. Bradonia is a permanently neutral and non-interventionist micronation, as such, it doesn't interfere in micronational conflicts or in micronational relations. Bradonia also attains to the foreign policies of non-alliance in peace and neutrality in war.

Bradonia recognizes nearly every member of the United Nations, with the exceptions of some, such as communist, illegitimate, or extremist regimes, though the most notable exception is the United States of America, which Bradonia views very negatively, mostly due to the self-perceived cultural and social degradation of the nation, alongside the staunch corporate influence with the nation, and the self-perceived provocation of getting Russia to engage in actions against peace. This negative view of the United States of America has led to Bradonains giving America many discriminatory names such as the "Incompetent Power of the North", the "Incompetent States of America" and the "Illegitimate States of America".

Despite the perceived isolationism of the country, Bradonia does recognize some micronations, though only influential ones, such as the Principality of Sealand, the Republic of Molossia, the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, and until becoming fully isolationist used to recognize the Republic of Meytallia and the Monmarkian Commonwealth as independent states until March 9, 2023. However, despite these nominal exceptions, Bradonia remains a staunchly isolationist nation and it is improbable that Bradonia will engage in diplomatic relations with other micronations ever again.


The Bradonian Naval Flag, A Common Symbol of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force

Bradonia due to being an isolationist micronation, upholds a strong commitment to peace and non-aggression, viewing micronational warfare very negatively. Bradonia's military, the Bradonian Self-Defense Force is heavily restricted by the isolationist doctrine that it imposes upon itself and is additionally restricted by its small population, which makes establishing a traditional military extremely difficult.

The Bradonian Self-Defense Force is similarly structured and heavily inspired by the Japanese Self-Defense Force due to Bradonia's cultural relationship with Japan. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force consists of only two branches, those being the Royal Bradonian Army, and the Bradonian Royal Navy, however, the Bradonian Self-Defense Force lacks an airforce due to being a heavily underdeveloped micronation which reflects the limited resources available for it. Currently, the Bradonian Self-Defense Force consists of only three reserves, with no active-duty personnel.

The Head of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force is the Commander and Chief a position which is reserved for the Monarch. The Monarch assumes the responsibility of leading the troops, instilling morale, and fostering a sense of national pride and among the forces.To enhance their capabilities and knowledge, the Bradonian Self-Defense Force conducts training sessions biannually, in May and August, in the city of Kaylensburg. These training sessions provide an opportunity for soldiers and new cadets to hone their skills while fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

Despite possessing a "military", the Bradonian Self Defense Force is barely used in traditional and/or micronational warfare and is considered as a mostly ceremonial body with its only real responsibility being to protect the Bradonian Realm in the case of an invasion and/or occupation by a hostile foreign power.

Geography & Climate

The Koppen Climate Classification detailing the climate for Texas

Bradonia is comprised of six main territories that are scattered across various areas of the Great Plains, which are mainly located in both Texas and Colorado. Bradonia has an estimated land area of around 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi).[d] Bradonia's political geography consists of six exclaves, all of which primarily include residential properties situated mostly in suburban areas, however, a few exclaves include either a park or a field depending on the area.

Due to Bradonia's recent establishment as a micronation, it currently doesn't possess any prominent landmarks, although formerly, in the former Sonoma Palace, there was a landmark known as the victory pond. The victory pond was originally constructed in order to commemorate Bradonia's triumph in the Hosenburgian Rebellion. However, following the transition of the Royal Bradonian Government from the Sonoma Palace to the Tsarstrina Palace in 2022, the victory pond was dismantled.


A cherry blossom, native to the Chowā region

Bradonia is predominantly characterized by its residential properties which encompass vast plains and lush forests which share many similarities with the surrounding United States of America, particularly the Great Plains region. One notable area within Bradonia is the Chowā region, which is renowned for its cherry blossoms that bloom in the springtime. This picturesque locale has become a beloved national tourist spot, attracting visitors from near and far who partake in delightful picnics and outings amidst the blossoming beauty.


Bradonia's climate can be described as predominantly subtropical and temperate, with the exception of the capital, Tseleryna. Fort Lavender, located primarily in the Great Plains region, exhibits a subtropical climate with extremely hot summers and relatively mild winters. Fort Lavender receives a higher amount of rainfall compared to other parts of Bradonia, although snowfall is a rare occurrence that only happens once every few years.

In contrast, Tseleryna experiences far colder winters and cooler summers compared to Kaylensburg. The average annual rainfall in the Fort Lavenderian area is approximately 27 inches, while the Tselerynian area receives around 17 inches. Although infrequent, Bradonia had a notable weather event in 2021 known as the "Great February Snowstorm," which brought a significant amount of snow to the Fort Lavenderian area for a week. However, it is important to note that this event primarily affected the power infrastructure in Fort Lavender proper, as snowfall is typically limited to once every five years in the Fort Lavenderian area.

Climate data for Tseleryna, Bradonia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 72
Average high °F (°C) 43
Average low °F (°C) 19
Record low °F (°C) −32
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 0.39
Source: MSN Weather[2]


A One Bradonian Staatmark Banknote

Bradonia is considered an import-oriented mixed economy, due to the constant intervention of the government in the affairs of companies and corporations, and the regulations that are placed upon them. Bradonia is considered a welfare state and provides much-needed social welfare to her subjects on paper[e] such as free universal healthcare, free education including university and college, and worker benefits including paid vacation days and maternal and paternal leave.

In Bradonia, most companies and corporations are stated owned, such as the Bradonian Mihoyo Company, the Bradonia Network Broadcasting Corporation, and the Lavender Publishing Agency, all of which are owned by the monopolistic and government-owned Lavender Corporation which most notably, is owned by the Royal Bradonian Government, and is under the ownership of the King Brayvenric. Despite the many state-owned businesses and companies within Bradonia, it, unfortunately, lacks any real businesses and jobs, and due to Bradonia's limited population and small size, many members of its workforce commonly work the United States of America for employment and payment.

Bradonia officially uses the Staatmark (ßm) as its economic currency, however, the value of the Staatmark (ßm) is essentially equivalent to the USD, with 1ßm being equivalent to 1 USD. Additionally, the Staatmark (ßm), despite being the national currency of Bradonia, is not commonly used by Bradonians, rather many Bradonians often prefer to use the USD as their currency of choice, often disregarding the Staatmark (ßm), due to the lack of legal value it possesses in the United States of America.


Currently, as of September 2, 2023, the population of Bradonia stands at 20, all of whom reside within the territorial boundaries of Bradonia. Unlike most micronations, subjecthood is exclusively granted to those currently residing in Bradonia, which ensures a close connection between subjecthood, physical presence, and national identity. 66.7% of Bradonians live within either Fort Lavender or Tseleryna, whilst the remaining 33.3% of Bradonians are distributed across various territories that encompass the Bradonian Realm.

Bradonians, unlike most ethnic groups, are a "self-declared" ethnicity, in which they claim to be "Celtic-Germanic", however, most Bradonians, including the Bradonian Royal Family, are descended from Ireland. Despite their nominal Irish heritage, most if not all Bradonians have rejected it, and have embraced more Germanic aspects into their "self-declared" ethnicity. An exception to this are the Bradonideutschen, which are a small minority of Germans who gained subjecthood into Bradonia, and additionally makeup 30.8 of the population. Unlike other ethnicities, Bradonians are estranged in the fact that their ethnicity is also based on those holding subjectship, due to the popular and widespread belief that those living within Bradonia, and those who hold subjecthood in Bradonia are fundamentally Bradonians, which comes down to the sole belief that a subject of Bradonia should be loyal to Bradonia and Bradonia only.

Additionally, Bradonia due to its isolationism and idealogical differences regarding what a micronation actually is, is strict about who it accepts and who it doesn't. Unlike most micronations, Bradonia doesn't accept online subjecthood nor will it nor will it accept any subjecthood from individuals who are outside of the State of Colorado and/or Texas, however, Bradonia will accept subjects who live near colonies on the condition that they embrace Bradonian culture and values.

Ethnicity No. of Subjects
Bradonians 20


The Reformed Church of Bradonia, is the official state church of Bradonia and is recognized as the predominant religion within the Bradonian Constitution, which states the church's religious supremacy over other religious institutions in the nation. Despite this, the Bradonian Constitution mostly protects the right to religious freedom within her borders, assuming such religion is practiced in good faith, and not used to threaten or undermine other religions in Bradonia. Additionally, the Royal Bradonian Government actively promotes its subjects to believe in religions to ensure their well-being and to increase their spirituality and morality, however, it isn't forced but rather heavily promoted, and atheism despite having negative stigmas in Bradonia is tolerated under a certain set of strict circumstances.

In the most recent census, 53.9% of Bradonians identified as being Christians, with all of them identifying as being Protestants who are all a part of the Reformed Church of Bradonia. 7.7% of Bradonians identified as being Athesit or Agnognistic, whilst 38.47% of Bradonians have unspecified religious beliefs that have yet to be documented.


In Bradonia, the linguistic landscape is characterized by a blend of both English and German influences; despite this, English remains the predominant language with 100% of the population being able to speak it fluently. Although there are no native German speakers within Bradonia, the German language holds a high degree of significance within Bradonia, and influences the slang and terminology that is commonly used within Bradonia. Examples of this unique slang include the word "King" being referred to as the "Koing" or Bradonia being referred to as the "Reich". Additionally, the Bradonian flag is often referred to as the "Reichsflag" or "Staatsflag", and both the Staatmark" and "Blütbiër" take their names from German words.

Culture & Media

The cultural landscape of Bradonia is rather unique and is characterized by a fascinating blend of influences from Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Yugoslavia, with all of them playing a significant role in shaping the unique identity of Bradonia. Bradonia's unique identity can be seen through its languages and its religion. As an Anglo-Germanophonic, Presbyterian State, the use of the German language and the adherence to the Presbyterian faith are prominent aspects of Bradonian culture. Additionally, Bradonia embraces a certain degree of cultural conservatism, with a tendency to view political and social modernity as taboo. Instead, the Kingdom of Bradonia promotes religious values, absolutism, traditionalism, and nationalism as important pillars of its cultural fabric.

This amalgamation of cultural influences and the preservation of traditional values contribute to the unique cultural tapestry of Bradonia, creating an atmosphere that distinguishes it from other societies.


Frittles, a popular dish commonly consumed in Bradonia

Bradonian cuisine consists of various cultural influences, however, is mostly considered a mix of Mexican and Japanese cuisines, and additionally, some dishes have been remade to better fit the Bradonian palette. Bradonian Omirice for example, unlike its Japanese counterpart, is instead made with jalapenos, mushrooms, and bacon, and additionally lacks ketchup preferring to use hot sauce as its main condiment, additionally putting an emphasis on spice over savoriness.

The national dish of Bradonia is the Bradonian Taco. The Bradonian Taco is served on a corn tortilla, filled with queso, crunched tortilla chips, fajita chicken, red salsa, spanish rice, and topped with bell peppers and/or hot sauce. Its Dechen variant, Der Detechel taco replaces fajita chicken for al pastor pork, red salsa for green salsa, and Spanish rice and bell peppers for cactus.

The national drink of Bradonia is Lavender Soda, a vanilla-lavender flavored drink, with the occasional addition of cream to enhance the flavor of the drink. Additionally, Blutbier, a cherry-flavored root-beer drink, remains relatively popular in Bradonia despite being replaced as the national drink by Lavender Soda.

Other Bradonian dishes and specialties include "Frittles," fries topped with barbeque sauce and bacon, Bradiotic Nachos, the Bradonian taco but without the tortilla, the Sussakano Pizza, a pizza filled with spicy red and barbeque sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, bacon, grilled chicken, pepperoni, green and red bell pepper, jalapenos, mushrooms, pineapple, and red onions, and the most famous in Bradonia is Cookies and Lemonade, a plate of lemon sugar cookies served with lemonade.


In Bradonia, literature is highly valued and respected, with many Bradonians often spending their spare time reading and/or writing stories of their own. Both the King and the Duchess of Williamson are avid poets, however, only the Duchess of Williamson is known for her poetry outside of Bradonia, additionally, her poetry has been well-received by both the Bradonian Royal Family and the Bradonians due to its emotional resonance and evocative imagery. Unlike the Duchess of Williamson, the King is also a writer and owns a publishing firm, the Lavender Publishing Agency in which he writes stories of all sorts, but most notably alternate history and comfort fiction, however, the King also writes many ideological manifestos which cement his political and social views, which all have been widely acclaimed by many Bradonians.

Music & Art

Roki Vulovic, a popular Bosnian-Serb singer and songwriter that is both popular and influencial in Bradonia

In Bradonia, music holds a prominent position in the cultural landscape, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences. Bradonia's music scene is most often characterized by the prominent use of national instruments, such as the harmonica and the accordion. These instruments, most particularly the accordion, which has been influenced by Bavarian accordion songs play's a central role in shaping Bradonian music. However, like most music, Bradonian music is not subjected to take up a singular form, and so it varies in both style and in sound. Additionally, due to their status as national instruments, the accordion and harmonica are one if not the most widely listened to instruments in Bradonia.

Although imported music such as military marches, seventies music, and eighties music enjoy vast popularity in Bradonia, they are not as widely popular or as influential as Yugoslav Turbo-folk is in Bradonia. Yugoslav Turbo-folk has emerged as a core component of Bradonia's national identity and has captivated the hearts of the nation's musical enthusiasts. Among the notable artists in this genre, Roki Vulovic's Turbo-folk holds a prominent position within the Bradonian music scene, although other turbo-folk artists such as Gordan Krajisink and Baja Mali Knindza are also appreciated within Bradonia.

TikTok, alongside contemporary music, is heavily frowned upon within Bradonia and with Bradonians, due to various factors, but most notably their disparagement of traditional values, alongside their ideological decadence which has been known to negatively affect both Bradonians and Americans. Additionally, TikTok is illegal in Bradonia, and the national ban which was placed on TikTok has been widely supported by a large majority of the population who view TikTok negatively.

Bradonians, are ardent enthusiasts of both anime and manga, which enjoy significant popularity and hold a devoted following within Bradonia. Although anime series and manga publications are widely consumed and appreciated throughout the country, there are no native anime studios or manga publishing houses, so many Bradonians often have their manga and anime imported from Japan. Additionally, anime-inspired games such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact enjoy similar popularity within Bradonia due to the popularity of miHoYo within Bradonia.

Traditions & Customs

Emperor Norton I, an important individual to both Bradonia and micronationalism as a whole

In Bradonia, both traditions and customs are important to Bradonia's national identity, as such, there are many traditions and customs which are widely observed and practiced due to their significant role in shaping Bradonia's national identity.

Bradonia has an official total of fourteen holidays, all of which Bradonia observes such as, Texas Independence Day, Roman von Ungern-Sternberg Day and National Lavender Day, however, the most notable and important of these holidays within Bradonia are Koingstag and Bradonian Independence Day, both which are usually celebrated by dog parades, national speeches, firework shows, going out to restaurants, eating flag cakes, and of course, by partying. Additionally on Bradonian Independence Day and Koingstag the Royal Palaces of Tsarstrina and Tarrant are decorated with blue flowers, blue, black, and white balloons, decorations, and party streamers, and alongside this, the King also puts out speeches on these days to inspire the people.

In Bradonia, the Republic of Molossia is considered by most if not all Bradonians to be the "founding father" of micronationalism, and for this reason, the Republic of Molossia is afforded with great respect in Bradonia. The deep admiration of Molossia in Bradonia is reflected in the shared observance of holidays and customs between the two nations, fostering a strong sense of connection between the two micronations. Both Bradonia and Molossia share Emperor Norton Day which is considered an example of the strong sense of connection that both micronations possess. Emperor Norton Day is traditionally celebrated with a "cookie dough fest", however, unlike Molossia, instead of eating cookie dough, Bradonians usually eat lemon cookies with lemonade due to the strong presence of lemons within Bradonia and to differentiate the two nations from each other.


Bradonia Network, a state-owned broadcasting company in Bradonia

In Bradonia, the media is regulated, controlled, and state-owned by the Bradonian Network Broadcasting Company (BNBC), which is in turn, owned as a subsidiary of the Royal Bradonian Government. The Bradonian Network Broadcasting Company owns both Bradonia Network, an online blog, and Bradonia Network Live, a live broadcasting service that frequently streams onto YouTube. Both Bradonia Network and Bradonia Network Live play a crucial role in providing news and information to the population, they are additionally responsible for keeping the population informed about significant events and developments within Bradonia and all around the world, whilst at the same time maintaining the news in a cordial and idyllic manner.

In Bradonia, the media is subject to extensive censorship and strict regulation, resulting in the prohibition of most, if not all, forms of journalism. Instead, journalism is viewed as "political propaganda used by corporations to undermine other groups of people for their own gain". Consequently, journalism is generally discouraged and carries a negative perception among the population, primarily due to the perceived lack of integrity and ethicality that journalists possess within the United States of America and in the western world.

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  1. Orgionally referred to as the Bradonian Civil-War, it was ultimately changed to the Hosenburgian Rebellion due to the terminology of "Civil War" implying death and/or destruction, and seeing as how no-one died in this "civil war" it would ultimately be an oxymoron to refer to it as such, and thus it justified the name change
  2. The Royal Bradonian Government passed a Royal Mandate which made all "governments" after the October 10th Kingdom illegitamate
  3. A form of government ruled directly by a "god" rather than people who represent a "god"
  4. The commonly estimated territorial extent of Bradonia in terms of square miles is cited here; however, a comprehensive calculation of its total territory has never been conducted, rendering this figure only speculative in nature
  5. Despite guaranteeing things such as free universal healthcare, free education including university and college, and worker benefits including paid vacation days and maternal and paternal leave, Bradonia is ultimately unable to do so due to the geopolitical and economic situation that Bradonia is currently in at the momment


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