Holcetaean State Cult

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The Holcetaean State Cult was organized soon after the proclamation of Empire. It was created by taking the state gods of the formerly independent regions of the Empire and combining them into one pantheon with new deities of importance. The state cult venerates ancestors and veterans as well as good or martyred leaders. Every citizen in the Empire is considered a member of the State Cult but no one except government officials have to perform rituals for it. Even then officials don't have to have any belief in the deities and are allowed to change the words in rituals if they inhibit the official from following his/her own chosen faith or philosophy. The Emperor is always the High Priest attending to the natural Deities along with Imperial Holcetaya, Divine Washington, Victory, the Hero Sect, the Unknown Soldier sect, the Veteran sect, and his own Familial Dead. The Ministers of Trade and the Treasury were the Priest of Trade switching off every week. The Minister of Defense and War was Priest of the War God. The Minister of Justice was the Priest of the God Justice. The Divine Lincoln was attended to by a non governmental employee chosen at random.


  • Holcetaya- a triple goddess comprising of Royal Holcetaya representing Eastern Holcetaea, Sunset Holcetaya for Western Holcetaea, and Imperial Holcetaya for the Empire.
  • Raetia- a Goddess representing the Principality of Raetia.
  • Novantaya- a Goddess representing the Principality of Novantaea.
  • Attacottia- a Goddess representing the Principality of Attacottia.
  • Icenia- a Goddess representing the Principality of Icenia.
  • The Deified George Washington- a God representing the Imperial Council.
  • The Deified Thomas Jefferson- a God representing the 4 assemblies.
  • Victory- usually depicted as Victoria or Nike.
  • Trade- the Deified Alexander Hamilton or Mercury or Hermes.
  • River Goddess- Goddess of the Mississippi River.
  • Agriculture- the Deified John Deere or Welsh agricultural god Amaethon.
  • Justice- blind Goddess outside courthouses.
  • Lady Liberty- Goddess of Liberty and individualism.
  • War- God usually depicted as Aries or Mars or Camulus.
  • Mother Earth- Goddess depicted as the globe, a pregnent woman, or simply a woman.
  • The Deified Abraham Lincoln- a God representing freedom and equality.
  • The Sun- a deity usually depicted as the solar disc or wheel.
  • Sky- a god usually depicted as Zeus or Jupiter or Lludd.
  • Heaven- goddess of the depths of space.

Ancestor Veneration

  • Heros- group venerated for self-sacrifice and courage. They include martyred leaders, outstanding military-men, the best leaders, and folk heros.
  • The Unknown Soldier- a sub deity representing soldiers lost at war under unknown circumstances.
  • Familial Dead- those who your family is descended from.
  • Veterans- a group venerated for self-sacrifice and protection.

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