Empire of Holcetaea

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Empire of Holcetea
Flag of Empire of Holcetea
Motto: Pax et Abundantia (Peace and Plenty)
CapitalHolcetae City, Royal Hill
Official languagesHolcetaean English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
HIM I'ohn I
Establishment23 September 2007
Coligny Calendar: 5 Ogronnos 2510
• Estimate
CurrencyImperial Oro, O<

The Empire of Holcetaea is a micronation founded on September 23, 2007, bordering the US states of Illinois and Iowa with exclaves surrounded by Florida and Wisconsin. Holcetaea was created by I'ohn I. Governed as a constitutional monarchy, it has an American culture with many Celtic and Germanic features.


The Government is a federal constitutional monarchy, allowing its sub-realms a constitutionally protected level of autonomy. The Government uses the 'Seperation of Powers' Principle, with three branches of government:

  • Emperor of Holcetaea - The executive branch of government. The Emperor is the hereditary Head of State and is the autocrat of all territories.
  • Seanad Holcetaea - The legislative branch of the government. The Seanad debates foreign affairs and passes legislation, led by Taoiseach Seanad who serves as the Head of Government.
  • Imperial High Court - The Judicial branch of the government. It decides the compatibility of new legislation with the constitution and also decides high profile cases. It is led by Ard-Brehon, the highest legal officer in the Empire.

The Assemblies of the Sub-Realms elect two representatives to the Seanad Holcetea, allowing citizens to raise and vote on issues. The Assemblies may demand that issues be dealt with by gaining a simple majority, after which the Sub-Sovereign is obliged to bring it before the Seanad as the 'will of the people'. There are currently two political parties within the Empire - the Imperial Union Party, and the AR party.


The Empire espouses a mixed American-Celtic-Germanic culture and considers the Ancient Gauls, Britons, the Picts and the Germanic tribe of the Holcetae as its ancestors. The Empire allows for freedom of religion but has a Holcetaean State Cult of deities who are symbolic of the state, state functions, and ideals. The micronation uses the Coligny Calendar and recognizes various holidays including Empire day, held on 5 Ogronnos (September 23). The Empire's official language is Holcetaean English which developed from the midwestern dialect of American English. The Empire has several Cultural Organizations such as the Imperial Athletic & Games Society and the Holcetaean Cartography Society.

Styles of dress in the Empire vary, in the Emperor's personal territories the style of dress was plaid pants that are loose with button up shirts. The head was always to be covered in these territories many hats are worn. The skull cap is the every day hat, an alpine hat for semi-formal occasions, a Tricorner for formal occasions, and a hat with a shallow round top and a wide circular brim.

Provinces of the Empire

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