Imperial Territories

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These are territories are the personal possessions of the Emperor and directly administered by him. Their are two actual territories The Princely County of Holcetae, centered around Holcetae City. Christopher I is Viceroy of the Princely County of Holcetae currently. The other territory is the Grand Duchy of Royal Hill, centered around much of Royal Hill, largest city in the Empire, a small enclave of Royal Hill is under the control of the sub-monarch Steven I where his palace resides. The Grand Duchy has been alloted the Lower Western half of the Palace to serve as an administrative capitol. Ellen is currently Viceroy of the Grand Duchy of Royal Hill. The third territory is not an actual territory but is the Holcetaean Imperial Military and it's highest military officer was Viceroy. Each of these territories have one Seanador appointed by the Emperor and their Viceroys each get a seat in the Seanad Holcetaea.