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Nortonism is a micronational religion semiofficially practised by The Republic of Bokonton. It focuses heavily on micronational principles, namely;, complete freedom and tolerance of other peoples and minorities.

Basic Beliefs

Nortonists believe pray to an 'UnNamed God/dess' that treats all peoples equally. They believe that there is a 'balance' or 'quota' of good or bad things (luck/karma) that can happen to a person, and that the only way to alter the balance is by acting in a good/bad way. You may pray for a certain 'good' thing to befall you, e.g finding a parking space or winning a raffle, but in order for this to happen then thing/s of equally 'bad' value must befall you, unless you change the good/bad balance by acting in a 'good' way.

Rule of Threes

Nortonists also believe that any 'bad' things that you inflict on a person or their belongings will come back to you in threes, similiar to the "What goes around, comes around" rule.


Nortonists do not believe in the afterlife, although they do believe that one's presence lingers on after death, as a reminder to others who knew them. Some Nortonists believe in reincarnation, but that your immortal soul is wiped clean.

Tolerance of Others

Nortonists preach tolerance of others, and do not shun any religious festivals or holidays, such as buddhists do. This is why micronations who practice Nortonism in the majority do not often list Nortonism as their 'official'/state religion.