Reformed Church of Bradonia

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Reformed Church of Bradonia
Reformierte Kirche von Bradonien
ScriptureHoly Bible
Paternal Patriarch of the ChurchLord Bernhardt
Archbishop of BravrinaDaniel Williams
RegionKingdom of Bradonia
LanguageEnglish, German
HeadquartersBravrina Cathedral
FounderLord Bernhardt

The Reformed Church of Bradonia (German: Reformierte Kirche von Bradonien), formerly the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, is the State Church of Kingdom of Bradonia. The Reformed Church of Bradonia, exclusively exercises religious authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia under the leadership of the Paternal Patriarch and the Archpastor of Bravrina. The Reformed Church of Bradonia, was founded around November 2020, originally as the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, however, it would lay mostly dormant until its eventual reintegration almost a year later, due to the popularity of protestantism among the Bradonians and the House of Bernhardt.

The Reformed Church of Bradonia follows traditional religious scripture akain to most Protestant Churches, however, the Reformed Church of Bradonia is highly influenced by the Presbyterian Church of America in its beliefs and values, believing in the sovereignty and divinity of god and the authority of the Bible and other religious scriptures, however, the Reformed Church of Bradonia is considered far more conservative and traditionalist than the Presbyterian Church of America.

Under the current Bradonian Constitution, the Reformed Church of Bradonia, is the only legally recognized religious institution in the Kingdom of Bradonia, and furthermore states the Reformed Church of Bradonia's supremacy over other religions within the nation, whilst making the church liable for the protection of other religions alongside the protection of itself, however, the Bradonian Constitution protects freedom of religion, and membership into the church is completely optional for subjects. As of 2023, 25% of the population is a member of the Reformed Church of Bradonia.


Anti-Christian Sentiments

Originally, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, the predecessor to the Kingdom of Bradonia, held a very negative view of religion, more specifically Christianity due to "alleged" homophobia that Christianity "promoted", because of this, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia enacted various legislation that would not only restrict religion but would also ban companies and corporations that supported religion, like Chick-Fil-A from operating in Bradonia, furthermore their products would be declared illegal and boycotted by the populous.

Religious hatred and Anti-Christian sentiments would only continue to intensify in the Bradonian Government during the Bradonian-Breinian Crisis, where Lord Bernhardt would attempt to retaliate against the Kingdom of Brienia for its "alleged" homophobic policies after the King of Brienia would refuse to repeal these "alleged" homophobic policies by means of intimidation, however, the crisis would ultimately see both Lord Bernhardt and Bradonia humiliated and an even bigger grudge against Christianity.

Religious Reforms and Presbyterianism

The Monmarkian Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Bradonia, due to being located in the same geographical area had close foreign relations at the time, because of this, Monmarkian policies would and continues to influence many aspects of the Bradonian Government. The King of Monmark, Alexander I Constantine would institute various religious reforms that would change Monmark's religion from Protestant to Orthodox Christianity, the King of Bradonia, Lord Bernhardt would respect this decision and ultimately thought nothing of it, however, this would happen around the time that many members of the House of Bernhardt were beginning to advocate for religious reforms, such as the legalization of religion, and the end of anti-religious sentiment in Bradonia, with Princess Mother, Josephine Bernhardt being the advocate for these reforms.

Although Lord Bernhardt was very reluctant to do so due to the "alleged" homophobia that Christianity supported, after finding out about the Presbyterian Church of America's acceptance of the LGB+ community, it made him change his mind, and so he "converted" to Presbyterianism, and furthermore, he would implement Presbyterianism as the religion of the Kingdom of Bradonia.

Further Reform

After the LENS-Runnymede War and the Hosenburgian Rebellion, religion would promptly be neglected as Lord Bernhardt would have more serious matters to attend to, however, starting around June and inspired by more right-wing micronations he would attempt to establish a catholic state, rejecting Presbyterianism for "Bradonic Christianity", however, this attempt would fail and many members of the House of Bernhardt, most notably Princess, Ella, and Princess Mother Josephine, would state their disdain and dissatisfaction at this attempt and would advocate for a return to the more traditional and familiar Presbyterian Faith.

Once again reluctant, Lord Bernhardt eventually realized that it was for the best, and so he reluctantly accepted the change, and the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia was re-established.

The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia would go through another state of dormancy due to the lack of religious figures to govern it, and emphasis elsewhere in the Bradonian Government. During the Parliamentary Reforms of October, it was ultimately decided, by the Monarch that the Royal Diet should have a religious figure in government akin to the House of Lords, so that a more traditional form of government could be guaranteed for the time being. When asking for suggestions on who to appoint as the religious figure in the government, Princess Mother, Josephine Bernhardt would tell Lord Bernhardt of a retired religious figure, who would make for a good religious head of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, and so after an interview, he was made the Archpastor of Bravrina and was given a seat in the House of Peers.

The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia would later rename itself to the Reformed Church of Bradonia after realizing that a Presbyterian form of government for the church was unattainable, however, it still maintains many Presbyterian values, just with monarchical leadership.

Structure and Doctrine

The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia follows most of the religious doctrines of the Presbyterian Church of America, however, it is more conservative and traditional than the American branch, due to the autocratic and traditional values of the Bradonian Government. The Doctrine of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia follows that of Presbyterianism, believing in the sovereignty and divinity of God, the legitimacy of the holy scriptures, and the necessity of grace through faith in Christ.

The leader of the church is the "Paternal Patriarch", who is the head of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, and is responsible for governing the church and enforcing its doctrine and values on its followers. After the "Paternal Patriarch" comes the "Exalted Pastors", and then the "Religious Ministers", and then the "Priests", who all form the ranks of the "Presbyterian Church of Bradonia"

In terms of religious tolerance, the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, is mostly tolerant of other religions, viewing them as one and the same, and will allow Non-Christians to observe and convert, however, they can't hold rankings within the leadership of the Church. Atheists are not allowed within the church and will be labeled heretics for going against the religious doctrine of the Church and the will of God. The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia is accepting of LGTBQ members, as long as they remain loyal to the faith, and as such, the church will allow people who are LGTB+ community to advance into the hierarchy if they have the merit to do so.