Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia

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The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia
Flag of Bradonia
Motto: "Give Grace Where Grace Is Needed"
and largest city
Bradonia City
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
State Atheism
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Liberal Autocratic Dictatorship
Brady I
Ella L.
Establishment history
• Independence from the United States
9 August 2020
• Transition into a Constitutional Monarchy
10 October 2020
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi) (220th)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
Time zoneCST
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
day month year
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Bradonia

The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, known commonly at the time as the Liberal Dictatorship a self-declared state, that was commonly referred to as a micronation and was the first incarnation of the Bradonian State between August 9th, 2020 and October 10th, 2020. The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia is considered the predecessor state to the Kingdom of Bradonia, due to possessing the same leadership under Brady I.

The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia was a nominally benevolent dictatorship that functioned akin to a fascist dictatorship, however with more "liberal principles".The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia was nominally governed by a "Liberal Dictator" and a Chancellor, whom both shared power and governed the nation accordingly, however in reality, it was the "Liberal Dictator" who held most of the power, whilst the Chancellor was more of an advisory figure who helped govern alongside the "Liberal Dictator" rather than govern in their own right.

The resignation of Chancellor Iris L. would eventually lead to a national crisis and as a result, the establishment of the constitutional monarchy and the national reorganization of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia to the Kingdom of Bradonia.


On, August 9th, 2020, Brayvenric I would found Bradonia as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, which would originally consist of only a small portion of the backyard of their house, due to the founding fathers' desire to start his own country.

This effort would prove to be successful, and later on that same day, the "First Bradonian Anschluß" would occur, which would see the annexation of the now-defunct Sonoma Province into Bradonia. During the "First Bradonian Anschluß", a provisional government would be established with Lord Bernhardt as its Dictator, and Ella Bernhardt as its Chancellor, as she had asked to be given a position in the new provisional government. The Bradonian Government, after its formation, would seek to enforce newly passed legislation, which was extremely left-wing, and would see the legalization of all LGBTQ+ communities and the banishment of religion from Bradonia.

The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would lay in dormancy for around two weeks until Lord Bernhardt would see an opportunity for territorial expansion at a trip to the local pool. Lord Bernhardt would use this opportunity to annex both the local pool and the home of his friend, who would be made the first governor of the territory. Although there was a de jure separation of head of state and head of government in Bradonia, the Dictator, Lord Bernhardt would end up doing most of the governing, due to the incompetent Chancellorship of Ella Bernhardt whose Chancellorship didn't see much governing due to her overall lack of interest in the nation.

In Late August, another opportunity for territorial expansion would arise, this time it would occur on a road trip to Lord Bernhardt's grandparent's house. Lord Bernhardt would once again take advantage of the situation to gain two new territories for the nation. The first territory would become a colony and eventually later become Bravrina, and the Tarrant Palace, whilst the second territory would shortly after annexation become the Duchy of Hutto after making a deal with Brain Stell, the Duke of the Duchy of Hutto.

Around October 2020, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would see a government transition to a constitutional monarchy after the resignation of the incumbent chancellor, Ella Bernhardt, which would come about, due to her lack of interest in the nation. Although Brieania Bernhardt was made interim chancellor, it wouldn't be enough to prevent a leadership crisis due to the overwhelmingly small population of Bradonia, so Lord Bernhardt decided to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia, as a constitutional monarchy, with Lord Bernhardt as its first monarch, thus dissolving the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia in the process