Duchy of Hudora

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Duchy of Hudora
Herzogtum Hudora (German)
Autonomous province
Flag of Duchy of Hudora
Coat of arms of Duchy of Hudora
Coat of arms
"Familie und Tradition"
Anthem: "Hudorenlied"
Location of Hudora in the United States
Location of Hudora in the United States
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Bradonians, Hudorans
GovernmentSubnational constiutional monarchy
• King
Brayvenric I
• Duke
Ray I
• Minister-President
LegislatureThe Hudoran Ducal Diet
The Hudoran House of Lords
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi) (220th)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
CurrencyBradonian Staatmark (Bßm)
Time zoneUTC-4:55
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
day month year
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
WebsiteOffical Website

Hudora, officially the Duchy of Hudora (German: Herzogtum Hudora), and sometimes referred to as the Hudoran Duchy, is an autonomous province within the Kingdom of Bradonia, mainly located within the city of Hutto, Texas. The Duchy of Hudora is the smallest province in the Kingdom of Bradonia in both size and population, having a mere population of only zero, and only consisting of one-fifth of the nation's territory. The capital and largest city of the Duchy of Hudora is Brysburg, which acts as the administrative center of the Duchy.

The Hudora Duchy, unlike other provinces and administrative regions in the Bradonian Realm, enjoys a significant degree of self-determination and self-governance and is not bound by Bradiotic Law, however, the Duchy of Hudora, in exchange for the large amount of self-determination and self-governance it possesses, recognizes Brayvenric I of Bradonia as the King of Bradonia, and as the head of state of the Duchy of Hudora. Despite it possessing a large amount of autonomy and self-governance, it is not considered a micronation and is firmly considered a part of the Bradonian Realm.


The name "Hudora", was chosen by the Violet King, Brayvenric I to differentiate itself from its old name the Duchy of Hutto, which was the name of the Hudoran Realm from 2020 to 2023. The Duchy of Hudora was named based on its proximity to Hutto, Texas, and because of its former Duke, Brian Stell residing within Hutto. When Brian Stell passed away, the Violet King ultimately decided to change the name of the Duchy from Hutto to Hudora, as to disassociate it with Hutto, and to "Bradonianize" the name.

The city of "Brysburg" was chosen as the name of the newly established capital of the Hudora Duchy to respect the legacy of the former duke, Brian Stell. After Brian Stell's passing, it was unanimously decided that the new capital of the Duchy should bear his name as a tribute to his contributions and legacy, with the Violet King, ultimately deciding to name the capital, Brysburg as a respect to the former duke, Brian Stell.


Early History

Earliest Flag of the Duchy of Hudora

During the events leading up to the Second Bradonian Anschluss, Brian Stell, a close friend of the dictator and his father, joined them on a trip to Fort Worth to spend time together, however, the dictator, Brayvenric I, was primarily focused on annexing his grandparent's house into the Bradonian Realm and paid little attention to Brian's presence. Despite Bradonian forces succeeding in the annexation of his grandparent's house into the Bradonian Realm, Brian Stell requested Bradonian citizenship before leaving for Hutto, Texas. In order for the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia to grant him citizenship, Brian Stell requested that he and his wife be given the titles of duke and duchess respectively. Despite the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia being a non-monarchical state, the title was granted, and Brian Stell became the first Duke of the newly established Hutto Duchy, and thus the Duchy of Hutto was established.

On October 10th, 2020, the establishment of the constiutional monarchy and the Kingdom of Bradonia resulted in the Duchy of Hudora becoming a de facto subnational monarchy under the higher monarchy, by the founding father and king, Brayvenric I. Despite the incompetens tempus causing political instability in Bradonia, with the government "changing" every so often, the Duchy of Hudora maintained its autonomy and remained largely unaffected. Throughout this era, the Hudora Duchy governed itself without interfering in the affairs of the Royal Bradonian Government. By the time the Kingdom of Bradonia was "re-established," on December 14th, 2021, the Hudora Duchy had experienced little to no significant changes since October 2020, just over a year prior.

Contemperary History

The Newly Redesigned Flag of the Hudoran Duchy

During the "April-May Staatkongress", a constitution was drafted and presented to the Duke of Hudora, Brian Stell, in order to legitimize his rule over the land and to consolidate the Hudoran Duchy under the House of Stell, however, the Duchy of Hudora would still be supervised by the Royal Bradonian Government and the by the House of Lavender.

After the 2022 October reforms which established the House of Lords and the Royal Diet, the Duchy of Hudora would be given representation in the Royal Diet and would be represented by its Duke, Brian Stell, who would advocate for a secular and free Hudora Duchy and a laissez-faire form of governance, though would support a ban on TikTok, alongside the Royal Bradonian Government. When the Royal Diet was dissolved by the Violet King on March 6th, 2023, due to the incompetence of the lords and the inability to find replacements, Brian, due to being a good friend of the Violet King, and for being a rather competent member of the Royal Diet, was allowed to keep the Hudoran Duchy, and furthermore, was allowed to remain in Bradonia after the great expulsion occurred, which was brought about through civilian negligence, civilian incompetence, and the inability to reaffirm their Bradonian subjectship, however, even when things got tough for Bradonia and the Hudora Duchy, Brian stayed by their side until the very end.

Unfortunately, on April 16th, 2023, the Duke of Hutto, Brian Stell passed away due to unknown circumstances and died childless without an heir apparent, but to make things worse, it wouldn't be until a week later, that the Royal Bradonian Government would finally learn about Brians passing. Many members of the Bradonian Royal Family and the House of Lavender, but most notably, the Violet King, Brayvenric I and his father, George of Lavender, would be devastated by this event, and would in respect, hold him a state funeral, in which everyone in the Bradonian Royal Family attended.

After Brian's passing, the Duchy of Hutto would be renamed the Duchy of Hudora and would shortly after, redesign its national flag and its coat of arms. Due to Brian Stell dying childless, a succession crisis emerged within the Duchy of Hudora, with the Violet King, Brayvenric I, stepping in as regent in order to stabilize the Hudoran Duchy. Alongside this, Brayvenric I established a regency council, to find the next Duke/Duchess of the Duchy of Hutto.


The Duchy of Hudora is a subnational, constitutional monarchy with a non-sovereign Duke/Duchess serving as the head of state and head of government. The Duke/Duchess holds executive, legislative, and judicial powers, as well as ceremonial and diplomatic powers. The Duke/Duchess can pass legislation within the Hudoran Duchy, and may also reject Bradonian legislation, however, the King of Bradonia may intervene in the affairs of the Hudoran Duchy during times of national crisis or if the behavior of the Hudoran Duchy threatens the stability of the Bradonian Realm. While the Duke/Duchess possess a significant amount of regional authority, being able to govern the Hudoran Duchy as they see fit, they are limited in their power to the jurisdiction of Hudora and don't hold any jurisdiction outside of it.

Ever since the passing of Duke Brian I, who died childless and with no appointed heir, the Duchy of Hudora has been ruled by a regency council led by the Violet King, Brayvenric I, with the Princess Mother, Prince Father and Princess Iris L being a part of the Regency Council.

The Hudoran Duchy is in a personal union with the Kingdom of Bradonia, similar to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire, however, unlike both Austria-Hungaria and Imperial Germany, the Duke/Duchess swears fidelity to the King of Bradonia and the Royal Bradonian Government, recognizing the King of Bradonia as the head of state. Despite its fidelity to Bradonia, the Duchy of Hudora mostly governs itself and remains largely autonomous from the Bradonian government.