Bradonian Movie Rating System

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The Bradonian Movie Rating System or BMRS is the offical movie rating system of the Kingdom of Bradonia officially used to rate shows based on their maturity or not. Due to Bradonia's strict nature in regards to technology, children under the age of 3 are not permitted to watch television, and the ratings for watching different things are much older, due to Bradonia's values on such things.

Name For Notes
YC Young Children For children 3-7
G General Audiences For general audiences
PG Parental Guidance For general audiences with some exceptions
OC9+ Older Children 9+ For children aged 9–14
T15+ Teens 15+ For teenagers 15+20
NSX Not Safe X-Rated For adults 20+, mostly nsfw or gorey stuff.
NA Not Allowed For material that is illegal in Bradonia or banned due to political, cultural or other reasons.