Privy Council of Bradonia

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His Royal Majesty’s Most Serene Privy Council
Royal Arms of the Privy Council
AbbreviationPrivy Council
Formation2 April 2022 (2022-04-02)
Legal statusNon-executive advisory body
Membership (2021)
Official language
Brayvenric I
Lord Chancellor
Josephine L.

The Bradonian Privy Council officially His Majesty's Most Serene Privy Council is the formal advisory body to the Monarch of Bradonia. Its membership mostly consists of the nobility or members of the Bradonian royal family, who are all appointed by the Monarch to serve until they are either dismissed by the King of Bradonia or resign from their position.

The Bradonian Privy Council advises the King on the political and administrative issues within the Kingdom of Bradonia and has the ability to suggest ennoblements and pardons to the King of Bradonia. The privy council can also act as a legislative body to the King when there is a need for one or in times of emergencies.

List of members

Royal Members Government Officials

Current members

Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
Brayvenric I 2 April 2022 King of Bradonia
Irene L. 1 August 2022 Heir Presumptive
George L. 1 August 2022 Member of the royal house
Esterhess L. 2 April 2022 Lord President of the Bradonian Privy Council and Chancellor of Bradonia
Iris R. 13 May 2022 Bradonian Minister of Education
Shawna W. 13 May 2022 Bradonian Minister of Agriculture