Chancellor of Bradonia

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Chancellor of Bradonia
Josephine L.

since 16 July 2022
StyleHer Serene Excellency
ResidenceTseleberna, Bradonia
Term lengthAt His Royal and Serene Majesty's Pleasure
Inaugural holderIris L.
Formation9 August 2020
DeputyIris L.

The Chancellor of Bradonia, officially the Chancellor of the Bradonian Realm, is the head of the Royal Diet and the House of Lords, acting as its Lord Presider and Lord President respectively although they are not the head of government. The Chancellor is a member of the aristocracy that is appointed by the Monarch and serves at His Majesty's Pleasure, either until resignation or death. The Chancellor acts as an enforcer for the monarch and is obligated to be loyal to the Monarch, however, they possess parliamentary powers of their own, which they may use as they desire, however, they are considered mostly ceremonial as the Monarch can veto his actions, and in some cases, oust the Chancellor if they go against the will of the Monarch.

Originally, the Chancellorship was established during the Liberalian Era of Bradonia, with Brayvenric's sister, Iris being the first Chancellor; however, only a few months into the Liberalian Era she would resign from her post, and the position would fall out of use in Bradonia until the Weimarian Era, where it would be restored to better represent "Bradonian Values", however, the Chancellorship would grow increasingly ceremonial during the Weimarian Era, and by the time of the Regalian Era, the Chancellorship would become a ceremonial enforcer of the Monarch.

The current officeholder is Josephine L. of Travis, who was appointed by Brayvenric I on January 15, 2023. She was appointed after the former Chancellor, Albert L., resigned following allegations of treason to the Bradonian Realm

Constitutional role

Under the February Constitution, the Monarch is considered the formal head of state and head of government and holds absolute power within the Kingdom of Bradonia unlike most modern-day monarchies, meaning that any and all executive power belongs to the Monarch, and not the Chancellor.

The main role of the Chancellor is to oversee the Bradonian Government on the advice and behalf of the Monarch, oversee the activities of the Cabinet, oversee government ministries, and act as the ceremonial head of the Bradonian Government. The Chancellor holds other obligations as well, such as having the right to debate in the Royal Diet, being able to act as a tiebreaker, and vetoing any legislation that he feels is either unlawful or not in his favor. Whilst the Chancellor is not a member of the House of Lords, they hold significant influence in it and possess the same, if not more extensive, rights than the Lords of Parliament due to being the de facto second-highest position within the Kingdom.

Under various Constitutions, the powers of the Chancellor varied, however, they were never as powerful or more powerful than the Monarch due to the intense regal supremacy present in the nation, under the Wemarian Era Constitutions, the Chancellor was usually the second holder of the executive branch alongside the Monarch and both exercised such in accordance with the Constitution, however after the Government was dissolved in March 2022, the first few Regalian Era Constitutions were strictly executive based and forwent the position of Chancellor, this would change with the revitalization of a ceremonial Royal Diet, which would see later Regalian Era Constitutions give the Chancellor far less power than in Wemarian Era Constitutions, as a result, the Monarch remains the most powerful person in Bradonia, whilst the Chancellor may be considered more of a political figurehead than an actual government figure.

List of officeholders

No. Portrait Name Term of office Party Monarch
1 Her Serene Excellency
The Duchess of Sonoma GROBI
9 August
8 October
Independent Brayvenric I
2 His Serene Excellency
The Duke of Tarrant GROBI
16 July
01 January
Independent None
3 Her Serene Excellency
The Duchess of Travis GROBI
15 January
Present Independent The Duchess of Sonoma