Bradonia Network

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Bradonia Network Brodcasting Company
Founded April 16, 2021
Headquarters Tseleryna, Bradonia
Format Online
Type Television Station
Language(s) English
Published on BN YouTube Channel
Distribution International
Employed 1
CEO and Chairman Brady I

Bradonian Network is a state-owned newspaper and television broadcaster operated by the Royal Bradonian Government and under the ownership of His Royal and Serene Majesty. Bradonia Network, was unofficially established under the illegitimate socialist government in the forms of YouTube Video's that were meant to share news to Bradonian subjects, however, after the "restoration" of the monarchy, the Kingdom of Bradonia began to develop news articles, thus expanding Bradonian Network's capabilities, and allowing for the production of news articles.

Bradonia Network's posting and broadcasting schedule as of 2023 is completely random, and is not defined to a certain schedule or quota, however most articles published on Bradonia Network are created at least twice if not once a month. Bradonia Network used to be on WordPress from 2021 to 2022, until it moved to Blogger for better expressive liberties regarding the design and layout of Bradonia Network. In May, 2023, the New Bradonian Experience initiative was launched to improve and professionalize the Bradonia Network branding and to reaffirm it's commitment to both news articles and news video's.

The headquarters of Bradonia Network was located in Kaylensburg from 2021 to 2023, however after the decay of the Kaylensburg Palace, the headquarters of Bradonia Network was moved to Tseleryna, Bradonia to better accommodate the needs of the Bradonia Network Broadcasting Corporation. The CEO and Chairman of the Bradonia Network Broadcasting Corporation is Brayvenric I who has been both the CEO and Chairman of Bradonia Network ever since it's foundation in 2021.,