Kingdom of Bradonia

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Kingdom of Bradonia
Konigreich Bradonien  (German)
Motto: "Bradonia stands strong forever"
Royal anthem"Forever live the King"
Anthem: "Bradonia Forever"
Locations of Bradonia in Texas
Locations of Bradonia in Texas
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German
Ethnic groupsBradonians
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
• King
Brady I
Daniel Griffin
• Crown Princess
LegislatureRoyal Diet
House of Peers
Establishment history
• Independence from the United States
9 August 2020
• Reorganization into a Kingdom
10 October 2020
• Transition into an Absolute Monarchy
1 March 2022
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
CurrencyBradonian Staatmark (Bßm)
Time zoneBCT (UTC-4:55)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
day month year
Drives on theright
Calling code+1

Bradonia, officially the Kingdom of Bradonia, is an independent, sovereign micronation, located within North America. Bradonia is bordered on every side by the United States of America. Bradonia's sovereign territory is mostly concentrated in small exclaves within Texas, however, it also possesses territory within Colorado. Bradonia has a total population of twenty-seven citizens, all of which are locals. The capital and largest city of Bradonia is Bradistadt, which is home to six citizens and the King.

The Kingdom of Bradonia uses the Montevideo Convention, as a justification for its national sovereignty, and meets every requirement to be classified as a nation, however despite that, Bradonia remains largely unrecognized by the United Nations and fails to have any outside diplomatic recognition with any sovereign nation. Bradonia is an isolationist micronation, as such, it doesn't recognize or engage with most micronations, and mostly keeps to itself.

The Kingdom of Bradonia was established on August 9th, 2020, as an underdeveloped rump state, however ever since its formation, Bradonia has endured nation-building processes, which have internally developed Bradonia, and have made it one of the most powerful micronations in both Texas and Colorado, with a very strong, and traditional government, which rejects both social and political modernity, in favor of absolutism and traditionalism.



The name "Bradonia" was chosen by the founding father, Brady Griffin who named the country after himself, due to the important role he has played in Bradonia, alongside being its leader. Coincidentally the name "Brady" is also the name of a town located in Central Texas called, Brady Texas. The term "Bradonic", is a term heavily influenced by the word "Germanic" and is used to describe "Bradonic Culture" in the same manner, as in "Germanic Culture", or "Germanic Peoples". The capital of Bradonia, Bradistadt, is also named after its founding father, and uses a germanic name, due to the influence of German culture in Bradonia.




Before the Kingdom of Bradonia existed, the territory known as "Texas" would be colonized by the Spanish in the 1510s, after the discovery of the America's at the hands of Christopher Columbus. This would eventually lead to a colonial race, between the English, French, and Spanish, with Britain and Spain coming up on top after France would lose the seven-year war, ceding most of their colonial territory to Britain and Spain. The Spanish Empire would remain mostly intact, until the Napoleonic Wars, which saw the Spanish colonies rebel, after King Ferdinand VII, was replaced with Napoleon's brother, Joseph I. After the Napoleonic Wars, the Mexicans would rebel, and would declare independence as the Empire of Mexico, and later the Mexican Republic.

Although the Mexican Republic was a democratic state on paper, it was a very autocratic state in practice, with the southern provinces enjoying more privileges due to their greater populations. The President of Mexico, Santa Anna wished to centralize Mexico so that he could better control the government and his territory, as such an immigration program would be implemented, which would see the settlement of American immigrants, who would settle in Mexico's northern provinces. Despite all the American immigrants Mexico was receiving, thing's started to turn sour, as many of these immigrants, wished for more representation in the government, and due to Santa Anna's centralization and the arrest of Stephen F Austin, a notable empresario, the Texan people revolted and started the Texan Revolution. Although heavily outnumbered, and losing some of its leadership at the battle of the Alamo, the Texan revolutionaries came on top and captured Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, and declared the Republic of Texas with Sam F Houston as its first president.

Almost a decade later, the Republic of Texas would join the United States of America, but this caused tensions with Mexico due to Texas's conflicting land claims in the area, causing Mexico to retaliate, starting the Mexican American war, which would eventually an American victory after American forces occupied Mexico City, and forced Mexico to give up 1/3rd's of its territory. Texas would eventually consolidate itself into the Union, until the civil war, where Texas would side with the confederacy, due to being a slav-state, and fearful of Lincoln's intentions with the union. Despite its importance, Texas mostly remained unharmed and saw few battles, however, would surrender to the union, when Robert E Lee, surrendered. After the civil war, Texas saw economic development and eventually became the 2nd most populous state, behind California, and would become one of the most economically prosperous states of the union.


Establishment and the Bradonian Anclußes

The Kingdom of Bradonia was founded on August 9th, 2020 under the name of the "Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia" as a small portion of the backyard, due to Brady Griffin wanting to start his own country, this effort was successful, and Bradonia was successfully able to declare independence from the United States of America on the same day. Later during the day, the "First Bradonian Anschluß" named after the notorious "Anschluß of Austria" would occur and would see Bradonia annex what is now referred to as "Sonoma Palace", along with this would see the establishment of the first Bradonian Government, which would be lead by Brady Griffin who would be the Head of State of the Liberal Autocracy. Ireland Griffin would ask to be "Chancellor" of Bradonia, and Brady Griffin appointed her to the position, making Ireland the first Chancellor of Bradonia. The Bradonian Government after its formation would seek to enforce newly passed legislation, which ranged from the banishment of all Chick-Fil-A products to the banishment of religion and the automatic legalization of LGTBQ relationships within Bradonia, due to the radical left-wing political environment of Bradonia at the time.

The Liberal Autocracy would lay dormant for around two weeks until Brady Griffin saw an opening for territorial expansion. The opportunity would come at a trip to the local pool, where Brady Griffin would seek to annex both the local pool and the house of Lucas, a friend of Brady Griffin. Ultimately Bradonia would be successful in this endeavor and District Lukas would be established with Lucas serving as its governor. The "Bradonian Sea" would also be established, but it wouldn't last, as the government would quickly forget about it shortly after. Although there was a de jure separation of Head of State and Head of Government, Brady Griffin ended up doing most of the governing due to the incompetent Chancellorship of Ireland Griffin whose Chancellorship didn't see much governance due to her lack of interest causing a lack of internal development within Bradonia.

In the later weeks of August 2020, another opportunity for territorial expansion would show itself on a road trip to Brady Griffin's grandparent's house. Bradonia would take advantage of the situation to gain two new territories, the first territory would later become Bradistadt and the Tarrant Palace, while the other territory would later become the Duchy of Hutto. This happened after Brain Stell, the local who resided on the land asked for ennoblement in exchange for joining Bradonia. Brady Griffin taking advantage of the situation, accepted the deal and created the Duchy of Hutto, an autonomous sub-monarchial region within an anocratic Bradonia with Brain becoming the first Duke of the Hutto Duchy. This event would be dubbed the "Second Bradonian Anschluß" due to it being considered a sequel to the first Anschluß that happened on August 9th.

Reorganization into a Kingdom

During the month of October, The Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia saw a government change to a constitutional monarchy, after the Chancellor at the time, Ireland Griffin, resigned due to a lack of interest, which caused a leadership crisis, which threatened the state, so Griffin decided to make Brianna Griffin a provisional Chancellor for the time being, however, it was made very clear where the tide was going and that a better government was needed in order to run Bradonia and so, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia was reorganized into the Kingdom of Bradonia with Brady being declared the King of Bradonia but without a coronation or crowing due to not being able to do one at the time, and elections were quickly scheduled. Unfortunately, this period would see the Chancellor position be vacant for some time as elections in the Kingdom had failed after both political candidates, Ireland and Daniel were incompetent and one of them decided to quit, and so Griffin decided to be Chancellor thus creating a "de facto" absolute monarchy, although still a constitutional monarchy.

Bradonia would enter into the Greater Micronational Community on October 11th, 2020, after finding the MicroWiki communication forms, with Griffin not knowing what to expect from the community itself. Shortly after this began immediate construction of the MicroWiki page, and overall nation-building policies which helped benefit the Kingdom. The Bradonian Flag got a slight design change as the first one adopted after the Second Bradonian Anschluss, had a very similar appearance to Gradonia while the second flag which was the Cornish flag Scandinavian style, was called out upon by other individuals in the community for being too similar to the Cornish flag, and this caused a compromise in which the color Blue would be added to the Bradonian flag by an anonymous user who wanted to help Griffin establish Bradonia, thus establishing the current Bradonia Flag which is used to this day.

After Bradonia joined the greater "micronational community", Bradonia began to culturally prosper due to having many more online resources at its disposal which would lead to a better functioning government and state, and shortly after both a declaration of independence and a constitution would be written, along with the creation of the first Bradonian Coat of Arms, making the nation much more prosperous on paper as it was gaining much more online resources which could and would go to nation-building Bradonia and at first, Bradonia would even begin to make diplomatic allies, and all seemed to be going in the right direction for Bradonia.

Unfortunately for Griffin, he would come to learn of the Kingdom Brienaia's homophobic policies by unknown means however it infuriated Griffin and he would attempt to talk the King of Brieanna out of it, however, Griffin would absolutely lose it after it was made very clear that Breinia's King would not revoke homophobic policies in Breinia, this would cause the King of Bradonia to say some very regrettable things and it would result in Griffin getting suspended from the MicroWiki Communications for the time being.

That wasn't the end as an anonymous user wanted to help assist Griffin in confronting the Breinian King and quickly both Griffin and the anonymous user went to confront Brieanna's King again however when it was revealed the anonymous user's intention was to raid rather than help confront and after realizing he couldn't win this, Griffin would quickly back down from Breinia the next day due to Bradonia getting itself in a very bad diplomatic position during the crisis. After the Bradonian-Brienian crisis ended, Griffin would be allowed back into Microwiki Communications, due to Griffin being sorry for his choice of words.

Also around this time, Bradonia under Griffin would join the Micronational Assembly as a micronational delegate representing Bradonia. Bradonia would also try to engage in territorial expansion, due to most of the territory claimed by Bradonia at the time being mostly illegitimate and hard to control, as there were only a few pockets of territory that Bradonia actually controlled. One way Bradonia tried to engage in territorial expansion, was attempting to sell its sovereignty for annexation at the hands of the Jewel Republic, in the hopes of claiming more land for the fatherland as a puppet state, however, Anthoney, Emperor of Sasperian got ahold of this information and convinced Griffin out of the deal, and then shortly Griffin would end up revoking the agreement, with the response of the Jewel Republic being well.

The Harry Island and the One Day War

Not a lot happened for the rest of 2020, and only when January came did it see massive change for Bradonia, as many things had changed over the new year with King Brady I of Bradonia getting used to it all, however at the same time the Micronational organization known as the Micronational Assembly was also raining in legitimacy, and many individuals inside the organization would admit to the MA being a joke and not a serious organization. This would infuriate both Bradonia and Begons delegates, and on the same day left the Micronational organization and withdrew from it completely, Begon tried to get Runnymede to leave as well, due to Tsar Christoph having staunch political influence within the Principality of Runnymede. Although the referendum passed to leave the Micronational Assembly passed, the prince refused to legitimize the vote, which would cause a "Coup" by LENS online users, which Bradonia and its monarch reluctantly supported.

This would cause a chain reaction, causing some Micronational Assembly members to declare the LENS-Runnymede War" or in Bradonia's case the one-day war, due to how long Bradonia got involved in it. The first part of the war, it started with Bradonia declaring its intentions to side with LENS in the war as a co-belligerent, due to its negative relationship with the Micronational Assembly, and after an attempt by the Micronational assembly to get Griffin to leave the war Griffin initially decided otherwise, but then realizing how silly the war was, left anyway with little repercussion. The one-day war ended for Bradonia when it decided to remove its belligerent status and to leave the war altogether, not surrendering to the MA, while not fighting them either due to the war, not being fighting by means physically or digitally.

Around the same time, the Kingdom of Bradonia was undergoing the processes of territorial expansion under Griffin, and as such the Kingdom was looking for territory to annex. During a bike ride with the Daine's, friend's of the Bradonian royal family, Brady saw an island and wanted it, however, Harry Daine, one of the Daine's kids's also wanted the island for other purposes, but Griffin wanted the island more, but Harry wouldn't allow that, and so a war happened. The war was fought on the island with zero casualties, with there being one battle, the battle of harry island. The battle of harry island would result in a stalemate, after Alan Dane, broke up the stick sword fight between the two, ending the battle in a stalemate, which last's to this day, and the island was split between the two and remains so to the present.

The "Bradonian Commune"

Bradonia, after being humiliated in the "one-day war", and in the Harry Island war had its legitimacy and reputation in shambles, and further isolated Bradonia from the micronational community, as such, Brady Griffin decided to abolish the monarchy and "restore" the "Bradonian State", with a government very similar to the "Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia". Brady Griffin would also adopt a temporary pseudonym of "Zoran Radsoveic", for reasons of "originality" and "newness". The title of King would be "replaced" with the title of "Governor-General", due to republicanism still being hated in Bradonia. This would also see Bradonia leave some communications due to their inherent toxicity, however around this time would also meet the leader of a former ally "Redshanks Republic".

The "Redshanks Republic", was a communist nation, and after having a discussion on Bradonia's leftist nationalism, they quickly became great friends. Interested in the beliefs of communism, Brady Griffin would slowly get invested, and would eventually result in the" reorganization" of the Bradonian State to the "Bradonian Commune", a communist dictatorship. Brady Griffin would assume both the General Secretaryship and Premiership of the "Commune". The "Bradonian Commune" had awful diplomacy, due to its ideology, and as such, it would result in the subsequent isolation from its allies Sasperian and Monmark.

The subjects, of Austania, also despised the "Bradonian Commune" due to its incompetent leadership, and awful legislation. It also didn't help that many subjects began to stop listening to laws, and they began disrupting government set-up chat rooms. Around this time, would also see the establishment of Bradonia Network, in which five-minute videos were made of the news that was happening in the country, and informed Bradonians of News.

The "Bradonian Commune" formed a Triumvirate with the Peoples Exclave Of Taedong and The Redshanks Republic, the only diplomatic allies that Bradonia had at the time. Despite the efforts by the Bradonian Government, Bradonian Nationalism was quite low in Austania, with most subjects not respecting the Bradonian identity, that was created by the General Secretary, however, despite this, Zorangrad was much more tolerant and more nationalistic, and supported the "Bradonian Commune", to a greater extent, than Austania.

The Hosenburgain Rebellion

The Flag of the "Hosenburgian Empire"

Unfortunately for the "Bradonian Commune", the Austanians, who were referred to as citizens of the "Lower Commune" at the time began a "revolt" with the help of Joseph Griffin, due to the incompetence of the communist leadership, and the situation the "Commune" was in at the time. The" revolt" would begin after a "coup" would be attempted, by Joseph Griffin, who would declare the "Hosenburgian Empire" and himself the "Hosenburgain Emperor". The goal of the Hosenburgain Empire would be to replace Bradonia, and her government, essentially wiping Bradonia off of the map. "General-Secretary" Brady Griffin, would try to rally the people of the "Lower Commune" to assist him in the rebellion, however, most citizens, didn't bother intervening in them seeing no reason to. Brady Griffin would make a "retreat" to the backyard to "regroup" forces.

Brady Griffin would then ask the "Upper Commune" for assistance against the rebellion, which was quickly accepted, thus starting the conflict. The Hosenburgian Rebellion was easily crushed, due to the Hosenburgian Empire making no attempt to fight back against the "Commune". The rebellion was ultimately crushed when the "General Secretary" walked into Sonoma Palace and retook the "Lower Commune" putting an end to a bloodless rebellion. Despite the "Bradonian Communist Party" crushing the rebellion, the "Commune" was evermore unstable, and it was clear change was needed.

The Imperial "Federation"

After the "BCP" or "Bradonian Communist Party" declared victory in the Hosenburgian Rebellion, very little changed in Bradonia, and although the rebellion was crushed, the preparator, Joseph, went unpunished and many Bradonians were still mostly unloyal to the regime due to it being communist. The "Bradonian Commune" was overall very unstable, and was still very hated diplomatically. Brady Griffin, at the time, was considering a "restoration" of the monarchy, as an "Empire", due to Griffin being very inspired by the Empire of Manchukuo and the Empire of Japan at the time, and also wanting to restore his reputation in the community.

Brady Griffin also sought to better his relationship with the "Texan Trio" a self-proclaimed Bradonian Trio of Bradonia, Sasperian, and Monmark, due to their proximity and close relations to Bradona, furthermore, Brady also saw the incompetence of the "Commune" and saw that the writing was on the wall, and began work on a new constitution that would have "monarchical elements".

Brady, with the Permission of Alexander I of Monmark would begin to model the Bradonian Constitution after the one of the "Kingdom Of Anderonia", a sister kingdom to Monmark. He would begin preparations for his coronation, which was to happen in one week, while in the meantime declaring himself the "Emperor Elect" of Bradonia and tried to establish "local monarchies" to that of the German Empire, which in reality was just a house of territory for each monarchy. The Hutto Duchy was "reinstated" after governmental neglect and was promoted to a "Grand Duchy" and its Duke was upgraded to a "Grand Duke". The Hosenburgain Kingdom was also established, as a state of the Bradonian Empire. Griffin would also change the flag to an upside-down version of the National flag and would ask for a new coat of arms as well. On April 16th, 2021, Brady Griffin was officially coronated as Brady I of Bradonia, beginning his "reign" as "Emperor".

Griffin would attempt to consolidate friendships with his micronational neighbors and with other micronational monarchies. Brady Griffin would begin to consolidate power in the nation, continuing popular legislation, while at the same time, also making more authoritarian and thoracic legislation. Around Late April saw the rise of Bradonian Network, a Bradonian news network that was used to inform Bradonia of upcoming news, and slowly Bradonia Network would switch to news articles instead of videos.

The "Empire of Greater" Bradonia, after reconciliation with the "Texan Trio" the Empire seemed to be going on a good path, until one day, all the sudden everything goes incredibly wrong, and things go crashing down for the "Empire of Greater" Bradonia and her leadership. The April Crash started, when Bradonia attempted to return to a communist form of government, due to internal sympathies from the leader, however, this would result in failure, and while not threatening Griffin's hold on power, did destroy Bradonia diplomatically. This alienated Bradonia from the micronational community, and in desperation for "redemption", Bradonia would join the Garticus League as its 10th member

Bradonia's Diplomatic Failures

The Bradonian Parliament at the time was very incompetent, as it would barely meet and the Chancellor at the time was somewhat incompetent in fulfilling his duties. It didn't help that the federal states of the Empire that were introduced, began diverting authority away from the government and into the hands of themselves. These states were completely useless, as not only were they a house of territory but they also served little purpose at all, except for diving the government. Brady Griffin having enough of the flawed government would suspend the April Constitution and would declare an absolute monarchy.

Bradonia after its absolutist reformation was approached by the King of Rovia, to join the Garticugus League, as, before this point, both of them were just friends. So, the Kingdom of Bradonia would become the 10th and one of the founding members of the Garticugus League, and everything would seem to be going great for Bradonia, however, Brady Griffin would frequently disagree with the King of Rovia on many subjects and issues, which did not help the relationship between the two nations.

It also didn't help that his social life, was falling down again, as many people did not appreciate or like him at all, and even people in the Bradonian Communications server which was ceremonial in all but name, was stagnating due to the King of Rovia begging For Bradonia to become democratic, which lead to an attempt by the Rovian King to democratize Bradonia, however, this attempt was crushed, and Bradonia remained an absolute monarchy.

Around this time, Brady would realize how low the micronational community has gone, disagreeing with the concept of micronationalism and micronations and would begin to hold massive resentment towards how some individuals in the community would act, he would view many Micronations with spite or resentment for that reason including its "allies" which Bradonia did not like due to disagreements on what micronationalism was.

Griffin would eventually have enough of the league's behavior, and so he left the Garrigus League and took a break from foreign affairs for some time. In June 2021, he proceeded to get back up and reunite with the nations of the ELM block. A micronational faction that was led by the Empire of Truto and the Reformed People's Republic. Bradonia on the first week back in the ELM faction would make great friends with Filip Ist of Flavium, as both would share their disdain for how people today acted and their hatred for the ideology "Discord Democracy".

This would cultivate where both nations in July 2021, would begin the construction of a diplomatic relationship, which went very well at the time, which resulted in mass cooperation between the two, however, things would go quickly sour as the Emperor would also get tired of how the ELM faction acted, due to most ELM members acting in ways which the Bradonian Government saw unfit, which would lead to a deterioration of relations between the two.

The September Crisis

August 9th, 2021 saw Bradonian Independence Day occur with mild success, due to a lack of interest, only being saved by Prince Father, Joseph who did his best to support Bradonia on its special day. Around this time saw Bradonia enter into isolationism after many micronations treated Bradonia with disrespect, and Griffin's view's on the micronational community at the time. This saw Bradonia break ties with Truto and the Empire of Flavium, and all of Bradonia's social media accounts getting purged, however before that Bradonia tried allying with the Colonial Empire of Hetmia, however, this was refused and a day later, the Bradonian account was "hacked" however it wasn't until later when it was "deleted". This caused the September Crisis in which Bradonia got very close to dissolution and Griffin started to delete pages in order to disassociate himself from Bradonia, however, this effort was stopped when Liahonia and Holy Violet Church, made him rethink this decision and so decided to maintain Bradonia.

After the September Crisis, Bradonia would begin rapidly nation-building, which would occur from September to December, and saw cultural, governmental, and national reform. One reform was the restoration of the constitutional monarchy that was present before the April Crash and a revision of the April Constitution to better accommodate Bradonia and Daniel Griffin would be brought back as chancellor.

October saw religious reform, with Bradonia going from Roman Catholicism to Presbyterianism. This occurred due to many Bradonians in the Bradonian Royal Family holding sympathies towards Presbyterianism due to it once being the state religion, however, this was changed due to Brady wanting Bradonia to have a more "traditional religion" and wanting to become more right-winged. Princess Mother and Former Heir Ireland Griffin were supporters of the Presbyterian Movement and both advocated for a restoration of Presbyterianism as the official state religion. They also wished the King to convert to Presbyterianism as well. Originally this notation was declined by the King due to wanting to make Bradonia a traditionalist state with right-wing ideals, however Brady, wanting to appease the Bradonian Royal Family, reluctantly agreed in favor of it, and the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia was established with Griffin becoming the Paternal Patriarch.

December saw one of the final but most important changes, which was the restoration of the Kingdom and the dissolution of the "Empire of Greater Bradonia" which happened, due to a "Greater Empire" not making much sense for the nation itself, and the bad reminders the Empire gave Bradonia. The King made this reform so that Bradonia and her monarchy would be sustainable in the near future, so the Kingdom of Bradonia was brought back and the emperor was restyled as the king, it also saw the 2022 January Constitution, which got rid of Bradonian Parliament due to its incompetence, however, the title of chancellor remained unchanged, as Bradonia saw itself as an Empire in all but name and title.

The Third Bradonian Anschluss and Accusation of the Holy Violet Church

January 2022 saw Bradonia begin the year guns blazing, and saw many government reforms be passed. One of these reforms was the 1st SocBan campaign, which was promoted heavily, and was semi-successful, with the Hutto Duchy and Bradistadt having reduced Social Media Users. Bradonia would also see a new economic partner, which would offer Bradonia military helmets for the Bradonian Self-Defense Force, however, no purchases were ever made. The Kingdom of Bradonia decided to reconcile with the Monmarkian Commonwealth, with the King apologizing for his past actions, and it is assumed that both nations are on moderate terms after said apology between the two. After a personal social media crisis on Discord, Griffin tired of being unfaithful to his cause Began a DisBan campaign, due to his grievances with Discord, and sought to ban it from Bradonia. This effort was successful and saw all of the Discord Accounts in Bradonia eradicated permanently.

February 2022 saw Princess, Ireland Griffin turn 18 years old officially becoming legal age within America, but before that, The King of Bradonia decided to give Bradonians chocolate for valentines day, as a special gift to the citizenry of the Kingdom, which was semi-successful, but many did appreciate the effort. On February 9th, the Republic of Meytallia reached out to Bradonia to form diplomatic relations, although an isolationist state Griffin accepted the offer due to being a Texan Micronation, and to this day is the only nation Bradonia has formal relations with.

March saw the Kingdom of Bradonia acquire the Holy Bradonic Violet Church after Primate Hytahncy abdicated giving the holy throne to the only country that celebrated the religion, Bradonia. This made the church Bradonian exclusive, and as such caused a religious crisis, which saw two branches of the church form, one Bradonian, and one Occitainian. The Kingdom of Bradonia around this time, became an absolute monarchy after the government wasn't working as well, and so the King decided to take matters into his own hands and declared an absolute monarchy, which remains in place to this day.

For a while, Bradonia remained contemptuous and focused on internal reform rather than political or territorial expansion, however when the King went on a bike ride, to the Kalahari Resort, on the way the King saw three blooming pink trees and desired to have a pink tree within the Bradonian Kingdom due to the cherry tree being a national symbol of Bradonia. This gave Griffin insight to begin planning to invade the territory alongside former chancellor Daniel Griffin, who also helped with the invasion. The Kingdom of Bradonia began an invasion on March 19th, 2022, first sending troops to Waco Texas in order to better plan the invasion, then sending in a cavalry division to Round Rock, which was successfully able to plant a Bradonian Flag and consolidated the territory as Bradonian with little resistance from the civilians in the area. The territory that was occupied, was not annexed into the much closer and former Austrozat Duchy, but it was rather made into a new province by the name of Sakuria, and Griffin was made governor of the territory. This also saw short-lived nobility titles be reformed and the short-lived creation of the "Grand Duke" of Austro Sakuriastadt" a higher but much taller title than the Duke of Austrozat.

Staatkongress and Expansion into Colorado

April 2022 for Bradonia was alright for the most part until, until easter weekend, which saw Griffin realize how underdeveloped Bradonia was despite all the effort that had been put into Bradonia, and so wanting to again increase rapid nation-building decided on the 19th of April to begin the "Staatkongress" or State Congress to better develop Bradonia. The First Staatskongress lasted until the beginning of May and saw many advances, such as an absolutist constitution, the Staatmark (ßm), a postal system, a passport, and overall focused on developing both the nation and government, which was successful.

Around May 2022, The Princess Father and Princess Mother of Bradonia were discussing plans to expand into Colorado under expansionist pretenses, they asked the King what they thought of this proposal, and the King reluctantly accepted it, thus beginning Bradonian colonialism and the Bradonian Colonial Empire. On May 4th, 2022, the Austrozat Duchy was dissolved by the King in order to prepare for this colonial transition, and due to the nature and history of Austrozat, it was within good faith to dissolve it, that the Sonoma Palace Reconstruction Authority would be established in the hopes of transitioning away from the Austin Realms into the Denver Realms in order to keep a better eye on the colonies. By the end of May, another SOCBAN campaign would be launched in order to eradicate TikTok from the nation, as some were still reluctant to give up TikTok.

June 2022 saw the Kingdom of Bradonia get in a territorial dispute with Saspearian regarding the Sakurian Province, and so wanting to take advantage of the situation, reaffirmed control over former Districts Isabella and Lukas and created Isabella-Lukonia, the territorial remains of Austrozat. The Sakurian Province was quickly consolidated by Bradonian enforcements shortly after, thus reaffirming Bradonian territorial hegemony in the area. The King of Bradonia later within the month went on a Royal visit to Bradistadt, which lasted around two weeks, and saw Bradonia gain its first tourist, which was rare for the small micronation.

July 2022, saw the King, Brady Griffin, and Princess Brieanna head to the Denver Colony, where they were for two weeks to oversee colonial growth and to put Operation Fireburk into effect, an effort which is debated to be huge

So today, the Kingdom of Bradonia is one of the most powerful micronations within Texas and Colorado and is considered the hegemon of the Austin and DFW area but despite being a regional power it is still a very strong nation, with strong cultures and traditions that are celebrated all across the Kingdom

Politics and government

The Kingdom of Bradonia is a unitary absolute monarchy, highly influenced by the governments of the "Empire of Japan", the "German Empire", and the "Empire of Russia". The position of the monarch is officially referred to as the King of Bradonia and in rare cases the King-Emperor. The King is the highest political and sovereign authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia. The King of Bradonia asserts their authority and fulfills their duties as an absolute monarch, having full authority over the Kingdom of Bradonia. The position of King within Bradonia is hereditary and follows the absolute primogeniture form of succession. The King of Bradonia is both the head of state and the head of government and play's a passive role, in governing the country. The current reigning monarch of Bradonia is King Brady I who was enthroned and coronated on April 16th, 2021 as "Emperor" of the "Empire of Greater Bradonia", despite the Empire being considered illegitimate, however, the corporation was considered legitimate by the government and the King. Despite being a "King" the King of Bradonia has the status to that of an Emperor and holds the imperial title of "King-Emperor" despite Bradonia not being an imperial state due to historical complications.

Unlike most micronations that have a legislative body, the Kingdom of Bradonia does not have a legislative body, instead, it relies on the King to propose and pass legislation, which happens frequently. This comes down to Bradonia's views on democracy and viewing it as an ineffective system of government, with the people viewing the idea as nothing but trouble. The closest thing to a legislative body in Bradonia is the Bradonian Privy Council, which advises the King on important matters in Bradonia, and offers advice to the King when regards governing, which is made up of Bradonian Aristocracy and members of the Bradonian Royal Family, most of whom are apolitical, due to the permanent ban on political parties and associations in Bradonia on the pretexts of "dividing the people into fake political lines that only benefit corrupt politicians.

Law and order

Bradonia is protected by the American legal system and legal code due to its proximity to American borders. Bradonia is not actually recognized as an independent nation by the United States of America, but rather as a subdivision of the State of Texas. In comparison to the traditional legal code, the Bradiotic code is arguably more strict and authoritarian than the American legal code. Bradonian legislation and royal mandates are based on the bradiotic code and are intended to establish a system of traditionalism, reformism, and authoritarianism. In Bradonia, legislation is enforced differently than American legislation and is governed by exclusivity; if something is illegal under American law, it will almost certainly be handled by American authorities. When something is illegal in Bradonia and goes against the bradiotic code, it will be dealt with by the Bradonian authorities and dealt with according to the circumstance. Members of the judicial system in Bradonia are appointed by the Bradonian monarch, who appoints eight justices for life tenure. The justices are responsible for judicial rulings and agreements in Bradonia and also handle judicial affairs for Bradonia's Supreme Court. There are eight members of the Bradonian Supreme Court, including the Supreme Judge, who serves for life tenure as head of the justices and is responsible for both the judicial rulings and judicial administration of Bradonia alongside the other seven members of the Bradonian Supreme Court.


The Kingdom of Bradonia is a unitary state, in that most provinces within Bradonia have no right nor obligation to rule themselves, and as such Bradonian provinces are usually governed by members of the royal family or nobility. The only exception to this clause is the Duchy of Hutto, an autonomous region of Bradonia, which has its own ducal family and is mostly autonomous in nature, even having its own constitution. Bradistadt is also different, as it has a "Lord Protector", who acts as the "mayor" of the city, although they are mostly ceremonial and represent the monarch due to being the capital of Bradonia, and also having special privileges alongside Hutto.

The Realms officially referred to as the "Imperial Realms", are comparable to federal states, and house the provinces of Bradonia. The Imperial Realms are governed by a Viceroy who represents the King when the King is not in the said realm, however, the Imperial Realms are mostly ceremonial and have no real power or authority of their own other than enforcing the King's will. The reason the "Imperial Realms" exist, is to help enforce the Bradiotic Legal Code in different states if a Bradonian territory is located in a different state of the United States. An Imperial Realm will always be created if Bradonia moves into another American State and will house the provinces of the state when created.

Flag Name Established Monarch/Governor/Viceroy
Imperial Realms
Flag of Dallia.png The Imperial Realm of Dallia 12 February 2022 Brady I
Flag of Denvia.png The Imperial Realm of Denvia 12 February 2022 Joseph II
Royal Territories
Flag Of Bradistadt.png The Royal Territory of Bradistadt 12 February 2022 Brady I
Royal Provinces
Isabella-Lukonia.svg Province of Isabella-Lukonia 16 June 2022 Brady I
Sakuria Province.png Province of Sakuria 12 February 2022 Brady I
Austania.svg Province of Austania 16 June 2022 Brady I
Flag of Costonia.png Province of Costonia 12 February 2022 Brady I
Autonomous States
Duchy of Hutto.svg Duchy of Hutto 12 February 2022 Brain I
Reichsland Colonial Standard For Bradonia.png Denver Colony 21 May 2022 Brady I

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Bradonia, in regards to both foreign recognition and diplomatic relations, holds an isolationist doctrine, and barely if at all maintains any diplomatic relations with any other nation. Bradonia is also permanently neutral and non-interventionist, and doesn't interfere in micronational conflicts, and holds the doctrines of "non-alliance in peace" and "neutrality in war" similar to that of Sweden or Switzerland. In terms of micronational recognition, the Kingdom of Bradonia will only recognize micronations that are either very influential or are very unique in nature.

The Kingdom of Bradonia only maintains a diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Meytallia in hopes of increasing legitimacy as a micronation, but this was a rare occurrence within the nation's history and Bradonia is very unlikely to recognize any other micronations without a very good reason.

Bradonia in terms of "macro national" or national recognition, recognizes almost every single member of the United Nations, with the exceptions of nations that are either communist or extremist in nature or have waged war unjustifiably. Although the United States of America is recognized by Bradonia, the Kingdom of Bradonoia view's the United States of America very negatively, mostly due to its system of government and the political parties that dominate it. Despite the Kingdom of Bradonia not being recognized by any member of the United Nations or by anyone for that matter, the Kingdom of Bradonia wishes to maintain good diplomatic relations with most United Nations members, with the exceptions being the nation-states on the list below.

The micronations nations Bradonia recognizes

Nations not recognized

  •  Malta The Republic of Malta according to the Bradonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not the legitimate government of Malta, due to recognizing The Sovereign Military Order of Malta in its place, this is because the Republic of Malta according to the Bradonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no legitimate right to rule Malta.
  •  Barbados Barbados is not recognized as a sovereign nation, because it abolished the monarchy in 2021, an action which the Bradonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns, and as such is not recognized as a sovereign state.
  •  People's Republic of China The People's Republic of China is not recognized due to, being a communist state, its genocidal policies responsible for killing thousands if not millions, and China's treatment of Turkistani Muslims and Tibetans all living within China.
  •  Democratic People's Republic of Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not recognized due to its totalitarian oppression of its people and its nuclear threats toward the United States of America, alongside its aggressive actions toward both Japan and the Republic of Korea.
  •  Socialist Republic of Vietnam The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is not recognized, due to being a communist nation-state and committing crimes against humanity within its own nation, such as starving its own people.
  •  Republic of CubaThe Republic of Cuba is not recognized, due to being a communist nation-state and committing crimes against humanity within its own nation, such as starving its own people.
  •  Democratic Republic of Laos The Democratic Republic of Laos is not recognized due to the communists wrongfully abolishing the Lao's monarchy and replacing it with a totalitarian communist dictatorship. Bradonia recognizes Royal Lao Government in Exile as the legitimate government of Laos rather than the communists.
  •  Federal Democratic Republic of NepalThe Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is not recognized due to being a borderline communist nation-state, and abolishing the monarchy when it was not asked for by the people of Nepal
  •  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not recognized due to it's war crimes and human rights violations towards afghan citizens.
  •  Russian Federation The Russian Federation is not recognized, because of Russia invading the nation of Ukraine, Bradonia has ceased recognizing Russia as a sovereign entity, for the time being and as such, Bradonia doe's not recognized the current government of Russia and instead recognizes the Russian Empire or Romanov Empire built by Anton Bakov as the legitimate Russian government.

Governments not recognized

  •  Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Bradonia does not currently recognize the current government of Nepal and view's the Kingdom of Nepal (2008) to be the legitimate government of Nepal, this is because the Nepalese monarchy unrightfully being overthrown in the name of "fake progress" while also being a borderline radical socialist government, which seeks to undermine the value of tradition.
  •  Republic of Malta Bradonia does not recognize the government of Malta due to its illegitimate rule over Malta, as the Republic of Malta has no right to rule over Malta. Bradonia views the Sovereign Military order of Malta as the legitimate government of Malta and rightful claimant of the islands.
  •  Barbados Bradonia does not recognize the Barbados government under the republican government of Mia Mottley and "President" Sandra Mason due to the republican government wrongfully abolishing the Barbadoian monarchy with little to no proof that the Barbados people actually wanted that.
  •  People's Republic of China The People's Republic of China as a government not recognized due to, being a communist state, its genocidal policies responsible for killing thousands if not millions, and China's treatment of Turkistani Muslims and Tibetans all living within China. The Republic of China/Taiwan is recognized as the legitimate government of all of China.
  •  Democratic People's Republic of Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not recognized due to its totalitarian oppression of its people and its nuclear threats toward the United States of America, alongside its aggressive actions toward both Japan and the Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea/South Korea is recognized as the legitimate government of all of Korea.
  •  Socialist Republic of Vietnam The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is not recognized, due to being a communist nation-state and committing crimes against humanity within its own nation, such as starving its own people. The State of Vietnam is recognized as the legitimate government of Vietnam.
  •  Republic of CubaThe Republic of Cuba is not recognized, due to being a communist nation-state and committing crimes against humanity within its own nation, such as starving its own people. The Pre-Communist Cuban government is recognized as the legitimate government of Cuba.
  •  Democratic Republic of Laos The Democratic Republic of Laos is not recognized due to the communists wrongfully abolishing the Lao's monarchy and replacing it with a totalitarian communist dictatorship. Bradonia recognizes Royal Lao Government in Exile as the legitimate government of Laos rather than the communist government currently ruling.
  •  Russian Federation Russia's government under Putin is sanctioned, because of their attempt to spread war to Ukraine wrongfully and to cause unnecessary war, which is not needed. The Romanov Empire is recognized as the official ruling government of Russia
  •  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's government is not recognized due to its war crimes and human rights violations toward Afghan citizens, alongside its radical beliefs.


The Bradonian Navel Flag

The Kingdom of Bradonia's official military is the Bradonian Self Defense Force which acts as the official military force of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Bradonian Self Defense Force consists of a total of two branches, those being the Royal Bradonian Army, and the Bradonian Royal Navy, with a total soldier count of the Bradonain Self Defense Force being three, all soldiers being in reserve and zero soldiers being active on duty. The reason for this is because Bradonia's population is too small to consist of a traditional national military and war within Bradonia is looked down upon by both the micronational and national global communities. Instead, the Bradonian Self Defense Force mostly acts as a ceremonial military, and Bradonia would rely on American support if an invasion were to actually happen but would fight if need be, or if it were the last resort for Bradonia.

The Head of the Bradonian Self Defense Force is the Commander and Chief, who is also the King of Bradonia, as the King of Bradonia is the Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self Defense Force. They are responsible for leading troops into battle and giving said troops morale, so as to give the troops hope and pride. The Bradonian Self Defense Force also holds training every May and August in Bradistadt to help Bradonian soldiers train and learn knowledge while having a little fun as well here and there.

Geography and climate

The Koppen Climate Classification detailing the climate of North America

The Kingdom of Bradonia consists of fourteen exclaves scattered around various areas of the State of Texas. As of 2022, The Kingdom of Bradonia has an estimated territory of 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi). Most of the exclave territory consists of residential properties, where the Bradonian Citizens reside in. The Bradonian Excalves mostly consist of suburban areas with over 75% of Bradonia being residential, the remaining 25% of the land is considered plains, forests, and swamps. In terms of national landmarks, the Kingdom of Bradonia, has few landmarks of importance, mostly because of its recent session from the United State. Near the defunct "Sonoma Palace" located in the Texträrin realm of Bradonia lay a pond made by the King himself which was one of Bradonia's only distinct landmarks, and it is referred to as the "Victory Pond", where victory celebrations are held on "April 4th".



The climate of Bradonia is predominantly subtropical and temperate, due to most of Bradonia being in a subtropical climate zone. The Texträrin realm has a subtropical climate, which includes really hot summers and cool winters however, Texträrin barely gets any snow in the winter, and it can get quite hot in the summer months, as Texträrin has a lot of hot climate and high temperatures. In Kolërin, the winters are much colder and the summer's much cooler compared to that of Texträrin. Bradonia also experiences lots of rain approximately 27 inches in the Texträrin realm, and 17 inches in the Kolërin realm. Bradonia has experienced snow before in the form of the "Texas February Snowstorm of 2021", which happened in a week and Bradonia in the Texträrin realm was filled with snow, however only Bradistadt's power was affected by it, but this is a rare occurrence, and Bradonia only receives snow every half-decade.

Climate data for Climate Data, for the Austin provinces within the Texträrin realm
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 88
Average high °F (°C) 60
Average low °F (°C) 35
Record low °F (°C) 7
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.18


Bradonia as a nation doesn't have much of an economy due to many internal issues which plague Bradonia, this makes it one of the smallest economies if you can call it that in the micronational community. Bradonia's total workforce is around eleven to sixteen, with the majority of the workforce taking up jobs in the United States, due to Bradonia not having many jobs for citizens to take up, so most Bradonians work in America for a living. Despite Bradonia's right-wing traditionalist rhetoric, Bradonia has a somewhat of a left-wing economic system comparable to social democracy, not democratic socialism, social democracy, is a governing doctrine that heavily controls capitalism, and offers various welfare programs to its citizens. Bradonia's economic currency is the Staatmark (ßm), however it is equivalent to the USD in terms of value, and USD is used much more than ßm by the citizens of Bradonia, and as a result, the USD is the official currency of Bradonia. Most Bradonian Provinces do not have to pay government taxes, however, there is an exception with the city of Bradistadt, which pays the King a total of 20$ or 20ß in tributary funds a month, which go to the King himself, for royal tax money.

Most Bradonians live lavish lives, and money isn't a concern to most of them due to most Bradonians relying on the American economic system to sustain them and their lives. Despite socialistic implementations, Labor unions are extremely limited and have to follow a strict set of regulations in order to operate.



Science and technology

Income, wealth, and poverty




The population of the Kingdom of Bradonia is currently twenty-seven as of May 12th, 2022 all of whom reside within Bradonian territory. 32% of Bradonains live within the Bradonain cities of Bradistadt and Huttostadt, while the remaining 68% of Bradonians live elsewhere, not bound to a specific city, but still residing within Bradonian territory.

Bradonians are the only ethnic group within the Kingdom of Bradonia, due to the belief, that those living within Bradonia, and those who hold citizenship are Bradonians. This come's down to the sole belief that a citizen of the Kingdom of Bradonia should be loyal to Bradonia and Bradonia only, meaning that Bradonia is very unlikely to accept citizens from other micronations, nor will it accept citizenships outside of the State of Colorado or Texas, nor will it accept online citizens into its kingdom.

Country No. of citizens
Flag of Bradonia.png Bradonia 27



In terms of languages within the Kingdom of Bradonia, Bradonia is both an Anglophonic and Germanaphonic speaking nation however, English is spoken much more than German, and is considered the primary language of Bradonia, with 100% of the population speaking it, however, German is only a secondary language within Bradonia, because Bradonians do not speak the language, and is mostly a language to play a ceremonial part in its culture, however children in Bradonia do take it as a secondary language in secondary school. Despite English being the dominant language within Bradonia, there is still a lot of German influence within Bradonia, with some German words, being used as "slang" within Bradonia, such as its King being referred to as the "Kaiser" or the state as the "Kaiserreich". The Bradonian flag is often referred to as the "Reichsflag" or "Staatsflag", and the "Staatmark" and "Blütbiër" take their names from German words.


The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, is the official state church of the Kingdom of Bradonia and is recognized as the predominant religion within the Bradonian Constitution, stating its religious supremacy over other religions, however despite this, the Bradonian Constitution mostly protects the right to freedom of religion in it's borders, and actively promotes it's subjects into believing in religion. 26% of Bradonians identify as Presbyterian, 4% of Bradonians identify as atheists, while the remaining 70% of Bradonians are unknown .

is the official state church of the Kingdom of Bradonia and is recognized as the predominant religion within the Bradonian constitution, stating its religious supremacy. Around 30% of all Bradonian Subjects are Christians of Presbyterian faith, while 70% of the population is unspecified. The "secondary" religion, the Holy Bradonic Violet Church is mostly ceremonial and holds little religious authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia. (WAW) (Writers At Work)



Culture and media

The Culture of the Kingdom of Bradonia is rather unique, taking its cultural cues from countries such as Mexico, Japan, and Germany, with all three cultures being the most influential within Bradonia alongside other cultures, but to a lesser extent. Bradonia's unique identity can be seen through its languages and religion, with Bradonia being a Semi-Germanophone Presbyterian State. The Kingdom of Bradonia is also culturally conservative to an extent, with political and social modernity being considered taboo, and religion being heavily promoted, alongside absolutism, traditionalism, and nationalism.

Art and Architecture

Art in the Kingdom of Bradonia is somewhat limited, due to Bradonia's small population and lack of artists, however, despite this, numerous types of art forms, such as impressionism, dadaism, and to a lesser extent romanticism are all quite popular due to the large impact of 19th-century art in Bradonia. Other traditional art forms, are also well-liked and are regarded as distinctive, unique, and original.

Architecture in the Kingdom of Bradonia, mostly follows architectural cues from the United States, due to Bradonia seceding from the United States of America. As such many conventional American architectural styles can be found in Bradonia's various territorial exclaves, such as having suburbia-like housing, and bland city-like buildings. Despite this, many Bradonians consider European and Japanese architecture in high respect, due to its uniqueness and overall cultural influence within Bradonia, with an example of such being the appreciation of the Rocco architectural style, an architectural style liked by the nobility of Bradonia, and by the Bradonian Royal Family.

Literature and Philosophy

Both literature and philosophy are highly valued in Bradonia, where many subjects enjoy reading and listening to philosophy in their spare time/ The current King of Bradonia is a writer and philosopher and has written many ideological manifestos cementing his political and social beliefs, most of which are widely popular among the subjects of Bradonia. These writings, known as "The Writings Of His Heavenly Majesty," are very well-liked among the Bradonian subjects. Princess Ireland is a highly talented poet, and her poetry is well-liked, by the Bradonian population, especially the Bradonian Royal Family. Popular types of literature include fiction, historical fiction, poetry, theatre, and folklore, all of which are very well-liked in Bradonia.

Performing Arts

The majority of Bradonian Music revolves around the national instruments of the Accordion and the Harmonica, with a music style reminiscent of German Accordion songs, and often comparable to songs at the Oktoberfest. Other interests of music within Bradonia include military music, national anthems, 70's music, and 80's music.


The Kingdom of Bradonia has an official total of eighteen holidays, but the most significant of these holidays are "Koingstag" and "Bradonia Day/Bradonian Independence Day" both of which are very important to Bradonia. Bradonia Day specifically is very important, as that is when numerous festivities such as dog parades and fireworks shows take place to celebrate the national independence of the Kingdom of Bradonia from the United States. Bradonia also takes some of its customs from the Republic of Molossia as a sign of respect and commitment to micronationalism, Emperor Nortan Day is one such example of this.


The national cuisine of Bradonia is considered very unique and is a fusion of different cuisines, more specifically, Mexican, Japanese and American cuisines. Some national dishes include "Bradonian Omurice" (Omurice but with hot sauce instead of ketchup), "Dulche Pizza", "Cookies and Lemonade", "Bradonic Nachos", "Hokroice", "Frittles" (Fries covered in BBQ sauce) and the national dish, the "Bradonian Taco" ( A taco filled with queso, chips, chicken, salsa, and rice). The national drink of Bradonia is "Blütbiër" (cherry flavored root beer), which is commonly had with Frittles.






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  • 1. The Kingdom of Bradonia considers itself the sole successor of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, and furthermore has made efforts to delegitimize the future "governments" that occurred in 2021, and as such the Kingdom of Bradonia only recognizes the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia as it's only predecessor.
  • 2 The Kingdom of Bradonia has an "imperial title" despite not being an imperial state. This comes about after the "imperial coordination" which legitimized the heavenly reign of Brady I, however, this occurred during the "empire" so, in order to continue the legitimization, the term "King-Emperor" was coined.
  • As of August 15th, 2022, the Kingdom of Bradonia page is being renovated by our editing team

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