King of Bradonia

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King of Bradonia
Better Bradonian Coat Of Arms.png
Royal Coat of Arms
HGM Brady I of Bradonia.png
Brady I

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Undecided
First monarch Brady I
Formation 10 October 2020
Appointer Hereditary
Residence Tarrant Palace, Bradistadt

The King of Bradonia and in rare cases the King-Emperor is the monarch, head of state, and the head of government of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The King of Bradonia is the highest political and sovereign authority within the Kingdom of Bradonia and has absolute authority on how Bradonia is governed. Alongside this, the King also takes on administrative, legislative, ceremonial, diplomatic, and representational duties within the Kingdom of Bradonia. The first, and current reigning King of Bradonia is King Brady I who assumed the throne on April 16th, 2020. The Bradonian monarchy comprises the reigning monarch and his or her family, and because of this, the King is also the current head of the royal House of Griffin; the royal house that currently rules Bradonia.

The Kingdom of Bradonia has been a "de facto" monarchy ever since October 10th, 2020, after the collapse and reformation of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia. Originally a constitutional democratic monarchy with mostly left-leaning values, the Kingdom has transitioned into a more centrist, traditionalist, and authoritarian monarchy due to the idea of democracy failing within Bradonia.

Powers and Duties

The King of Bradonia has many administrative and ceremonial responsibilities as both the head of state and government of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The King of Bradonia has complete and total control over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and the King is mainly responsible for passing and enforcing administration within the Kingdom of Bradonia, alongside performing the ceremonial and religious duties of the Kingdom.

The Monarch's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Being the official head of state and government of Bradonia.
  • Proposing and enforcing legislation.
  • Signing Royal Mandates.
  • Being the Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self Defense Force.
  • Having the ability to declare war, make peace, and conclude treaties.
  • Appointing members of the privy council.
  • Being able to grant amnesty, pardon, and commutation of punishments and rehabilitation.
  • Being able to ennoble citizens with titles of nobility.
  • Being the Head of the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia and the Holy Bradonic Violet Church.
  • Performing ceremonial functions, such as ennoblement, and giving ranks of honor.
  • Making final judicial decisions, when the Bradonian Supreme Court is not able to.
  • Dismissing members of the privy council and dissolving the council in case of a division.
  • Any other administrative or ceremonial duties that are not specifically listed here, but are common to Absolute Monarchs.

List of Bradonian Monarchs

# Portrait Name Term of office Political affiliation
1 HGM Brady I of Bradonia.png King Brady I 16 April 2021 Present Apolitical
King Brady Wilten-Iontavich Griffin is the founding father and current reigning sovereign of Bradonia, who has been the leader of Bradonia since its creation. During the "Corona Era of 2020" Bradonia under Griffin was considered a very weak state, with an awful diplomatic record, alongside its awful weak government which plagued it, due to the minister's under Griffin failing to meet expectations. The "Averse Era of 2021" was also not better, due to the same problems, however, Griffin began to make changes that better benefited Bradonia, such as installing a monarchy, and actively running the government, alongside other nation-building tactics, which eventually made Bradonia a semi-stable state by the " Proficient Era of 2022" which saw an isolated Bradonia, perform much better, and even become one of the most powerful nations within the Texas sector. Today Griffin leads Bradonia as a competent proficient leader, who seeks to maintain a strong and stable Bradonia.


  • 1. The full title of the King is "His Heavenly Grateful Exalted Royal Majesty" Heavenly King/King-Emperor Brady I of the Kingdom Bradonia
  • 2. Despite having a constitution, it is only in place to enforce the will of the Bradonian Monarchy, and their sovereign power.