Kingdom of Brienia

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Kingdom of Brienia
Kraljevina Brienja
Flag of Kingdom of Brienia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Brienia
Coat of arms
Motto: Deo Est Iustitia (Latin: God is Justice)
Anthem: "Royal Anthem of Brienia"
and largest city
Official languagesCroatian
GovernmentExecutive constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Theocratic One-man Dictatorship (de facto)
• Monarch
Višeslav II. Brienović
• Royal Chancellor
Count Alojzije Franjević
LegislatureRoyal Council
Establishment1 February 2018
• Census
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is socii state of the Empire of Pavlov
This nation is member state of AMU

Brienia, officially the Kingdom of Brienia (Croatian: Kraljevina Brienja) is an entity that claims to be sovereign state but is more commonly known as a micronation by external observers. The Kingdom formally declared sovereignty on 1 February 2020. Brienia has 4 counties, 5 marchess, 2 towns and 3 dominions and has a population of more than 45 citizens.

Brienia calls itself a themed micronation, its theme is medieval Croatia and medieval Serbia, thus making it a historic micronation. The state religion of Brienia is Orthodox Christianity, which is the main religion of the Church of Brienia.

Brienia is the only formal succesor to the Holy Empire of Obador, and is head of the Commonwealth of Obador, which is a confederation between the Protectorate of Glyndwr and the Kingdom of Brienia. The head of Brienia is His Highness Count Alojzije Franjević, who is also King of Normandy. Therefore,


The word "Brienia" has no meaning. It is simple name used to describe the whole Kingdom, even though there were more historic names for the Kingdom. First name of the Kingdom was "Obador", which was inspired by the smaller internet group Ivan participated in. Second name of Obador was Monoslavia, which meant "One slavia (slavic country)". Third name was Nichensbourg, "bourg" meaning town on French and "Nichen" being word without any meaning. Fourth name was Ermenstein that had no meaning.



Kingdom of Brienia was founded in February 2018, correctly 1 February 2018. It started as sort of friendly project, a hobby. At that time, there were few similar projects in same city. Due to this, there were few disputed between Obador and other entities, some of which resulted in larger conflicts, some resulted in smaller conflicts, some resulted in creation of neutral zones. This era is called "Offline era".

Unification with other entities

Some of these conflicts were solved, some resulting, as said, in formation of neutral zones, but some resulted in unifications. One of these entities has decided to join Obador and form a new nation. This new nation was called "Monoslavia", it was formed as socialist government which was owned by legislature which elected Ivan Brienović as Premier of Monoslavia. Due to this, newly-formed Monoslavia was unstable, leading to its disestablishment and formation of Ultimative Monoslavian Kingdom in June 2019.

Twitter affair

Joining Twitter Community in July 2020 was first step to join wider online community. Due to what the King viewed as political correctness, Monoslavian conservative policies were not accepted, which has resulted with harassment of the Monoslavian Government. At that time, Monoslavia marked 1 year since conflict between Monoslavia and other entity, resulting in unification, Monoslavia has decided to return to name "Obador". In same time, Obador has met another entity called "Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic", which was a smaller micronation run by Andrew Franson. It was Obador's ally at that time, but due to disagreements between mr. Fransons and mr. Brienović, mr. Franson has decided to expose certain details about their disagreements (signing document to leave organisation). This has caused Obador leave online community and return to offline community.

Ermenstein and return

After leaving online community, Obador has yet again changed its name, this time to Nichensbourg, but then again changed its name to Ermenstein. Ermenstein is direct succesor of Obador. It was time when Ermenstein has started getting more features. After longer consideration, Ermenstein has decided to return to online community. At this time, Ermenstein has met new ally and friend, Socialist Republic of New Prussia. They have stood up for Ermenstein's rights. But due to disagreements and issues between leader of New Prussia and mr. Brienović, New Prussia decided to cut relations.

In January 2020, Ermenstein changed name to Brienia.

From Principality to Kingdom

In April 2020, new Prime Minister of Brienia, Chris Ramsay, has helped Brienia become greater and made Brienian community larger. In April, Brienia reformed from Principality to Kingdom due to new reforms proposed by the Prince Ivan. New flag has been made and Brienian community expanded.

Government and politics

Brienia is absolute monarchy, presenting itself as a "executive constitutional monarchy" to wider micronational community.

Title of monarch (King) is hereditary and is not able to be removed by any existing body in Brienia. By divine right of monarchs, powers of monarch are given by God, making God only authority that may take title of King from the King, which can be seen in longer title of the Monarch ("by the grace of Almighty God")

Second in power is Royal Chancellor, who is regent of the Kingdom, he are appointed by the King, and is immune to Brienian laws and can only be removed if King removes him from his titles or if he leaves.

Legislative power in Brienia is called "Royal Council", which passes laws that are proposed by Councilors or the King, but have to be approved by the King. Council has unlimited number of seats, meaning that monarch can add as many people he wants to, but they have to be nobles, making Brienia aristocratic.

Brienia claims to be succesor to Croatian Kingdom.

Royal Council

Portrait Name Term of office Position
N/A HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović 8 June 2020 - Present Monarch
HH Count Alojzije Franjević 14 October 2020 - Present Royal Chancellor
HIllH Marquess Raphaël Olivier 22 June 2020 - Present Royal Councilor
HH Count Isaac Richards 7 June 2020 - Present Royal Councilor
HH Count Carl von Werzberg 12 June 2020 - Present Royal Councilor
HH Baroness Ann Mark 17 August 2020 - Present Royal Councilor
HH Baron Ethan Fergusson 14 July 2020 - Present Royal Councilor
Sir Mayor Tom Mark 17 October 2020 - Present Royal Councilor


Kingdom of Brienia is divided into Marches and Counties. Marches are larger portions of land ruled by the Marquess, Marches are usually formed when multiple Counties that border each merge to form larger division, there are currently 4 Marches. Second level of administration is County, that are ruled by Counts. These are usually smaller portions of land that Briens claim to be part of Brienia, or can be annexed by the Government (as in case of Saint Andrew) due to multiple factors, there are currently 3 counties.

There is one more type of administration that exist in theory, but not in practice. In theory, third level of administration is Barony, ruled by Baron, there are currently no Baronies in Brienia. Last type of administration is autonomous town, which is autonomous land ruled by Mayor, there are currently only two Towns - Autonomous Town of Ivanstone and Autonomous Town of Drayton.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Population Noble
Randouler 0 registered citizens Marquess
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
Middlestonia 0 registered citizens Marquess
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
Ulia 0 registered citizens Marquess
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
Grassia 0 registered citizens Marquess
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
Philadelmont 1 registered citizen Marquess
Kristijan Frasović
Saint Andrew 0 registered citizens Count
HHRM King Ivan Brienović
Flodyn 1 registered citizen Count
HH Count Isaac Richards
Armadarsk 0 registered citizens Count
Carl von Werzberg
Itarcia 1 registered citizen Count
HH Count Alojzije Franjević
Autonomous Towns
Ivanstone 5 registered citizens Governor
HHRM King Višeslav II. Brienović
Drayton 0 registered citizens Governor
Tom Mark
Grand Duchy of Rascia Unknown Ban
HE Lazar Petrović
Republic of Saint Uriel Unknown Ban
HE Kristof Krabović
Itarcis Unknown Ban
HE Leo Franjević

Law and Order

Law and order is enforced by the Royal Secret Intelligence, that lists and registers all possible law-breakers and criminals, ran by His Illustrious Highness Marquess Rafael Olivier. Royal Guard furthermore enforces laws connected to His Holy and Royal Majesty the King, such as protection and banning those who have spoke hate speech against the King.

If one speaks against the King, or attacks the King; they will be brought to Supreme Court where, if proven guilty, will be striped of their noble title (if noble) or excommunicated from Brienia (if common man).

Foreign relations

Brienia has fairly isolationist policy, recognizing Treaty of Theodosia, Treaty of Osokorky, Wrythe Convention and Treaty of Birth Right. To enter into relations with the Kingdom of Brienia, representative of nation requesting. The Nation is member state of the Antarctic Micronational Union.[1] It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom of Brienia is socii state of the Empire of Pavlov.[2]

Diplomatic relations




The Kingdom of Brienia follows capitalist market economy de facto, but de jure supports distributism. However, all products and companies are controlled by the state. Due to limitations, Brienia didn't established any trade with any macronation or micronation


Brienian Culture is inspired/influenced by culture of Illyrians, Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks and Venetians. These influences shaped and formed Brienian culture, it even influenced choice of state religion. Brienia is famous for introducing mediaval cultural aspects into its nation, such as introducing Glagolithic script, adding title of the "King of Croats" to the title of His Holy and Royal Majesty, making marten national animal, endorsing Croatian pro-monarchist group called "Croatian Royal Council" and so on.


State religion of the Kingdom of Brienia is Eastern Orthodoxy with Catholic symbolicism and tradition. Nation is even openly Theocratic, with Brienian Orthodox Church having authority over the Kingdom. Nation's laws are inspired by ultra-orthodox policies of mediaval nations such as England, Russia, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and so on.[5][6][7][8]


Date Name Type Notes
1 January New Year's Day Secular Celebrated as beggining of new year.
5 January Christmas Eve Religious Celebrates the traditional birthday of Jesus.
2 February Foundation Day Secular Celebrating the foundation of the Brienia.
4 April (2021 date) Easter Religious Celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
27 April Kraljevo Secular Birthday of the King
29 September Feast of St. Uriel Religious Celebrating Saint Uriel, patron saint of the Kingdom.

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