Christoph Billung

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Christoph Billung
Tsar of Begon
Tsar of Begon
Reign23 June 2021 – 1 January 2023
(as King of Nichensburg & Begon)
SuccessorAugustine Edward
Lord High ChancellorDavid Augustus
Kaiser of the Begonian Kaiserreich
Reign23 February 2020 – 24 September 2020
Imperial Coronation23 February 2020
Prime Minister(s)Chavez
Grand Prince of Begon
Reign30 October – 18 November 2020
Coronation25 October 2020
SuccessorLiam, Prince of Marlborough
King of Roanoke
Reign31 January 2021 – current
PredecessorArthur I
SuccessorLiam, Prince of Marlborough
Prime MinisterArturo Lara
King of Nichensburg
King of Begon
Reign18 November 2020 – 23 June 2021
PredecessorPosition Established
SuccessorLiam, Prince of Marlborough
Lord High ChancellorDavid Augustus
Born11 December 2006 (2006-12-11) (age 17)
Laurinburg, North Carolina
Suitor and Co-MonarchEmma I of Begonia
FatherThe Grand Duke of Lindon
MotherThe Grand Duchess of Lindon
ReligionCatholic Church (Ordinariate)

Christoph Crabtry-Billung, more commonly known as Christoph Billung, is a micronationalist from North Carolina, in the United States. He is most notably known for his work in the Tsardom of Begon, the Kingdom of Brunsnia, the Empire of Monmark, and as Campaign Manager for Madgett for Vermont Governor 2022.

Personal life and religious affiliation

Christoph was born on 11 December 2006 in Scotland County, North Carolina where he grew up and currently resides. Growing up, Christoph was often referred to as "Chris" by friends and family and continues to go by "Chris" by friends within the Micronational Community. Although he was raised in the United Pentecostal Church International, Christoph is a practicing Catholic and catechumen in the Catholic Church. He is a member of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Catholic social teaching greatly affects his political values. Christoph is "same-sex attracted", but does not consider himself a member of the LGBT community.

His conversion to Catholicism was received with fierce backlash from his family, including his consort Emma. Most notably, in September 2021 his mother cut Christoph off from any internet activity because of his religious affiliation. This resulted in his immediate abdication as Tsar of Begon, and return as Tsar in February 2022.

Micronational and Political career

Christoph has worked in many micronations throughout his career in the Micronational Community, but his most notable work has been done in Begon, Roanoke, Monmark, Ela'r'oech, Nichensburg, and Elysium. He is the Chair of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties and the founder of the North Carolina Micronationalist Council as well as the organized North Carolina Sector.

Christoph has been a staunch defender of Absolutism, the unification of Church and State, as well as the divine right of Kings throughout his political presence in the micronational community. Christoph is against same-sex marriage, but supports civil unions for same-sex couples on the basis of relationship and not sexual intercourse. In line with Catholic teaching, Christoph is against abortion in every circumstance. His opinions have made him a controversial figure in the Micronational Community, coupling with his involvement with Ivan Brienovic and The Empire of Pavlov.

Christoph is a self-described Monarchist, Jacobite, and "British Loyalist". He has often times indicated his support for the restoration of America as a British Colony. He is quoted saying "I literally wish Britain would have won the Revolution." This comment has resulted in backlash from other American Micronationalists, whom he has deemed "filthy republicans."

Christoph has kick-started his macronational political career by aiding in the campaign of Robert Outlaw for Mayor of McColl, South Carolina. He has reportedly met Donald Trump during his visit to Lumberton, North Carolina in 2018. Christoph was nominated to become a page for Tom McInnis in the North Carolina Senate but was rejected because he did not meet the age requirement.

Retirement and Abdication

Christoph officially abdicated the throne of The Tsardom of Begon on January 1st, 2023. He was succeeded by Joshua Rochester, who took the regnal name "Augustine Edward" upon his accession. Noting his personal life, career, and micronational scandals, he officially retired after the Tsardom of Begon was dissolved. Christoph is now an Assistant Chaplain in the North Carolina National Guard.

Titles, styles, awards, honours, and arms

Titles and Styles

  • 2021–2023: His Holy and Royal Majesty the Tsar of Begon
  • 2021–2023: His Majesty The King of Brunsnia
  • 2021–2023: His Serene Highness The Protector of the Bruins
  • 2019–2023: His Majesty The King of Begonia
Styles of
Reference styleHis Holy and Royal Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSir


Imperial honors

  •  Begon:
    • Knight Commander of the Order of Our Lady, Queen of Nations
    • Sovereign of the Order of St. Edward the Martyr
    • Sovereign of the Order of Augustus

Foreign honors

Vishwamitran state honors