Augustine, Tsar of Begon

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Augustine I
Tsar of Begon
Tsar of Begon
and King of Brunsnia
Reign1 January - 15 June 2023
SuccessorThrone dissolved
(later restored by Johann Hieronim)
Augustine Edward

Augustine I of Begon (born Joshua Rochester) was the second Tsar of Begon. His reign lasted from 1 January to 15 June 2023 and was succeeded by a period of inactivity after the nation was dissolved. His reign saw the annexation of the Kingdom of Caiduain into the realm, as well as the ratification of its 2023 constitution.

Titles & styles


  • 1 January 2023 – 15 June 2023: His Holy & Royal Majesty the Tsar
  • February 2022 – present: His Lordship the Count of Hess