Order of the Crowned Lion

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Order of the Crowned Lion
Badge of the Order of the Crowned Lion
Awarded by the

King of Monmark
TypeChivalric order
Established5 September 2020
EligibilityMonmarkian nobles and foreign heads of state
Awarded forExtraordinary services to the nation
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignAlexander I Constantine
MasterArchduke of Monmark
GradesKnight/Dame (KCL) (single grade order)
First induction18 September 2020
Next (higher)Order of Independence
Next (lower)Order of the Cross of Saint Patrick

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Crowned Lion

The Order of the Crowned Lion is the third highest order of chivalry of the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark, which was constituted by the King of Monmark, Alexander I Constantine of Monmark on 5 September 2020. It is conferred upon both national and foreign dignitaries for their extraordinary contributions towards the nation and it's people.

It is often conferred on foreign heads of state and governments of nations with whom Monmark maintains cordial relations with and have signed an act of establishing bilateral relations with.


The Order of the Crowned Lion is a single-grade order and has distinct grades, based on sex - Knights (for males) and Dames (for females). The Emperor, in his capacity as the fons honorum of the honours of Monmark, serves as the Sovereign. The Archduke is currently serving as the Master of the order.


Ex-officio Members

Name Date conferred Designation
The King of Monmark 5 September 2020 Sovereign since 5 September 2020

Knights and Dames of the order

Name Conferred as Grade Date conferred
Monmarkian Empire Prince James of Thomason Grand Chancellor of Monmark Knight 18 September 2020
Aanaak Desslok Chancellor of Nexan Republic Knight
Sylvie Vaux Mediator of Maple Dame
Michael I of Galte King of Galte Knight
Vincent I of Arthuria Emperor of Arthuria Knight 10 October 2020
The Begonian Kaiserreich Christoph I of Begon King of Begon Knight 6 November 2020
Commonwealth of Naveria Casper I of Naveria Grand Duke of Naveria Knight 7 November 2020
New Athens Tyler Mullins King of New Athens Knight
Kingdom of Atiera Alexander I King of Atiera Knight
Elder Emperor of Kodrolia Knight
Vishwamitra Varuna Sriraya Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra Knight
Second Commonwealth of Australis Daniel I of Australis Grand Duke of Australis Knight 8 November 2020
Ava Calero Grand Duchess of New Louis Dame 14 December 2020
Kingdom of Burdette Isaiah David I King of Burdette Knight 26 December 2020
Queensland Juliana VIII of Queensland Queen Regnant of Queensland Dame 26 January 2021
Queensland Edward IX of Queensland King of Queensland Knight 13 February 2021
Northwood-Oregon Carson I King of Northwood-Oregon Knight 17 February 2021
Northwood-Oregon Sarah I Queen of Northwood-Oregon Dame

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