Charles Madgett

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Charles Wayne Madgett Jr.
Charles performing the Elarian salute.
Dictator of Ela'r'oech "King"
Assumed office
August 25, 2020
Predecessor Office Created
Prime Minister of Runnymede
In office
November 1, 2020
Predecessor Aaron Thomas
Successor Christoph Billung
Chancellor of Runnymede
In office
November 17, 2020
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Office Dissolved
Personal information
Born May 22, 2006 (2006-05-22) (age 14)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America
Birth name Charles Madgett
Citizenship Displayed in Citizenships
Nationality Elarian
Political party Autopeman Party Runnymede

Republican Party United States of America
Independent Others

Religion Toxism
Military career
RankFlag of Ela'r'oech.png Commander of the Army
Commands heldThe Dictator's Army

Charles Madgett is the Head of Doctrines of Ela'r'oech. He is also the creator of Survive!, ACBIC, and other entities.

Personal Life

Charles was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 22nd 2006. Before his ventures into micronationalism, he would have already established self-proclaimed "discord nations" such as the first iteration of Kakato and ACBekistan. He has a podcast called Acidio, where he updates rarely these days but still listens to it from time to time. He created ACBIC around August 2019. Later on, he temporarily gave the site to one of his friends. It was around this time with ACBIC that he discovered micronationalism, but he'd preferred he not make one at the time.He can speak English, Liamish, and Dangaro.

Regarding his personal life outside of the micronational community, he's very open about it and enjoys streaming on discord servers. He's a staff member of numerous servers and has been with some for months and in some cases, years.

He enjoys games like Halo, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, CS:GO, Fortnite, and more. He does giveaways for friends from time to time, usually giving away copies of movies, games, or even physical products.

He has created numerous business/company proposals and such over the years.

Role in Business or Company proposals
Business / Company Names Role Sub-role Activity
ACID eSports Team Founder Team Member, Manager Active
ACBIC Inc. + Subsidiaries Founder Developer Active
Plasmatio Staff Member Developer, Business Partner Retired
Verxeit Staff Member Developer, Business Partner Laid Off

He also goes by the name Charles I on numerous musical media sites as a non-instrumental artist. He has two singles titled "Always More To Learn" and "The Savior's True Colors".

Micronational Ventures

After getting into micronationalism, he has throughout his micronational career earned many titles such as Prime Minister of Runnymede, Dictator of Ela'r'oech, Chancellor of Kakato, and more. He likes debating, because to him, "[he] rarely lose[s]. When [he] do[es], [he] learn[s]."


He holds mainly conservative views. He holds a strong belief that some MicroWiki admins are either extremely leftist or just snowflakes. His supposed reasoning for this involves his two bans from the MicroWiki server.

MicroWiki@Discord Bans

Charles has been banned from the MicroWiki@Discord server numerous times, he described his bans by saying "I can't say retard, and I also apparently can't make fun of people." His first ban was for his usage of the word "retard", which has been described as a slur and his "list" of reasons to make fun of people. Namely he made a list comparing reasons to make fun of Hitler and a user "Jamez", Hitler had less reasons on the list and that led to people believing he thought Jamez was worse than Hitler. He then proceeded to attempt an explanation however he was banned before he could make his statement. He was banned with no warning.

In a small protest to the ban, Elarian Elarolol, also known as Brandon Jacobs, got himself banned from the MicroWiki server.

War Time Heroism

He has served in all wars involving Ela'r'oech, and has gone through others such as the Kino-Alarian War, the Kakatoan Civil War, the ACBekistani Revolt, and more.

He also holds the current Military ranks:

Nation Branch Rank Commands Held Status
Vizington Army General 1st Vizington Regiment Active
Kino-Alaria Army Private, Corporal, General 3rd Kino Military Regiment Dissolved
Dogostan Army Commander, General 1st Dog Army Active
Kakato Army General 1st Kakatoan Resolve Honorably Discharged.

Acting Career

Charles has been in numerous videos, series, and short films before. He has starred in numerous film.

Name Series / Film / Video Role Notes
How to make a real ray gun from black ops 2 zombies!!! Video Himself First video on his channel iiToxicAcid
Prodigy Gameplay Series Series Himself First series
Turles Plays Series Turles Voice only
Prodigy Revived Series Himself Revival of first series
Dragon Ball: Reborn Series Masako Fan-Made Dragon Ball Series
Masako GT Film Masako 3 Hour Long Spinoff Movie
The Acid Show! Video Himself Layout of a podcast
What if AcidLand was a country? Series Narrator An alternate history what if
Dragon Ball Y Series Kenkai Another Dragon Ball Series
Dragon Ball Y: Kevin's Ultimate Revenge Video Kenkai Special Episode / Film of Dragon Ball Y
Tor With Me! Video Himself Roaming the Dark web
AcidCraft Series Himself A popular minecraft series on his channel.
F2P Explains How To Get 500+ Dragon Stones Fast! Video Himself Most popular video on his channel, around 5,000 views.
The End Film Various, Director A film he made
Survive! Film George, Narrator Another film he made, promotion for his video game



United States of America



Principality of Runnymede






Kingdom of South-West Wales

Grand Principality of Begon

Greater Elarian Commonwealth


Republic of Toxidy

Awards, Orders & Knighthoods

LENS (League of Elarian Nations) States Awarded

Ela'r'oech - Order of the Dictator, Order of the Army, Savior of War, Armed Combatant Award

Neo-Alaria - Messiah of the Democracy

Rivera - Award of the Oligarch, Knighthood

Dogostan - Award of Humanity, Knighthood

Republic of Toxidy - Is Toxicity

Alaria - Order of the Ruling State, Knighthood

Non-LENS States Awarded

Runnymede - Order of Charles I


2018-Present Ela'r'oech

2021(?) Runnymede

2021-Present Greater Elarian Commonwealth