Elarian-Alarian Conflict

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The Elarian-Alarian Conflict - sometimes referred to as the Elarian or Alarian conflict - was a major conflict that has been a struggle for many nations regarding Alaria and Ela'r'oech's bids for both military and political control.

Elarian-Alarian Conflict

An Elarian Missile, the EL1 and the Stolen Alarian Missile.
Date15 September 2020 - 17 August 2021
Alarian War: 15 Sept 2020 - 1 Oct 2020
Second Alarian War: 4 Nov 2020 - 5 Dec 2020
Third Alarian War: 10 Mar 2021 - 21 Apr 2021
Elarian-Alarian Cold War: 21 Apr 2021 - 23 Jun 2021
Elarian-Polarusen War: 25 Jun 2021 - 9 Jul 2021

Overall Results

Estimated 80% Alarian Land Annexed
Former Alarian Officials in Custody of American Police
Elarian Land Growth by Estimated 10%
Neo-Alaria Founded (Second Alarian War)
Neo-Alaria peacefully annexed by Ela'r'oech (Third Alarian War)
Polarusen Fighters of the Truth disbanded. (Elarian-Polarusen War)
Peace with Ramirez family and Madgett family

Territorial Changes

90% of Alaria's land is annexed (First Alarian War)
20% of the land annexed is given back to Alaria (Post-First War)
10% of Post-First War Alaria's land is annexed (Second Alarian War)

5% of Post-Second War Alaria's land is used in the founding of Neo-Alaria, as well as 20% of Post-Second War Ela'r'oech's land (Third Alarian War)


Diplomatic Support

Poloris (4 Nov 2020 - 13 Nov 2020 ; 25 Jun 2021 - 9 Jul 2021)

Diplomatic Support
Poloris (1 Nov 2020 - 4 Nov 2020 ; 10 Mar 2021 - 5 Jun 2021)

  • Alarian Freedom Fighters (Nov 2020 - Feb 2021)
  • Polarusen Fighters of the Truth (Dec 2020 - Jul 2021)
Commanders and leaders
Charles Madgett

George Max
John Mendel
Anthony Ramirez II
Anthony Ramirez III

"Max Headroom"(Alias)




Total: 8

Numerous government officials from micronations such as Runnymede, Alaria, Ela'r'oech, Worrell, Republic of Northway, and more had all been involved in this conflict. Various attempts had been made to resolve the conflict, by namely Elarian officials and their allies. The main cited reason for the conflict was Ela'r'oech's declaration of independence which founded the nation. Alarian officials such as Anthony Ramirez II and more had been constantly at odds with Ela'r'oech's existence with claims that it has stolen land, engaged in conflicts it should not engage in, or being too political in general.

Alarian citizens had also gotten involved, with many claiming to be on Ela'r'oech's side despite such claims of stolen land. Other Alarian citizens are a vocal minority, namely in the Awesome Party of Alaria and the Democratic Party for Free Liberation, with a total membership of 5 and parliament seats totaling 4. Alarians are quick to dismiss any claims of "wanting a war," however both nations - Alaria and Ela'r'oech - had claimed to not be hesitant in starting them.

Long-term peace agreements had been made, namely with the end of the Second Alarian War, a peace agreement was made lasting around 5 months until the Third Alarian War, when it was broken. More peace agreements had been attempted by Ela'r'oech, Alaria, and other nations, however there is still no end. It is possible, both nations say, for a peaceful end to the conflict without the dissolution of one nation or the other; however actions of it's leaders say otherwise.

The conflict has been the direct cause of movements such as the Alarian Succession Movement and the formation of Neo-Alaria, which was a nation formed as a rebuttal to Alaria's unending dictatorship. Alaria had been a one party state for approximately 11 months until democracy was engaged and the Alarian Party of Democracy was formed on November 10, 2020. After the Second Alarian War, the Ramirez family - the monarch of Alaria - had been pro-Elarian until extremists took over their nation in Anti-Elarian efforts.

The more recent crises, namely the Third Alarian War and Elarian-Alarian Cold War had been extremely more politically involved and militant. After the end of the Cold War, it had become unknown if a Fourth Alarian War would happen at that point. It was presumed that a Fourth Alarian War would completely wipe Alaria out of micronationalism, however it seemed that the Cold War had ended the conflict between Ela'r'oech and Alaria, as Ela'r'oech's only remaining enemy appeared to be the Polarusen Fighters of the Truth, a self-sufficient Anti-Elarian militant organization.

This, however led to Poloris declaring war on Ela'r'oech, however it took 3 days for the message to be received so by the time Charles Madgett has read the message, the Polarusen Fighters of the Truth had already been defeated for the most part. However, on 28 Jun 2021, the Poloris military marched into Alaria, with no resistance, then was allowed to begin an invasion of Elarian colonies they had still left behind in Da'a'ck.

Ela'r'oech hit back against the Poloris military and Polarusen Fighters. The Polarusen Fighters were quite easily pushed back, after that retaliation they had decided to join the Poloris military. Poloris' leader then advocated for a final pushback to defeat Ela'r'oech, until they had a surprise attack by a rogue Elarian soldier. This caused the military to become completely unorganized and days where fighting had been absent. After a day, the Polarusen leader declared Ela'r'oech to be a "dead and useless land," before deciding that it'd be best for another attempt at the final pushback. Ela'r'oech then threatened to use it's hydrogen bomb, this scared the leader from an official order to attack, it also forced the conflict to go into another peace period.

Around a month after the end of the Elarian-Polarusen War, Alaria fired a missile which successfully hit Mageto, with no casualties. The missiles were fired pre-elections in Alaria. After Michael Fraille was elected, and later revealed to not really had many political views pertaining to his supposed politics, a peace treaty was made by Christoph Billung and Charles Madgett for the nations of Ela'r'oech, Alaria, Worrell, Runnymede, among others.

On 17 August 2021, at 2:53 PM CST Michael Fraille signed the Cosma Convention, putting an end to the conflict as well as agreeing to many stances which would never allow such a conflict to happen again.


The conflict had initially been just the two first wars for fun, but then afterwards there were claims that it had always been about land and political control. Following the full creation of Ela'r'oech, Alaria had claimed that it had stolen their land. Alaria also claimed that the land that Ela'r'oech had claimed in Texas was illegitimate and simulationist. Ela'r'oech stated a rebuttal that detailed their ability to hold onto the land in Texas by support across America by friends of Charles Madgett.

"We do had the ability to fully carry out duties in Texas, Florida, Washington State, and other states of America due to the fact that I hold so many connections linking to those places that I can still without a doubt claim those areas as a part of Ela'r'oech. Regarding claims of us stealing your land; I live here? You told me you [Anthony] didn't claim it? Besides, if it means that much then consider it an invasion. A successful one at that."

First Alarian War

(Main Article: Alarian War)

It involved Alaria's attempt to overthrow the government of Ela'r'oech by having a siege of ACBIC Inc., a private Elarian-Exclusive company which according to the Dictator - now King - is "the key to our economy and nation as a whole!"

First it began when Alaria sent 2 soldiers towards Ela'r'oech and ACBIC. Ela'r'oech sent a soldier in retaliation. The Elarian soldier was able to fortify and hold Elarian Building #1 until he captured one of the Alarian soldiers as a POW. With the excuse of a sleepover, they held him for a day until eventually the Alarian general finally agreed to a peace treaty and ordered a cease-fire.


There were numerous battles of the First Alarian War, however the most notable go as follows.

The Land Conflict

The Stick-n-Pick

and The Shockwave

These battles were often short clashes or skirmishes with not many casualties, however politically they had massive repercussions.

Second Alarian War

(Main Article: Second Alarian War)

The Second Alarian War was a military conflict between Alaria and it's allies, whom call themselves the Alarian Freedom Powers, and LENS along with it's allies. It was the first war where either micronations had an ally.

It started on November 4, when Alaria declared war on LENS and all of it's allies, which happened to include Runnymede, which had a domino-like effect where now Runnymede's allies are also in the LENS Allies. On November 6, Vizington was dissolved and officially surrendered to the Alarian Army at 5:00 PM CST. On November 8, Hikialani - which hadn't previously spoken about the war and was only included as a belligerent as a member of the LENS - officially surrendered to the Alarian Army at 1:00 AM CST. On November 8, Dogostan's failed rebellion against Ela'r'oech led to the drop of the war movement. There was no "official" surrender, however it was announced that they wouldn't be fighting anyone anymore. On November 18, 10 days after the last major event, Alaria surrendered to the LENS Allies. Poloris had stopped fighting around 5 days earlier however they officially surrendered on December 5, 2020.


There were numerous Battles of the Second Alarian War, namely the three Battle of New Vizington, Battle of Da'a'ck, and Missile Battle.

Battle of New Vizington

The Battle of New Vizington could had been the complete end of the war and maybe even the total conflict, however later on Alaria gained an ally in Poloris, which spun the war away from total Elarian victory and made it unknown at that time. Ela'r'oech managed to hold onto the land of New Vizington until eventually Alaria was able to push them back.

Battle of Da'a'ck

The Battle of Da'a'ck was a battle that proved to not really help more than it "supported" the LENS Allies. Ela'r'oech and Dogostan were able to hold off Alarian forces until they were eventually driven out. It was more of a phony battle or proxy-battle than a main part of the war, however it is notable for it's political spin.

Missile Battle

The Missile Battle was more of a cold war until missiles made of rock, paper, and such were thrown towards Ela'r'oech and Alaria against each other. Ela'r'oech managed to steal an Alarian Missile as well which began production of their own.

Third Alarian War

(Main Article: Third Alarian War)

The Third Alarian War was a war with multiple belligerents targeting Alaria after extremists took over the nation with a coup. On March 10, 2021, the LENS declared war on Alaria, with the support of it's former leaders. Charles Madgett, the Chairman of the LENS and leader of Ela'r'oech had spoken out against Alaria's new leaders. He had also spoken out against their tactics which had affected members of their community who had no clue the war was going on.


There were no real battles in the Third Alarian War, however illegal activities were used by Alarian forces, shutting down local TVs or printing black sheets of paper to waste money. As a result, some former Alarian officials were arrested by U.S. police.

Elarian-Alarian Cold War

(Main Article: Elarian-Alarian Cold War)

The Elarian-Alarian Cold War was a war between Ela'r'oech and Alaria which had been going on since the end of the Third Alarian War.

Tensions are moderate between the nations and it has become expected among Elarians for an Alarian War every so often as there has been one just about every other month since September 2020, even though there are no longer any harsh feelings towards the Ramirez family and Ela'r'oech Royalty.

Later on, a figure known as Max Headroom took over Alaria as it's main Head of State. Since this takeover, Mageto - a Worrellian State - has been taken over by Alarian forces.

On June 6, a child soldier later revealed to had their age be 10 threw rocks at Elarian soldiers defending the Republic of Worrell's sixth state, Mageto. This was the tenth Elarian casualty and also brought to light the total disregard for any neutrality any other nearby micronation's held. This attack also could had been motivated by Mageto's history seeing as it was initially the capital of Ela'r'oech before being gifted to Worrell. It also was later made aware that the Alarian government - mainly an oligarch of 3 teenages aged 13–15 - had been teaching children aged 13 and under Anti-Elarian sentiments and teaching them to throw rocks, shoot with BB guns, and basically torture them in any way possible without it being necessarily illegal. Because both parties Ela'r'oech and Alaria are in Louisiana, they had the ability to do such actions without consequence directly as Louisiana is a "duel state" meaning that within America's overall laws, two or more parties in the state can give consent to fight or "duel" in which they can essentially beat one another until one surrenders.

On June 10, Alaria was politically pressured to suspend any attempts to fight Ela'r'oech. However later on militant organizations had started fighting on Alaria's behalf.

Peace Process

(Main Article: Elarian-Alarian Peace Process)

Numerous calls to peace had been made by both Alarian, Elarian, and even outsider micronational figures. Worrellian officials, Runnymeden officials, and Begonic officials are all believed to had called for an end to the conflict.

End of First Alarian War

The first Alarian War was thought to be the only war in Ela'r'oech or Alaria at the time. The end of the first Alarian War led to peace deals by Ela'r'oech and Alaria following the annexation of Alarian land. Numerous peace deals after that were made to ensure such a war wouldn't happen again. These were such as giving Alaria 15% of the land it had lost or that was annexed. These peace deals, however, were unfortunately unsuccessful.

Alarian Blockade

Alarians attempted to make a blockade of their nation to prevent Elarians from entering before the Second Alarian War, when they premeditated strikes. This did not go as planned, seeing as Elarians were able to make their way past the blockade easily.

Cosma Convention

The Cosma Convention was made by Charles Madgett on 18 August 2021 and signed by Michael Fraille the next day on 2:53 PM CST, effectively ending the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.

International Response

Poloris, a micronation that supported Alaria, stated the following;

"We can no longer fight Ela'r'oech. I believe that Alaria should agree in stopping all conflict as either it will be annexed by force or there will be a stalemate with Ela'r'oech just barely allowing Alaria to continue on as a nation."

Neo-Alaria stated the following in response to the Third Alarian War;

"Alaria doesn't understand this, but it cannot win. This nation was literally founded as a way for backup incase the nation was annexed. This was our attempt at democracy and now look where it's gotten itself."

An organization made in March, titled the Alarian Defense League stated the following;

"Alaria has such a fighting spirit that it cannot back down! Ela'r'oech should give up while it still can. Even if Alaria is annexed, it's people will continue to fight."

In Pop Culture

The Conflict has gone on so long that it has become a part of the culture in many of the belligerents, including Ela'r'oech, Runnymede, Alaria, and the Republic of Worrell. In Ela'r'oech, a silent protest was held where members of parliament such as Nicole Wilkens and Anthony Ramirez would refuse to communicate or speak until after 24 hours had passed. In Alaria, many citizens had rioted and protested its involvement in the war and opposition to Ela'r'oech. In Runnymede, it made up much of their time before the absorption by Begon.

It also led to the creation of Neo-Alaria, as well as the LENS partially. It also led to the creation of several extremist and Anti-Elarian organizations and parties in both Alaria and Poloris. It was also the initial subject of popular YouTube Series "Micronational Geographic," where events were described in detail for the first episode. It has since racked up many views on the website.

It has also been referenced in Battlebot Jr.'s Episode two, where - though unreleased currently - a scene takes place where the titular character goes to school, talks to his friend about politics, then cuts him off with "Stop. This is getting as confusing as the 'Elarian-Elarian-Alarian Conflict'."

Heroics takes place in Ela'r'oech, Alaria, and Neo-Alaria respectively. One storyline involves main characters fighting in a civil war between the heroics team, due to the inability to choose who to support in the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.


The following are a series of statistics for the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.


There had been numerous Casualties, however there are no fatalities that can be attributed to the conflict.[1]

Casualties in the Elarian-Alarian Conflict
Phase in Conflict Total Casualties
Elarian Alarian Polarusen
Pre-Official Conflict 0 0 0
First Alarian War 1 1 0
Second Alarian War 2 3 2
Third Alarian War 4 6 0
Cold War 4 0 0
Elarian-Polarusen War 2 0 3
Elarian-Alaria Proxy War 0 0 0
No Specific Phase Attributed to Casualties 3 7 3
Total Casualties, Counting all Phases and Conflict 16 17 8

Missiles Launched

There had been numerous missiles launched following the Alarian Missile Escapades Solution of War (AME'S War) and the Elarian Missile Program (EMP).[2][3]

Phase in Conflict Total Missile Launches
Elarian Alarian Polarusen
Pre-Official Conflict No missiles developed. No missiles developed. No missiles developed.
First Alarian War No missiles developed. Missiles being developed. No missiles developed.
Second Alarian War 1 launch, successful. 1 launch, missed. No missiles developed.
Third Alarian War No missile launches. No missile launches. No missiles developed.
Cold War No missile launches. 1 launch, missed. Missiles being developed.
Elarian-Polarusen War No missile launches. No missile launches. 1 launch, missed.
Elarian-Alaria Proxy War No missile launches. 1 launch, successful. No missile launches.
No Specific Phase Attributed to Missile Launch 5 launches, 4 successful, 1 miss. 11 launches, 4 successful, 7 miss. 2 launches, missed.
Total Launches, Counting all Phases and Conflict 6 launches, 5 successful, 1 miss. 15 launches, 6 successful, 9 miss. 2 launches, missed.

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  1. Note, Casualties are not deaths. They can be classified as injuries, MIA, or AWOL.
  2. Note, this does not include the Elarian-named "Hydrogen Bombs," which are water balloon missiles.
  3. Note, Missiles refers to the definition where missile is stated as an object forcibly propelled towards a target. Missiles do not refer to nuclear bombs.