Alarian War

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The Alarian War was a conflict lasting from September 15 to October 1, 2020.

The Alarian War
Part of The Elarian-Alarian Conflict
Date15 September 2020 - 1 October 2020

Elarian Victory

90% of Alarian Land Annexed
 • Ela'r'oech  • Alaria
Commanders and leaders
Charles Madgett Anthony Ramirez III
2 2

It involved Alaria's attempt to overthrow the government of Ela'r'oech by having a siege of ACBIC Inc., a private Elarian-Exclusive company which according to the Dictator is "the key to our economy and nation as a whole!"

First it began when Alaria sent 2 soldiers towards Ela'r'oech and ACBIC. Ela'r'oech sent a soldier in retaliation. The Elarian soldier was able to fortify and hold Elarian Building #1 until he captured one of the Alarian soldiers as a POW. With the excuse of a sleepover, they held him for a day until eventually the Alarian general finally agreed to a peace treaty and ordered a cease-fire.


There were also a series of smaller battles which had brought the conflict to go as far as it had.

The Land Conflict

The land conflict was a simple internal Elarian conflict which ended up deciding where and when the 2021 Migration would occur. Alarian forces mocked Elarian forces during this time as a way to antagonize.

The Stick-n-Pick

The Stick-n-Pick was a small battle which ultimately turned into a bigger one as it went on. It began when the Alarian soldiers entered the Elarian Building #1 and had control over the territory for an estimated two hours. When negotiation was off the table, Ela'r'oech sent in another soldier who was able to fortify and secure the building and capture an Alarian soldier.

The Shockwave

The shockwave is the final battle of the war and occurred when Alaria attempted to drag out it's POW, unfortunately for them it ended horribly when an Elarian soldier - the same one who captured the POW - ordered for a peace treaty, "or else."

Eventually, the conflict ended an hour later.