Second Alarian War

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The Second Alarian War
Part of The Elarian-Alarian Conflict
Date4 November 2020 - 18 November 2020 (Recognized)
4 November 2020 - 5 December 2020 (Official)

Alaria finally stops fighting and has 10% of their land taken.

Neo-Alaria is Founded.


Diplomatic support:

Kingdom of Lukland

Tavil Republic
Commanders and leaders
Charles Madgett
Jacob Dumm
Matthew Cunningham
Liam MacKenzie
Aaron Thomas
Miles Elson
Anthony Ramirez III
Rodney of Poloris




Total: 4

The Second Alarian War was a military conflict between Alaria and it's allies, whom call themselves the Alarian Freedom Powers, and LENS along with it's allies.

It started on November 4, when Alaria declared war on LENS and all of it's allies, which happened to include Runnymede, which had a domino-like effect where now Runnymede's allies are also in the LENS Allies.

On November 6, Vizington was dissolved and officially surrendered to the Alarian Army at 5:00 PM CST.

On November 8, Hikialani - which hadn't previously spoken about the war and was only included as a belligerent as a member of the LENS - officially surrendered to the Alarian Army at 1:00 AM CST.

On November 8, Dogostan's failed rebellion against Ela'r'oech led to the drop of the war movement. There was no surrender, they just officially said they wouldn't be fighting anyone.

On November 18, 10 days after the last major event, Alaria surrendered to the LENS Allies. Poloris had stopped fighting around 5 days earlier however they officially surrendered on December 5, 2020.

Missile Programs

Alaria had begun missile testing around November 6 and had it's only known missile was captured by Elarian forces and later on Ela'r'oech began it's missile program and the production of it's own missiles, one of which is armed.

Dogostan Attempted Rebellion

Dogostan attempted to rebel against Ela'r'oech and failed, however it dropped out of the war later after the rebellion was stopped.


The following are a series of battles and summaries that have been fought in the Second Alarian War.

Battle of New Vizington

The Battle of New Vizington possibly could have completely stopped Alaria from continuing, before Poloris was in the mix. It was mainly fought online, since the land of New Vizington was not near Alaria or Ela'r'oech. Ela'r'oech held onto New Vizington claims for days until Alarian forces finally shut it down.

Battle of Da'a'ck

The Battle of Da'a'ck was a battle that proved to not really help more than it "supported" the LENS Allies. Ela'r'oech and Dogostan were able to hold off Alarian forces until they were eventually driven out.

Missile Battle

The missile battle was the battle that mainly spun the war into the LENS Allies favor. More of a cold war, the main belligerents at that point were Alaria and Ela'r'oech. Poloris and the LENS allies while in the war, had not yet invested into missiles. An Alarian missile was stolen by Ela'r'oech, who then began production of their own missiles, which have grown to numerous makes and models. Eventually, a missile was used on an Alarian city at 4:28 PM CST, which ended in Alaria's surrender.