Liam MacKenzie

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Liam MacKenzie

Chief Justice of Zeprana
Assumed office
May 23rd 2022
Predecessor Bryce Smith

Prime Minister of Zeprana
Assumed office
May 20th 2022 - May 23rd 2022
Predecessor Terry McKeen III
Successor Christoph Billung

Director of the F.D.I.I.A.
Assumed office
February 12th 2020
Predecessor Agency established
Military service
Allegiance Federal Republic of Zeprana
Service/branch F.D.I.I.A.
In service February 12th 2020
Rank Director
Battles/wars Second Alarian War

Battle of Daen House

Personal life

Liam MacKenzie is a member of the Runnymeden Nobility, and was born 17 April 2006 in south-eastern Pennsylvania, and is most notable for being one of the founders of the Kaiserreich of Springton, and its first leader, the creator of Liamish, a constructed language, official only in the Principality of Runnymede, and being the current Archduke of Birnam amd heir apparent of Runnymede. Currently he is a citizen of Runnymede. He also fought during Operation Flying Monkey, which was aimed at attacking the United Socialist Republics, and the Second Alarian War.

Legs the Cat, the God of Legsism.

Foreign Citizenships and Roles

Chief Justice of Zeprana

Former Prime Minister of Zeprana

Director of the F.D.I.I.A.

Other Info

Liam is the first speaker of Liamish, a constructed language that he created. He is also the head of the Legsism religion, a religion which worships his cat, named Legs.


Federal Republic of Zeprana

Kaiserreich of Springton

Republic of Worrell

Principality of Runnymede