Neo-Alaria (constituent)

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United States
CapitalNew Anton
Official languagesEnglish, Dangaro
GovernmentDevolved parliamentary legislature within a constitutional monarchy
• Governor
Establishment24 Jun 2021
CurrencyAlarian Stix
Time zoneUTC–5

Neo-Alaria was a constituent nation that first formed during the Alarian Civil War. It is a micronational territory that is a constituency of the United Elarian Front, while Alaria has previously claimed it as their own entity. It has received recognition from Ela'r'oech and the United Elarian Front.

History of Neo-Alaria

The History of Neo-Alaria is split into numerous eras.

The First Era

The First Era goes over the first few days of the nation. The young nation had been made in a time of war. It did not help either side, but proclaimed that Alaria would become democratic one day. It did shortly after, which marked the end of the first era. This era mainly was a time of political discussion.

The Second Era

The Second Era goes over the days after Alaria had become democratic. The people had thought of disestablishing the nation, however they had decided that it should stay a nation. In this era, it lost a good amount of relevancy but it was also admitted into the LENS, providing an outlet for the voices not many would have heard in Alaria, as the government was - although opening up - very careful and silent.

The Final Era

The Third - and Final - Era goes over the past 10 days of Neo-Alaria as a nation. The Third Alarian War had begun and so it began to prep up it's small army to act against those in Alaria's new government. Eventually, this dissolved into the previous rulers fighting against the new ones in any way they could. It was extremely tough for them as they fought along side Ela'r'oech. On the final full day the nation would remain, every person who lived in the nation residentially, came to a vote. They had decided that the next day, they would be admitted into Ela'r'oech as a noble state. Ela'r'oech had denied their right to be a noble state, but let them become a city.

As a Constituency

Neo-Alaria was made a constituency on 24 June 2021, and played a minimal role in the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute however it was definitely an interesting constituency to be in at the time as secession from Ela'r'oech was threatened along with Zeprana.

Months after being made into a constituency, the nation would merge with Alaria to become a whole, united Alaria once more.