Certified Higher Authority of the Secessionist Micronationalists

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The Certified Higher Authority of the Secessionist Micronationalists or CHASM was a micronational organization made by Charles Madgett.

Certified Higher Authority of the Secessionist Micronationalists
Logo of CHASM
FounderCharles Madgett
Legal statusActive
PurposeTo Promote and Develop Micronational Peace, Respect the Rule of Law, Serve as a Guiding Light to the Community.
4 Member States
Official language
OwnerCharles Madgett
Charles Madgett
Key people
Charles Madgett

Andrew Perdomo

Christoph Billung

Made as a replacement to the LENS, an organization Charles would later go on to say failed in its mission, CHASM was made as a micronational organization to help promote micronational peace and serve as a guiding light to the micronational community by showing that even those who may not be well known in the community can be those which newcomers can look to for help. It was the catalyst to the end of the Elarian-Alarian Conflict and was officially started on 16 August 2021. Charles officially announced that they would be attempting a 70 hour long session in an attempt to beat out the CUP's 69 Hour Session.



CHASM was started as an idea as a way to promote the micronations of Worrell and Ela'r'oech respectfully as serious micronations which could in fact be taken seriously. It was decided that a good way to get the ball rolling would be to attempt to beat out the 69 Hour Session from the Cupertino Alliance. It officially began on 6:10 AM CST on 16 August 2021 and ended one and a half days later.

70 Hour Session

The 70 Hour Session began on 6:10 AM CST on 16 August 2021 with the Social Republic of Georgienstine's Alexander Oliviere, Bushistan's Aiden Pierce, Alaria's Anthony Ramirez, Ela'r'oech's Charles Madgett, Tsardom of Begon's Christoph Billung, Pontunia's Andrew Perdomo, and Avalonia's Logan White. They all discussed guidelines and such that would eventually become the 2021 Charter of CHASM. They also shortly discussed a document which would later become the Cosma Convention, where it's main goal would be to end the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.

They later on agreed to a "Chairman" admin role with Andrew Perdomo serving as Provisional Chairman on Day One. Logan White was named scribe for starting a transcript, the Chariman proposes that he may designate power to delegates in case the chairman or vice chairman's absence. Cristoph asks that CHASM be merged with the Commonwealth of Sovereignties, it would later be agreed upon that they would merge following the 70 Hour Session. The delegates then voted with a unanimous aye for a non-recognition policy regarding the Tabliban's government control in Afghanistan.

On the second day, they focused on foreign policies and completing the 2021 Charter and Cosma Convention. They also went into an interlude for internal matters and later returned. After their return they worked on a website which could be used for matters such as applying to the organization and making it mandatory for each member state to sign the Cosma Convention.

The following few days, Charles cancelled the session for the believed reason of members unable to attend.


Member States

Observer States

There are currently no observer states, however CHASM has many people spectating the organization as individual persons.