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Video hosting service
FoundedAugust–September 2019
OwnerCharles Madgett
SubsidiariesACBIC Games, ACBIC Media

ACBIC is an Elarian conglomerate business with a website along with it. It's main goal has been described as a media sharing website, where users go around posting videos, such as YouTube and other social media platforms. It also features a forum where users can post and share with each other. However, since it has been involved in micronationalism, the company has grown into a conglomerate spanning multiple industries with multiple subsidiaries.


Founding (2018–2019)

ACBIC was idealized in 2018, initially as a competitor to YouTube and such. It was formally established as a media sharing and video creation website, as the site was developed over the course of a year. Over time, there were plans to expand the site and turn it into a ROBLOX-type of site. In 2019, ACBIC began creating games such as Heart of War and Heart of War 2. However, eventually, the site was considered a secondary as it would eventually become a business in the Empire of Ela'r'oech.

Foray into micronationalism (2020–present)

ACBIC would be established as an Elarian business in early 2020, back when Ela'r'oech was a dictatorship. It was a small company then, with the website in mind. However, a trading card game was established with the card game becoming semi-popular with local Elarians. However, the card game would be discontinued in late 2020. In 2020, ACBIC Games would be established as a subsidiary formally by ACBIC. Games released by the subsidiary would include Alchemy, Survive!, Pride of Nations, and more. In 2020, ACBIC would also establish the ACBIC Media subsidiary, focused on film and the like.

Effects of the Bayou recession (2022–2023)

The 2022 Bayou recession took a massive toll on ACBIC, as the panic would lead ACBIC to suspend all financial transactions on all of their websites including those owned by subsidiaries for a timespan of 2 months, until January 2023. It is now estimated that this costed the company around Đ820 to Đ1,000. However, generally, there were no major losses and there were also no massive layoffs.

Established as a conglomerate (2022–present)

ACBIC would establish itself as a conglomerate in early-to-mid 2022, with ACBIC Games and ACBIC Media dominating Elarian culture. Eventually, the business would expand to the entire Bayou Sector and even establish branches in the Rhode Island Sector. The business would start generating around Đ1,200 total, establishing itself as an extremely influential and perhaps one of the most successful Elarian businesses.


Establishment, file sharing website

The initial product of ACBIC is it's website, which allows users to sign up and post to forums, chat with each other directly, establish threads, and share files including photos, videos, and audio. It would eventually gain the creator, Charles Madgett, connections to those in the 'sandbox game development' community. This would directly lead to Madgett acquiring Plasmatio in late 2019 after a brief teaser for the acquirement on ACBIC's website.


Acquiring Plasmatio would enable ACBIC to get the closest it ever had to making a site or game like ROBLOX. Plasmatio's website was shut down by it's initial owner in 2019 after being acquired by ACBIC. However, Plasmatio would remain somewhat independent, making it the first subsidiary of ACBIC Inc., until it would be inevitably shut down in 2020 after it was determined that the funds required to complete the project could not be acquired for the project's completion to be seen as worth it to the staff of either ACBIC or Plasmatio.

Foray into film and gaming

ACBIC would establish two new subsidiaries in 2020, ACBIC Games, and ACBIC Films. These subsidiaries have been directly responsible for the games and films such as The End, it's subsequent series, and Fight of Gods. Fight of Gods is perhaps ACBIC's most successful product, which produced a franchise spanning numerous series, films, and mods for Dragon Ball video games, such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Video game console development

ACBIC Games formally announced in 2022 that they would attempt to make a video game console, which would later be released in June 2022 called LitHD.ACBIC Games has seen success with their video games produced and the creation of the LitHD. It saw much success in Ela'r'oech and little-to-no success in the United States. Some games, though few, have been developed as exclusives for the LitHD, including the upcoming Devil's Brigade: Firesquad.

Corporate affairs

As of 29 March 2023, the management of ACBIC Inc. includes:

  • Anthony Ramirez (chief executive officer, head of board of directors, head of ACBIC Games subsidiary)
  • Ian Clark (senior vice president – media, film)
  • Terry Jacobs (senior vice president)
  • Charles Madgett (founder, board of directors member)

List of mergers and acquisitions by ACBIC

Name of other company, brand, or business Type of company Date of acquisition Cost to either company (USD)
Plasmatio Game development 2019 0
ClipBud Video sharing 2019 40
FlAME Broadcasting services 2019 0.90
Rush Social networking 2022 55
Devil's Brigade (brand) Game development 2022 12