LENS-Runnymede War

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LENS-Runnymede War
Date(3 January 2021 - 18 February 2021) (6 weeks and 3 days)
Result GMA Victory
Principality of Runnymede
Jewel Republic
Commanders and leaders
Matthew Cunningham

Miceai Moldoveanu
Iacov Moldoveanu
Diamiter Chase
Diplomatic Support:
Miles Elson
Charles Madgett

The LENS-Runnymede War began on 3 January 2021 after LENS attempted a coup in Runnymede, destroying their discord server. After this happened and the LENS were driven out of the Micronational Assembly, Christadonia, U.C.C.R all of the Ruskev Pact, The Zăbrăuțian Federation, Jewel Republic and Runnymede all declared war on LENS leading into the afternoon more nations joined.


On 4 January 2021 at 4:58 PM CT Operation Broken Silence took place to where as the LENS Discord server was raided in the only open chat, the stock-market. Not only did it seem to mess up the stock logging but as well was successful in the purpose of making the LENS fight back who promised they'd ignore their opposition, however multiple LENS members did retaliate. A LENS member broke the promise as expected and attempted to fight back, however he later withdrawed from the skirmish and conceded. Christadonia and the Zăbrăuțian Federation claimed victory in the first battle of the war, with the Great Micronational Alliance and the Ruskev Pact deeming the first battle and or operation a fruitful success.

Result of the conflict

On 18 February 2021 the LENS-Runnymede war was declared over in a victory given to the GMA. Due to LENS loss of its original noble ten, and the breakdown of its inward communication and governance, the war was declared over with the GMA emerging in victory.

International Response

  • Grand Principality of Begon - The principality released a Royal Decree, made by HHRH Christoph Billung, stating: "By Royal Decree, I, Grand Prince Christoph The First, Ordained by God, announce that The Grand Principality, while still Isolationist, will help The Micronational Assembly in any way shape or form in this "Micronational Great War". God Save The Prince, Long Live Begon and Runnymede." Therefore taking sides with the Micronational Assembly, and not with The LENS. The Grand Principality of Begon wishes not to engage in conflict with either party, but recognizes that if this is necessary, it will be done."
  • The Republic of the Grey Coast - The Republic of the Grey Coast initiated the creation of a task force to defend its allies Christadonia, The Zăbrăuțian Federation and Zhujiang C.C.R. The Republic of the Grey Coast in a statement then denounced the MA for its lack of involvement and throw out of its own members along with the disregard of honor to fight for their own. The Republic of the Grey Coast also stated that the MA lost its chance to be involved in the conflict and hence forth shall only remain in the microwiki article listed as the place the war started and other miscellaneous details that are required to show the history of the event.