Federal Republic of Zeprana

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Federal Republic of Zeprana
Coat of arms of the Zeprana.png
Coat of Arms

"This Land is Your Land" (Zepranan)

Map of ZepranaFullUSA.jpg
Capital cityWyoming
Largest cityAmesston
Official language(s)English, Liamish,
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameZeprana
- Federal PresidentMatthew Cunningham
- Prime MinisterChristoph Billung
- Chief JusticeLiam MacKenzie
LegislatureNational Assembly of Zeprana
- Type - Uncameral
- Number of seats - 9
- Last election - 23 May 2022
Established4 May 2022
CurrencyZepranan Pound
Time zoneEastern Standard Time

Zeprana officially known as the Federal Republic of Zeprana is Micronation claiming to be a Sovereign State located in the Rhode Island Sector which was founded by Charles Madgett on March 1st, 2021 which was founded as an Elarian Constituent State until it became independent.

Government & Politics

Zeprana as the name suggests is a Federal republic, with the nation officially being a Democratic Federal republic. The Head of state is the Federal President while the Head of Government of the nation is the Prime Minister, with the Deputy Prime Minister serving as the deputy Head of Government. The National Assembly of Zeprana is the legislature of the Federal Republic of Zeprana. It is democratically elected every 3 months, and consists of 9 assemblypersons. The last election was on 23 May 2022. The National Assembly has the power to pass laws, overturn Presidential vetoes, vote for the Prime Minister that the Federal President proposes, and press charges of impeachment on both the President and Prime Minister. Citizens can also vote on pressing charges of impeachment of individual assemblypersons if they believe they are not being properly represented by a popular vote referendum.

The Federal President of Zeprana with him being Head of state is responsible for foreign interactions with other nation states, while the Prime Minister in charge of the executive cabinet of ministers, and the National Assembly of Zeprana, the Prime Minister also has the authority to sign or veto legislation, ask for the written opinion of their Cabinet, convene or adjourn the Parliament, and receive ambassadors. It is optional for the Prime Minister to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister who shall serve as deputy head of government. The President is elected every 6 months by the citizens of Zeprana, and has no limit on how many terms they may serve.

Brief History

The modern Federal Republic of Zeprana was founded on the 4 of May, 2022 by Bryce Smith, Matthew Cunningham, and Liam MacKenzie. The first Presidential and National Assembly elections were held on the 11-12 May 2022, and resulted in Cunningham's rise to the presidency, in which he appointed Bryce Smith as the Chancellor (Called Prime Minister now).

Roughly a fortnight after the founding of the modern Republic, Terry Arthur McKeen III, in a fit of rage due to how he perceived to have lost control of "his" nation, took over digital assets including the discord server and one of Zeprana's twitter accounts, and declared himself President, which resulted in the Zepranan Civil Conflict.

The end result of the conflict resulted in Zeprana being split between the Federal Republic of Zeprana in the North, and the Commonwealth of Zeprana in the south, following the signing of the "Zepranan Treaty of 2022", which included articles for a non-aggression pact and mutual recognition between the 2 nations.

Wyoming, Zeprana

Locustville Pond, with Wyoming, Zeprana seen on the right of the Image

Wyoming is the capital of Zeprana, although it is not the largest city within the nation (The largest city is Amesston). Wyoming is the seat of government of the National Assembly of Zeprana, and were the residences of both the Federal President and Prime Minister are located. The city is also the second largest by population in Zeprana, only smaller than Amesston.

Foreign Relations

The Federal Republic of Zeprana holds foreign affairs with Micronations from throughout the world, New England & Rhode Island Sectors. (Verification needed from Matthew Cunningham) The Federal Republic of Zeprana does not Recognize the Existence of the Arcadian Dominion of Zeprana. because it believes the Arcadian Monarchy did not win the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation.

Recognized States

The Federal Republic of Zeprana government recognizes many Macronations and Micronations throughout the world. The following are all Micronations and Macronations Zeprana recognized as independent states.

 United Nations - The Commonwealth of Zeprana recognizes all member states of the UN except the People's Republic of China

 Grand Unified Micronational - The Federal Republic of Zeprana recognized all member states of the GUM

United New England Micronations flag.png United New England Micronations - The Federal Republic of Zeprana recognizes all member states of the UNEM

 Taiwan - Taiwan is recognized as the government of mainland China and the Island of Taiwan

 Palestine - Palestine is recognized as a sovereign state by Zeprana

 Kosovo - Kosovo is was recognized by the Diplomatic Act of 2021

 Western Sahara - Western Sahara is was also recognized in the Diplomatic Act of 2021

 Liberland - Liberland is recognized by Zeprana

 Faltree - Faltree is recognized as a sovereign state

 Molossia - Molossia is recognized by Zeprana

 Norton - Norton is recognized as a sovereign state

Micronational Organisations

The Federal Republic of Zeprana is a member of the United New England Micronations.

Biodiversity & Lifeforms

In Zeprana, fish are often caught especially within Locustville Pond, One of the nations largest bodies of water that is easily accessible to citizens of Zeprana.

Other animals that can be found near and within Zeprana are "game" as they are called such as Deer, rabbits, and certain types of birds. Many our animal species can also be found around the nation, as well as birds.

Some of the birds that live within, near, and around Zeprana are Robins, Cardinals, Ravins, Other Rens, Eagles, Vultures, Sparrows, Gold Finches and other types of Finches

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