United Commonwealth of Zeprana

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United Commonwealth of Zeprana
Commonwealth of Zeprana
Flag of Commonwealth of Zeprana
Coat of Arms of Commonwealth of Zeprana
Coat of Arms
Motto: For freedom, we take a stand!
Anthem: The Battle Cry of Freedom
Largest cityAmesston
Official LanguagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Charles Madgett
• President
Terry McKeen III
Matthew Cunningham
EstablishmentAugust 19th, 2021
• Founded as Elarian Constituent
August 19th, 2021
• Admission as an Elarian Realm
February 24th, 2022
• Total
1.92 km2 (0.74 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
3/km2 (7.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2022 estimate
• Total
(National Equity Used)
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
Gini (2022)0.47
HDI (2022)0.929
very high
CurrencyZepranan Pound
Time zoneUTCUTC−05:00 (Eastern Standard Time)
Calling code+1
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Zeprana
  1. Zeprana is a Micronation and is not a United Nations member state, nor does it have recognition from any United Nations member state.

The Commonwealth of Zeprana more commonly known as Zeprana was a Micronation based in the New England Sector, specifically the Rhode Island Sector founded by Charles Madgett and by Terry McKeen III on August 19, 2021, the nation was originally founded as a Constituent of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech under the rule of King Charles I of Ela'r'oech. With 1.92sq km (0.74 sq mi), Zeprana is one of the largest micronations within Rhode Island. Zeprana extends across two time zones and borders four Micronations and one Macronation, the United States to the North East and borders the Tsardom of Begon and Worrell to the South West. With a population of roughly 32 citizens permanently residing within the nation.

The Commonwealth of Zeprana was formed on August 19, 2021 after the Worrellian Civil War and the collapse of the Republic of Worrell which followed after the Worrellian Presidential Election, August 2021, with Matthew Cunningham and Terry McKeen III battling over the Presidency of the Republic of Worrell. The nation was originally founded with Charles Madgett serving as King of Ela'r'oech and Zeprana with Terry McKeen III serving as the Prime Minister, on October 8 however, Charles I&II announced that he would be abdicating the throne as King of Ela'r'oech. Christina Nowell was announced to become the Queen of Ela'r'oech with Bryce Smith as the new national Prime Minister. What followed was known as the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute, from here Zeprana declared its Independence.

After declaring Independence the nation soon found itself as a more powerful nation with its economy supporting a Growth Domestic Product of nearly $98,382 United States Dollars, one higher than nearly all Micronations and even higher than some Macronations, the nation also soon began to gain ties with other Micronations such as the Kingdom of Pontunia, Most Serene Republic of Richensland, and the Tsardom of Begon, Zeprana also become a full member state of the Micronational Assembly and went onto form the Global Micronational Union.

On 24 February 2022, Zeprana became a realm once more.


The Commonwealth of Zeprana was originally founded as a Constituent state of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech up until the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute when Madgett v. Ela'r'oech court battle commenced and when Charles Madgett and Christina Nowell found themselves fighting for the nation. Eventually the nation split into two sides, with one side wishing to join CHASM and the Three Houses with the other half wanting to join Cycoldian Imperium, Terry McKeen III and Aniq Sufyan had made good friends with each other. After seeing the Cycoldian involvement in Richensland, McKeen and much of Parliament began to take the side of Charles, from here Christina I pushed for a Vote of No Confidence against Terry McKeen, with McKeen and the Prime Minister of Neo-Alaria threatening to secede from Ela'r'oech. Neo-Alaria soon became a part of Ela'r'oech however Zeprana did not with it gaining allies with nations such as the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, and the Republic of Molossia. The nation also gained informal ties with nations such as the Republic of Liberland and the Tsardom of Begon. The nation also became a full member state of the Micronational Assembly, League of Independent Nations it also went on to form the Global Micronational Federation. Zeprana soon found itself with conflict with Almendria, after a round of idle threats from Almendria and negotiations starting, Almendria eventually made peace with Zeprana. The nation began to grow and Charles Madgett wished to have authority over Zeprana once again. McKeen announced that Zeprana would become the Dominion of Zeprana under the rule of Charles Madgett, the attempt to cede Zeprana into Ela'r'oech once again failed. Soon after the nation began to re-build and become more stable with Matthew Cunningham and Liam MacKenzie assuming the roles of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively.

Government & Politics

The Commonwealth of Zeprana is a Democractic Republic which is officially operating underneath of the w:Federalism Federal System, however, it was originally a Monarchy however it transitioned to be a Republic on November 14, 2021. The nation is a United Federation with it having multiple semi-autonomous regions such as Worrell, Springton and Flanreslia with it also having a Capital|Region.

Terry McKeen

Terry McKeen III was the first governor of the Commonwealth of Zeprana whilst it was a constituent of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech whilst it was under the rule of Charles Madgett and served as the nations ambassador to the Certified Higher Authority of the Secessionist Micronationalists. Terry McKeen served as the Speaker of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech after resigning as governor and appointing Matthew Cunningham as the new governor. He also was the face of the opposition platform against Queen Christina I & II with him proposing multiple articles of legislation to remove or limit her power in Ela'r'oech with him even planning a "raid" against the Grand Republic of Cycoldia Discord Server in protest against Christina. He is also the former President of the Republic of Worrell, the current Vice President of Richensland and is the former Prime Minister of the State of Norton and served as a National Senator. He is also a delegate representing the nation to organizations such as the Micronational Assembly and he appointed Matthew Cunningham to be the First Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Zeprana. Matthew Cunningham is an american Micronationalist and is the founder of the Republic of Worrell and is the former Prime Minister of Ela'r'oech and is the first and current Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Zeprana. Matthew Cunningham is one of the former Councilmen within the Micronational Assembly, an organization that the Commonwealth of Zeprana is a full member state and is the former Prince of the Empire of Runnymede and is the former kaiser and one of the founding members of the Kaiserreich of Springton. He is also a founding member of MacKenzie Films, a media company ran by the Deputy Prime Minister, Liam MacKenzie. He also served as the Chancellor of the Republic of Worrell during the McKeen Administration. The Prime Minister and President of the nation are the Commander and Cheif's of the nation with them directing all military actions. The President is the elected Head of state with the Prime Minister being elected of the basis that after being appointed by the President that they can hold confidence in the Parliament of Zeprana. The Prime Minister serves as the Speaker of the Parliament and is also the Executive Chairman serving alongside the President of the Cabinet of the Presidential Office. The President is elected every 10 years by a secret ballot, the next election is planned for August 19, 2031. The Prime Minister serves at the Presidents content with the President having the authority to remove the Prime Minister at any point in time. The Prime Minister has the authority to admit new Provinces into the Federation and also has the power to dissolve the Parliament with the approval of the President of the Commonwealth of Zeprana. The Prime Minister of the nation an also appoint new members of the Cabinet with the confidence of the Commonwealth of Zeprana Parliament. The nations current executive office is dominated by the Liberal-Democrat Party with both Terry McKeen III and Matthew Cunningham being liberal.

Foreign Relations

The Commonwealth of Zeprana holds foreign affairs with Micronations from throughout the world and New England & Rhode Island Sector, Zeprana holds foreign relations with dozens of well known Micronations. This is mainly due to the fact that Terry McKeen viewed it as essential to establish ties with as many Micronations as possible. Zeprana holds informal ties with the Free Republic of Liberland and the Republic of Molossia and has formal ties with the Most Serene Republic of Richensland. It is also a full member state of the Micronational Assembly. The Commonwealth of Zeprana has relations with the following nations (listed below).

Zeprana also has digital embassies to many Micronations throughout the world in their discord servers and has diplomatic consults to nations such as the Most Serene Republic of Richensland as well as the Tsardom of Begon. Zeprana has also declared the province of Dilu Beech to be Dilu Beech International Territory, though this is contested, as the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, currently holds a lease to part of the territory, awarded to them by the Kingdom of Meritia and is jointly owned by the Nexan Republic, the Kingdom of Fontasia and the Kingdom of Ščynja, which makes the claim quite disputed, however, Zeprana has a militant presence near the area to enforce its claims. Zeprana has in the past attempted to revive defunct or dissolved states as puppet states, examples include the Empire of Runnymede, Republic of Worrell, and the Kaiserreich of Springton most of the time, to no avail.

Recognized States

The Commonwealth of Zeprana government recognizes approximately 203 political entities as sovereign states or a total of 195 Macronations and 21 Micronations thought the world abroad. The following are all Micronations the Commonwealth of Zeprana Recognizes.

 United Nations - The Commonwealth of Zeprana recognizes all member states of the United Nations

  Vatican City - The Vatican is recognized by the Commonwealth of Zeprana

 Palestine - Palestine is recognized as a sovereign state by Zeprana

 Kosovo - Kosovo is was recognized by the Diplomatic Act of 2021

 Taiwan - Taiwan is recognized as a separate state from China

 Western Sahara - Western Sahara is was also recognized in the 2021 Act

 State of Faltree - Faltree is recognized as a sovereign state

 Molossia - Molossia and Zeprana hold informal ties

 Liberland - Liberland is recognized by Zeprana

 Norton - Norton is recognized as a sovereign state

 Richensland - Richensland is recognized by Zeprana with them being a close ally


The Commonwealth of Zeprnana has alliances with nations on nearly every single continent excluding Antarctica and holds treaties of mutual recognition with nations from across the world abroad.

 Melite - Zeprana and Melite hold a treaty of Mutual Recognition with the two being close allies, Matthew Tonna and Terry McKeen have held multiple diplomatic summits

 Richensland - Richensland is one of Zeprana's oldest friends with the two quickly becoming allies after Zeprana seceded from Ela'r'oech

 Pontunia - Pontunia and Zeprana hold treaties of mutual recognition and respect for one another that were signed at the begging of 2021

Enemy States

Since the creation of the Commonwealth of Zeprana it has accumulated a large amount of allies but also enemy nations, the list of enemies of the Commonwealth of Zeprana is as follows.

 Cycoldia - The Grand Republic of Cycoldia is one of the main enemies of the Commonwealth of Zeprana with their Summi Imperatoria having caused the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute

Provinces & Territories

Dilu Beech International Territory
Springmede Province at Day

Dilu Beech International Territory is one of the smallest yet influential territories, the land was gifted to Zeprana by Kingdom of Fontasia however these claims by the Kingdom of Fontasia was later revoked by the Kingdom with it causing a small international land dispute. The land is officially international territory with all nations be welcome to use it with nations such as the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, Most Serene Republic of Richensland, Kingdom of Fontasia, Empire of Meritia, and others with it being a stateless area with Melite currently leasing the land. Dilu Beech is a rural area with a small population positioned on the Cape Cod Peninsula in the Macronational State of Massachusetts with it being roughly 20 yards out in the Atlantic ocean, a small wooden bridge connects the land to the rest of the mainland territory. The International Territory is the newest territory acquired by the Commonwealth of Zeprana, the land is populated by creatures like small crabs and in the water's surrounding it the territory have fish such as Cod and Sea Bass which can be fished and eaten and are apart of the national dishes.

The Province of Springmede is the oldest Province within the Commonwealth of Zeprana with it being formed after the foundation of the Commonwealth and the Collapse of the Republic of Worrell when Charles Madgett created the Empire of Worrell after the Worrellian Civil War. The name comes from the two nations that were once native to the area, Springton and Runnymede. The Province is the residence of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth also. The Province of Springmede has a mild temperature with a mild summer and winter climate during the winter months. The Province is particularly filled with houses with it being classified as a suburb; it is the largest suburb within the Commonwealth of Zeprana.

New Rhode Island Province

The Province of New Rhode Island is one of Zeprana's many provinces and territories within the Rhode Island Sector and New England Sector with it also being one of the largest provinces claimed by the Commonwealth of Zeprana. The territory was established in the early months on the Island of Block Island. The province is one of the many provinces of the Commonwealth of Zeprana bordering an ocean, the Province of New Rhode Island specifically borders the Atlantic ocean and Block Island. The Province is administered the President of the Commonwealth, Terry McKeen, with him permanently living near the region. There have also been talks in the Parliament of making the province the new national capital, removing the seat from Amesston, with it currently being the seat of the government and of the capital of the Commonwealth of Zeprana. The Province also have a moderate temperature and climate with it being still on the East Coast of the United States, however, it is mainly separated from the rest of the world with it being an isolated part of an island known as Block Island, a part of Rhode Island.

Geography & Biodiversity

Deer are a common animal near and around Zeprana

The Commonwealth of Zeprana is mainly situated alongside the east coast of the w:United States United States of America particularly within the New England Sector, even more specifically, the Rhode Island Sector. The nation experiences mild winters which are becoming more and more mild with summers getting more and more intense. The nation is prone to experience snow storms during the winter which commonly knock down tree's and cut off power. Rain storms and hurricanes hit moderately often during the late summer months however they have rarely caused major damage to the nation. Tree's common to the area are large oak and pine trees which can be seen growing thought, near, and around the nation which provide a habitat for animals. The nation shares a similar region to that of the State of Faltree, Kingdom of Fontasia, Federal Republic of Ocean States and the rest of the New England Sector and Rhode Island Sector. The nation is counted as moderately diverse with it being home to many forms of animals, birds, and bugs, alongside fish that live offshore in the oceans. The nations land is primarily inhabited by animals such as White Tail Deer, Rabits, Coyotes, and other forms of land animals, in the skies surrounding the nation the most common birds are forms of Cardinals, Finches, & Hens and other types of small birds with Various Types of Pheasant also inhabiting much of the nation. During the summer months, insects such as Yellow Jackets & Wasps inhabit the nation with them being accompanied by a variety of other fauna in the insect group such as Large Moths, Fire|Ants and others, the seas around Zeprana and bordering the nation are mostly filled with small and medium sized fish, however Great White Sharks have been reported in the area.

Fish life outside near Zeprana is dominated by Cod and Sea Bass

A majority of the marine life of the Commonwealth of Zeprana is off the coast of the New England Sector and the Rhode Island Sector with a majority of the sea based land of Commonwealth of Zeprana being within these sectors. Seasonal visitors to the waters of the Commonwealth of Zeprana include Harp Seals, Gray Seals, and types of Harbor Seals, other seasonal visitors to the waters around the nation are dolphins and great white sharks. They can be spotted within the territorial waters of the Commonwealth of Zeprana and of that of the United States. Other animals that can be founded in the ocean are species of crabs which well in the various breech ways that can be found through the nation and the region surrounding it.


The Commonwealth of Zeprana is home to a wide range of w:Multiculturalism Cultures & Races with it being a rather diverse nation with is also being home to wide range and variety of Ethnic Groups, Values, Religions, and ways of life. Expect for the Native American Indians, a vast majority of the cultures within the Commonwealth of Zeprana have derived from the cultures of those who immigrated to the region over the past four centuries or those who have more recently immigrated to the region. Zepranan Culture has mostly or entirly for that matter derived from Western World Culture and European|Traditions.


Fish and Chips served with a lemon slice, french fries, and fried cod fish.

With the Commonwealth of Zeprana being a coastal Micronation with it being situated upon the Atlantic Ocean a majority of the food eaten by Zepranan's comes from the ocean in some form with some of the most popular food during the summer months being w:Fish and chips Fish & Chips with them being produced at Cape Cod. Fish and Chips is a common food of the Zepranan Aristocracy with it being a favorite of both the Prime Minister and the|President. Fish and chips are a common food that can be commonly found near and around Zeprana with a majority of the restaurants in the area serving the dish year round. Other forms of fish and chips that are eaten are the alternative British Fish and Chips.

Steak is another common food within Zeprana

Another common food within the Commonwealth of Zeprana is steak and other forms of red meat. It has been a common American and Elarian food for years with it now being one of the most common Zepranan Food besides for fish and chips. Steak typically comes in company with dishes such as noodles and other forms of pasta and sauce. Steak is another common form of food that can be found year round in mos restaurants near and around the nation. Steak is one of the most common foods eaten by citizens of Zeprana who live in the nation and abroad with it being a common food throughout the entire world particularly the United States and North America, it is a classical food within the New England Sector and the Rhode Island Sector with it being traced back hundreds of years.


The Holy Bible is the scripture of the Christian Faith

With the Commonwealth of Zeprana being located in a heavily Catholic region with much of the New England Sector being of the Catholic and of the Christian Faith, the nation overall is by a vast majority a christian nation however the nation has no State Religon and it officially being a secular nation. Smaller territories in the South East Asian region being mainly Atheist regions in Zeprana. A majority of citizens year by year have statistically lost faith in religion with current studies saying that the nation will be fully w:Secularity Secular and Humanist by the end of the 21st century. Islam & Muslims also play a large role in the religion of Zeprana with two former members of Parliament being of the Islam Faith with one of the nations allies, the Qardasha being one of Zeprana's close allies is a Muslim Nation also. Zeprana has often worked closely with members of all religions in the past.

Some citizens of the Commonwealth of Zeprana are also members of Scientology however the number is few, other members of the nation are worship Legism, a religion invented by the Deputy Prime Minister, Liam MacKenzie which is a religion that also speaks the language of Liamish. Other minority religions within the Commonwealth of Zeprana are smaller religions that are common in other parts of the world such as Hinduism.