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Five Houses
Houses Initiative
FounderCharles I of Ela'r'oech
Founded atEla'r'oech, Begon, Bushistan
Legal statusActive
PurposeEncourage and enforce stable and secure foreign relations and alliances between the nations of the initiative.
HeadquartersEla'r'oech (Unofficial)
5 Member States
Official language
LeaderCharles Madgett (Unofficial)

The Three Houses or Three Houses Initiative is a micronational group of nations, acting as an unofficial organization which encourages and enforces stable and secure foreign relations and alliances between whichever houses are placed into the initiative, though namely Ela'r'oech. The initiative has been in existence unofficially since 2020, with the alliance between Ela'r'oech and Runnymede being the catalyst for its creation. Though never referred by name, usually just saying "Elarian-Runnymeden Relations" or the like, the initiative became realized with the trio-alliance between Ela'r'oech, Runnymede, and Begon.

In 2023, the Three Houses