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Total population
190 (estimated)
Regions with significant populations
Empire of Ela'r'oech24
(30-40% total Elarian ethnic population, 31% total Empire of Ela'r'oech population)
American English, Elarian
minority Vaev
Ranaism,Christianity, Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Bushistanis, Pontunians

The Elarians (Elarian: Elaroek) (Old Elarian: Akireimf) are a North American Ethnic group or nationality native to the country of Ela'r'oech, where they constitute around 40% of the population, and the surrounding areas. In total, there are around 80 Elarians worldwide, with 10 to 15 being residents of Ela'r'oech and the rest living in diaspora mostly in the Republic of Bushistan, Bayou Sector and Zeprana. Elarians also speak the Elarian language, an auxiliary language currently under development by many Elarian worldwide. Elarian identity is mostly tied to Anglo-Saxon origin, specifically the Americans. Elarians for the most part descend from the American and English cultural and ethnic groups, with specification also given to Louisianians in America.

Historical origins

Elarian nationality

Elarian peoples are also usually tied with an Elarian nationality, specifically those from the Empire of Ela'r'oech. Those in Ela'r'oech are, for the most part, Elarian identifying. As nationalism grew in Ela'r'oech, so did fascination with ethnicity. This fascination grew into self-awareness of Elarian culture and ethnic identity not only in Ela'r'oech, but in other nations such as Zeprana.

Elarian ethnicity

The idea of ethnic Elarians started initially in June 2022, when the Empire of Ela'r'oech and the Kingdom of Pontunia began talks to officially merge into the United Kingdom of the Great Bayou. This would lead to a massive peak in interest for the idea of an Elarian ethnic group when the United Kingdom was officially founded in July 2022. Many in Ela'r'oech, however, consider the idea more ridiculous than anything. However, many in Ela'r'oech (moreso those who are nationalistic) claim to be ethnically Elarian. It is believed that an ethnic Elarian would be born in the geographical area of Louisiana or any part of Napoleonic Louisiana.


Elarian is the commonly used language of most Elarians. It is the key marker of Elarian ethnic identity. Elarian is a auxillary constructed language which holds little in common with other languages, despite a small possible overlap with it and Bushistani, as well as Esperanto by proxy. The two main dialects of Elarian are Elarian and Simplified Elarian, which is a very different dialect than that of the Elarian language itself. Simplified Elarian is meant to be the optimal and preferred dialect as opposed to pure Elarian, which is meant to be used only in Ela'r'oech itself. It is believed that a native Elarian speaker and a Simplified Elarian speaker may not be able to recognize the relation in their languages.


The culture of the Empire of Ela'r'oech is primarily influenced by American culture, with its territories are surrounded by the United States. Elarian culture is particularly characterized by its media, its number of independently-run businesses, and its art. Significant examples of Elarian cultural pieces are Fight of Gods, Momentum, Ela'r'oech News Source, Ela'r'oech Football League, and the Elarian language.

Geographic distribution

It is estimated that there are around 190 Elarians worldwide, with 140 being residents of Ela'r'oech and the rest living in diaspora mostly in the Bayou Sector and Zeprana. Despite claims that Pontunia has no Elarian citizens, it actually holds a rate of Elarian citizenship high enough to be a member of LENS-ETU.

Forced Expulsion of Elarian peoples

In early November 2023, the Catholic Republic of Pontunia engaged in an illegal forced expulsion of many citizens due to their self-identification as Elarian. This came at a time when Ela'r'oech-Pontunia relations were at an all-time low. These actions are yet to be condemned by any international organization.