Ela'r'oech Football League

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Ela'r'oech Football League
CountriesUnited States, Ela'r'oech
Founded13 November 2021
First season2021
Number of teams6
Promotion toEla'r'oech News Media
League cup(s)Champ's Cup
Current champion(s)King's Royal Guards
KR Guards
Top goalscorerGuards' Anthony Ramirez (14)
TV partnersEla'r'oech News Source
2022 EFL Season

The Ela'r'oech Football League is an Elarian-style Association Football Major League in the Empire of Ela'r'oech. It consists of six teams who have consistently played in two four-game seasons spanning two years, with both seasons being played in November (with an in-between season in February 2022 spanning two games). It was founded on 13 November 2021 with the first game being held the same day. The first season ended the next day, when a fantasy football system began with Elarian Football. The first official team trade happened on 14 November 2021, when Anthony Ramirez - who had played for the Neo-Alaria Treasoners - was traded to the King's Royal Guard. The first cancelled game was going to be the 19 November 2021 game of the Soldiers @ Treasoners. It was cancelled due to time constraints.

On 11 December 2021, the League would rename itself to Louisiana State Football League to further distance itself from its former micronational roots and present itself as a real new league. It would later, on 10 November 2022, rebrand as the Ela'r'oech Football League again to bring itself back to its micronational roots.

Rule changes

Promotional image for the EFL, released 2022.

The EFL has changed many rules in their American-style Association Football, which has led to their sport being referred to as 'Elarian-style Association Football.' Rule changes include the removal of extra-point kicks and punts, instead having players pass the ball to the other team. Other rules include having only two ways to score points. Players can score one-point by running the ball into the end zone, they can also score two points by throwing the ball to another player in the end zone. The rules also indicate that fields must be 'in some shape or form, identical in the way that no team gets branding on such turfs.'

Full list of rule changes

  • No kicking of the ball
    • No extra-point kicks or PAT (Point-After-Touchdown) kicks.
    • No punts.
  • Scoring rules
    • One point; Run into end-zone.
    • Two points; Throw into end-zone for a complete pass.
  • No stadium/field branding.
  • No coin toss.
    • Instead, the QBs of each team play rock-paper-scissors.
  • No OT (Overtime)
    • This rule would eventually change for the upcoming 2023 EFL Season.
  • No fair catches.
  • No jerseys, officially.
  • Timing changes.
    • There is no official time-slot or time-span in which a game should be played. This is illustrated by the shortest game taking place in 16 minutes and the longest taking place in 32 minutes.
    • There is no official play-clock.
    • There is no official set of quarters of the game.
      • There is no official half-time.
        • There have been half-times used unofficially, mostly for use when players are tired though the game is yet to be completed.
    • There is no two-minute warning.
  • Quarterbacks are allowed to pass upwards of two-times in one play, so long as the initial pass is returned to them before they leave the line-of-scrimmage.
Promo for EFL's first Championship game, released 2021.


The league has had two 'normal' seasons in November of both 2021 and 2022. The league has had one 'inbetween' season in February 2022. The first season of November 2022 would end with the Guards @ Talons game on 15 November 2021, resulting in a victory for the Guards. They would become the first seasonal champions following Anthony Ramirez being placed on the team. The second season would take place in February 2022, a shorter season meant to serve as an 'inbetween' season. This season would end with the Defenders @ Guards game of 23 February 2022, which would result in a 0 - 2 shutout for the Guards and a Defenders victory. The third season, or second annual season, would take place in November 2022. The third season would end with the Guards @ Treasoners game on 14 November 2022, resulting in a victory for the Guards once again.

On 24 October 2023, it was announced that the 2023 EFL season the following day with a game featuring the Champions and Treasoners. This will mark the third game in the Champions-Treasoners rivalry which began in 2021 following the EFL's first Championship game, where the Treasoners defeated the Champions to become the first ever EFL Champ Cup recipients.


Annual Seasons

The league has held two annual seasons in November of both 2021 and 2022. Each annual season takes place in November of that year.

Inbetween Seasons

The league has held one non-annual season, provisionally declared the 'inbetween' season on February 2022. It is assumed that each inbetween season will take place each year in the earlier months, such as from January to March.

Outsider Seasons

The league has held two outsider season games. Outsider season games are games specifically played outside of a designated season, even if played during the time of another. Outsider season games are usually played for championships, such as the Returning Cup and First Blue Cup.


The Ela'r'oech Football League has had a minor but steadily growing influence on the culture of Ela'r'oech. Many residential Elarians are heavily influenced by the league and the game itself. Elarians such as Anthony Ramirez and Ian Clark are noted for their time playing in the league, especially so regarding Ramirez. In 2023, it was announced that alongside the 2023 EFL Season, the EFL would launch a fantasy football program with 32 leagues instead of the EFLs 5. This program would be called the Fantasy EFL simply. In the Fantasy EFL, citizens of Ela'r'oech can place bets on teams, players, games, etc. and can earn Dimae from such.

The EFL Power Rankings for Top 10 Presumed Performances in 2023.



Bolded = Current Champions (Any Championship)

Team territory Team name Abbreviation Date founded Players Games won Championships won
Ela'r'o Champions EL Champions 13 November 2021 Case A., James R. 2 0
Neo-Alaria Treasoners NA Treasoners 13 November 2021 Lucas I., Max L. 5 1
Militia Lands Soldiers ML Soldiers 13 November 2021 Luke A., Mike R. 3 1
Ela'r'oech King's Royal Guard KR Guards 14 November 2021 Anthony R., Charles W. 3 2
Pontunia Pontunian Talons PN Talons 14 November 2021 Ivan K., Ian C. 1 0
Livingston Defenders LD Defenders 22 February 2022 Max E., Ethan B. 1 0
Da'a'ck Tornadoes DA Tornadoes 25 October 2023 Josh S., Keegan R. 0 0
Rivera Warriors RV Warriors 25 October 2023 Chris G., Donovan T. 0 0


Bolded = Official Name

Championship name Winner title Date Held at/in Finals Winning team
First Champ's Cup Ela'r'oech's First True Champions 14 November 2021 Treasoner Stadium Champions @ Treasoners NA Treasoners
Returning Cup Micronational Team of 2022 10 November 2022 Guard Stadium Talons @ Guards KR Guards
First Blue Cup "Elarian Blue" 'Team territory' 20 November 2022 Blue Stadium Guards @ Soldiers ML Soldiers
Second Champ's Cup Ela'r'oech's True Champions 14 November 2022 Treasoner Stadium Guards @ Treasoners KR Guards


Teams Score Winners Date Time Held at/in
2021 Season
Champions @ Treasoners 4 - 5 NA Treasoners 13 November 2021 26m Treasoner Stadium
Soldiers @ Champions 4 - 5 EL Champions 13 November 2021 23m Champion Grounds
Champions @ Treasoners 2 - 5 NA Treasoners 14 November 2021 16m Treasoner Stadium
Guards @ Talons 5 - 4 KR Guards 15 November 2021 19m Soldier's Stadium
2022 Off-Season
Defenders @ Champions 3 - 3 Tie 22 February 2022 30m LV Campus
Defenders @ Guards 0 - 2 LD Defenders 23 February 2022 30m LV Campus
2022 Season
Guards @ Talons 1 - 1 Tie 3 November 2022 28m Talon Field
Soldiers @ Defenders 3 - 2 ML Soldiers 3 November 2022 16m LV Campus
Guards @ Soldiers 5 - 3 KR Guards 10 November 2022 26m Guard Stadium
Talons @ Guards 2 - 3 KR Guards 10 November 2022 22m Guard Stadium
Soldiers @ Treasoners 3 - 4 NA Treasoners 12 November 2022 26m Treasoner Stadium
Guards @ Treasoners 6 - 5 KR Guards 14 November 2022 32m Treasoner Stadium
Champions @ Defenders[1] 4 - 5 LD Defenders 1 October 2023 19m Champion Grounds
2023 Season
Champions @ Treasoners 4 - 5 NA Treasoners 25 October 2023 21m Treasoner Stadium


Notable Games
Notability Teams Score Time
First Game Ever Played Champions @ Treasoners 4 - 5 26m
First Championship Game Champions @ Treasoners 2 - 5 16m
Longest Game Played Guards @ Treasoners 5 - 6 32m
Highest Scoring Game Played Guards @ Treasoners 5 - 6 32m
Peak Attendance Guards @ Treasoners 5 - 6 32m
Media Statistics
Game Date Attendance (Seating/Listeners) Peak Fan Enjoyment Narrator Sponsors
13 November 2021 5 30% Charles Madgett None
13 November 2021 4 50% Charles Madgett None
14 November 2021 7 60% Charles Madgett Ela'r'oech News Source
15 November 2021 The Guards @ Talons game was not broadcast or given seating. It was sponsored by Ela'r'oech News Source.
22 February 2022 The Defenders @ Champions game was not broadcast or given seating. It was sponsored by Ela'r'oech News Source.
23 February 2022 The Defenders @ Guards game was not broadcast or given seating. It was sponsored by Ela'r'oech News Source.
3 November 2022 4 50% Not Narrated. Ela'r'oech News Source
3 November 2022 3 66% Not Narrated. None
10 November 2022 5 80% Not Narrated. None
10 November 2022 3 66% Not Narrated. Ela'r'oech News Source
12 November 2022 4 75% Not Narrated. Ela'r'oech News Source
14 November 2022 8 100% Not Narrated. Ela'r'oech News Source
1 October 2023 The Champions @ Defenders game was not broadcast or given seating. It was sponsored by Fantasy Ela'r'oech Football League.
25 October 2023 3 80% Not Narrated. Fantasy Ela'r'oech Football League
  1. This is an outlier game, not considered part of the 2022 Season or the 2023 Season.