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Fight of Gods is a multi-media franchise which initially started producing content with their series of the same name. It began as a project dedicated and inspired by the Dragon Ball franchise and has since been maintained by Dragon Studio. The series initially was not received well so they rebooted it on 12 October 2021 where it was much more successful, having three seasons and two specials. The franchise primarily consists of two shows made of four total seasons, three specials, and one comic.


Before Fight of Gods Success

Before the success of Fight of Gods, there were two episodes which had been fully animated and voiced similar to that of an audio comic. However, it proved to be a difficult task which did not pay off as much as the crew had hoped. So it was scrapped and replaced by a reboot of the same name. The reboot initially had two seasons uploaded however with support coming in quickly, the season two finale was uploaded and season three and the series' specials were produced.

Fight of Gods' Initial Success

Fight of Gods' reboot quickly became a sensation within it's small community among the crew and fans as they awaited for the first specials. After the release of 'The Father of Kai', the series became more popular and started gaining traction, with double digit views on Dragon Studio's YouTube channel. This would then prompt Dragon Studio to attempt to keep the franchise going by creating another series titled 'Fight for the Future' featuring the son of the main character Kai.

Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future was uploaded hours after Fight of Gods, though in the same 24-hour timespan. The series was initially well-received, however, many fans began to see issues with the series. Fans would cite the usage of an underdeveloped main character, usage of a new transformation being achieved in such a short amount of time, being unearned, and more.

Ultimate Test of Will

A Fight of Gods special using the Fight for the Future name brand was released titled 'Ultimate Test of Will' and would later be known as the 'Ultimate Test of Will!' saga. This special was extremely well received by the fans as it featured characters they had yet to see since Fight of Gods. Additionally, fans cited the new villain 'Kazuma Black' as being a good character despite some flaws and the character would even be polled as the fans' favorite character of the 'Villain' type.


Super was a comic released initially separate from the Fight of Gods IP which was published by Dragon Studios. However, later, a deal would be made which integrated Super into the Fight of Gods IP. The comic centered around the main characters' attempt at rescuing his son from an off-world planet, which would eventually be revealed as Earth. Since becoming a part of the Fight of Gods IP, the characters have since become ancestors of the main cast in Fight of Gods. Super was well received by fans and is often polled as the favorite series in the franchise, with fans citing good usage of the comic media format.

Untitled Fight of Gods: Limit Break title (TBD)

An untitled Fight of Gods game will be released, as it was announced as such on 2 April 2023 to be the new media format the franchise will go into. The untitled game will also feature the Imperial Conflict saga. It was announced to be a part of the Fight of Gods: Limit Break series on 5 April 2023, with the Imperial Conflict Saga serving a secondary story mode, as opposed to the previous assumptions that the Imperial Conflict Saga would be the main, and only, story mode.



Kai is the main character in Fight of Gods, acting as the leader for the team of heroes in the majority of the franchise, with his rival being Heito.

Heito is a cyborg created to serve under the villain Chiller to destroy all people of Kai's species.

Ratana is Kai's son and eventually Kai passes the torch onto Ratana so he acts as the sole defender of Earth.

Kazuma is Kai's father and while not directly stated to be a hero, rather than a neutral rogue character, Kazuma has acted in ways which have resulted in him being considered a 'Hero' type character.

Hiro is the protagonist of Super as he is Kai's grandfather and Kazuma's father. In Super, he is on a mission to save Kazuma by retrieving him from Earth.


Hai Hai is the main villain in the first season, acting as a demon who seeks only to destroy and cause chaos. He also acts as the main villain in Fight for the Future after his revival.

Chiller is the main villain of the second season and special 'The Father of Kai.' Chiller is able to power up multiple times, growing the power gap between himself and the heroes in the second season until Heito kills him.

Kazuma Black is the main villain in the 'Ultimate Test of Will' special. He is an unknown character took Kai's body to utilize the genetic mutation that he held. He then took up the moniker of 'Kazuma' to hide his identity.


The term canon, with respect to works of fiction, refers to the overall set of story lines, premises, settings, and characters offered by the source media text. Secondly, it is used as a descriptor of specific incidents, relationships, or story arcs that take place within the overall canon. However, in respect to the Fight of Gods canon it has been stated that every official work excluding Fight for the Future's fifth episode is canon.


There have been occasional retcons in the franchise. One of the biggest retcons was Kai's transformation into the God State - a transformation in Fight of Gods - where he lacked the darker blue color and was instead a lighter blue color. This was initially explained as Kai being chosen by the God of Everything to become the next character in the story to achieve the God Status - a special status where one transcends mortality - however it was later explained that all characters of Kai's species have a special genetic mutation which can allow them to harness the transformation in different ways, resulting in the different appearance.


Trivia regarding characters


  • Initially explained as being chosen by the God of Everything, Kai was the first to unlock the Ultra God State, however this has since been explained as a genetic mutation which can come from all Superhumans, following the continuity error in Fight of Gods: Tournament where Kazuma transformed into the state after seeing Kai die.
  • Kai has been polled as the favorite character of the 'Hero' type.


  • Kazuma has been polled as the favorite character among fans, despite not being attributed a 'Hero' or 'Villain' type.

Kazuma Black

  • Kazuma Black has been polled as the favorite character of the 'Villain' type.


  • Kazukai is a fusion between Kazuma and Kai.
    • Kazukai's name is a portmanteau of Kazuma and Kai.
    • With Kazuma's name coming first, he is the dominant personality in the fusion.
  • Kazukai is in canon the strongest character in Fight of Gods, having reached a power degree of 10,000,000 and being the only character to have reached an eight digit power degree.

Trivia regarding worldbuilding

  • Characters in Fight of Gods are able to fuse. This is a technique where if two warriors are able to match each other in power degree and then attempt to 'exist in the same space on the mortal plane' they can merge into one more powerful warrior which adds up both fusee's power degrees.
    • Kazukai from "Ultimate Test of Will!" is a result of Kai and Kazuma fusing.
  • There is a major difference between the God State as a transformation and God Status in the world of Fight of Gods.
    • One significant difference is that while those in the God State simply receive a power boost from the transformation, all those with God Status have mastered energy control and mastered "God energy" which can allow them to create and destroy anything they please as long as they use 100% of their power.
    • All of those with God Status can use the God State, however not all those who can use the God State have God Status as evident by Kai's and Ratana's usage of the transformation.

Trivia regarding the real world

  • Fight for the Future has been polled numerous times as the worst series in the franchise.
    • Despite this, Ultimate Test of Will! has been polled as the best special before, when it was initially released. Fans cited the fusion of Kazukai and the usage of a new villain in Kazuma Black.
    • Fight for the Future is the first time we have seen any other than a superhuman use the Super State. It is also the first time we see a villain use the Super State.
      • Despite what many believe, Chiller's transformations in Fight of Gods were not the result of Super State, God State, or any transformation as they were bio-engineered metamorphoses.
  • Super has been polled as one of the best series from the franchise, with fans citing the usage of a comic media format.
    • The Dastardly Duo Saga has been polled within the Top 3 Sagas twice since it's release with fans citing the usage of multiple villains being a positive along with the motivations behind each character.
  • The Superest Super God! has ranked as the best special three times straight and is the only piece of Fight of Gods media to have been ranked the best saga while not being from the Fight of Gods series.
  • The Big Threat Saga and the Planetary Conquest Saga are the two sagas which have been in rotation as being ranked the best saga in every poll, only once having been thrown out of rotation as stated above by the Superest Super God! Saga.
  • As polled, Kazuma is the average favorite character while Kai is the favorite hero character and Kazuma Black being the favorite villain character.
  • The Imperial Conflict is set to make a more solid debut in a currently unnamed new series which will be releasing later in 2023 as it was announced on June 8th, 2022.