List of Elarian companies by revenue

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This list comprises the Empire of Ela'r'oech's largest companies by consolidated revenue, according to the Elarian Business Power Q3 2022 rankings. Elarian entertainment corporation ACBIC has been the Empire's largest company by revenue since 2019. This list is limited to only the top 20 companies for the time being.

Currently most companies in this list have been affected by the Bayou November Recession. This list is incomplete, as most companies do not disclose all of their revenue to the public and may be affected due to the ongoing recession and thus may not be up to date at all times.


Rank Name Status Industry Revenue Employees
1 ACBIC Public Conglomerate Đ3,699 20+
2 Bank of Alaria State-owned Financial Đ1,845 7
3 Dragon Studio Private Media Đ1,563 5
4 Ela'r'oech News Source Private News Đ1,460 3
5 Firefly Public Media Đ933 3
6 Rush Inc. Public Social Đ829 6
7 Elaro Private Technology Đ820 4
8 Newmaker Studio Public Gaming Đ726 3
9 Photon Economy Inc. Public Commodities Đ720 2
10 Bank of Ela'r'oech State-owned Financial Đ718 5
11 Louisiana State Football League Public Sporting Đ639 10+
12 Elaroland Private Realty Đ620 2
13 ExploratorE Private Mining Đ505 3
14 Carolusian Defensive Company Public Weaponry Đ310 1
15 Krewe of Aves Public Entertainment Đ129 1
16 WE:GA Private Education Đ127 4
17 ElaRx Private Health Đ117 4
18 Elarian Sciences Public Science Đ115 2
19 Aro Private Technology Đ112 2
20 Beenz Private Technology Đ98 1