Bushistani (people)

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Not to be confused with Bushistani-Americans, the majority ethnic group in Bushistan

Bushistanis are nationals and citizens of the Republic of Bushistan. Any citizen is considered Bushistani, but is mostly reserved for people who are only Bushistani.


Bushistan is very culturally diverse, with a variety of religions, races, and languages


The Majority of people in Bushistan identify with the Bushistani-American ethnicity, though not all Bushistani citizens and nationals are of the Bushistani Ethnicity.


There are many religions. Most are atheist, but most true Bushistanis are religious, with about 50/50 between Christianity, and Islam.


Bushistani is a common language in Bushistan. National Mottos, inscriptions, and several aspects of everyday life are in Bushistani. The Other language is English.


Most are European and white, but have populations of Middle Easterners, and African-Americans.