Cycoldian involvement in Richensland

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Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Republik Richensland (Malay)
里钦斯兰共和国 (Chinese)
ரிச்சன்ஸ்லாந்து குடியரசு (Tamil) a
Flag of Richensland
Motto: Latin: Calamus gladio fortior
("The pen is mightier than the sword")
Anthem: State Anthem of Richensland

Coat of Arms
StatusMember state of the Cycoldian Imperium
(Coordinates 10.57, N)
Common languagesEnglish (lingua franca)
Demonym(s)Koldovian (informal)
Richenslandian (formal)
republic within the Cycoldian Imperium under a de facto constitutional monarchy
Head of the Cycoldian Imperium 
• 2021
Christina I & II
President of the National Convention 
• 2021
Amelia Banks
Prime Minister 
• 2021
Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
• Consultative Assembly
National Convention
• Constitution Act, 2021
21 September 2021
• Cycoldian involvement start
22 September 2021
• Disputed Government between Arthur Lacey-Scott and Aniq Sufyan
28 September 2021
Preceded by
Succeeded by
History of Richensland under Aniq Sufyan
Most Serene Republic of Richensland (Aniq Sufyan Government)
Most Serene Republic of Richensland (Lacey-Scott Government)
a. ^ When translated into other languages, only "Republic of Richensland" is translated. This is to ensure simplicity and accuracy in the translation.

The Cycoldian involvement in Richensland refers to both the 6 day agreement upon Richensland's membership in the Cycoldian Imperium and Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia's later administration as Prime Minister.


Richensland had previously been a one-party state since 2020. After a period of political instability and later transition to a democratically-elected government, the incumbent Government of Nyck Bradaten requested the aid of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, which request was granted with the formation of a colonial delegation and invitation to the Cycoldian Imperium as a partial member state. Soon after, tensions arose between the Richenslandian government and that of the Cycoldian delegation. Tensions began to emerge with the Richenslandian government over the question of monarchical titles. Imperial Order 2.7 as issue by the reigning house of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia stipulates for the title of a head of state of an Imperium realm be that of a monarch and not of a governmental or noble title for full integration to take place. However the government of Aniq Sufyan rejected such a notion and few days of negotiations ensued with the Cycoldian delegation. The matter was finally resolved by declaring by the Cycoldian delegation by suggest that Christina I of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia to be made monarch of Richensland in personal capacity as monarch of Cycoldia and its realms, rather than personally holding sovereign over Richensland.

Shortly thereafter another issue emerge over the question of civil rights between the Cycoldian delegation and the Richenslandian government. The Second Article of the Cycoldian Constitution provides that no discrimination be undertaken by any realm or sovereignty under the control of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. The issues regarding civil rights emerged after the government of Aniq Sufyan published a statement desiring the implementation of sharia law in Richensland, which would endanger the civil rights of Cycoldian and any other individuals due to the curtailing of LGBTQ+ rights. The Cycoldian delegation expressed their desire against such a measure and requested such a notion be dismissed as to not compromise the civil rights of any Richenslandian citizens. Thereafter a public poll was published by Prime Minister Aniq Sufyan asking whether LGBTQ+ rights are to be expanded within Richensland. This action precipitated a break-off in relations on part of the Cycoldian delegation and resulted in the subsequent resignation of Prime Minister Aniq Sufyan for his role in the event. Christina I of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia in capacity as monarch of Richensland then appointed Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia as provisional prime minister of Richensland in absence of any clear Richenslandian precedent for empty administrative posts. Though former prime minister Nyck Bradaten rebutted this claim and retracted his statement regarding resignation, thus precipitating another political crisis between Richensland and the Cycoldian delegation. Aniq Sufyan then released a statement barring any Cycoldian official or individual a place within the Richenslandian Discord server and retracted any attempt to negotiate with the Cycoldian government and the Cycoldian delegation. The Cycoldian government then released as statement supporting Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia as de jure prime minister of Richensland in place of the now-disputed Aniq Sufyan.


A 13 bullet point list was delivered to Nyck Bradaten by Christina I titled "Suggested List of Policies for Richensland" on 22 September, some of which including the removal of Tizian Aruna (due to him being a Orange Socialist), the replacement of the national seal due to its associations with Fascism, the implementation of heraldic laws, and the removal of discriminatory practices. These were estimated to take 1–2 years to implement by the Cycoldian Government, with Aniq agreeing to them originally, though rebuking them later on 27 September.

National Convention

National Convention
Term limits
2 years, renewable indefinitely
Founded22 September 2021 (2021-09-22)
DisbandedSeptember 28, 2021 (2021-09-28)
Amelia Banks, Cycoldia
since 22 September 2021