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The Prime Minister of Richensland, officially the Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, is the head of government of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland. The Prime Minister usually chairs the cabinet of Richensland and selects its ministers. As modern prime ministers hold office by virtue of their ability to command the confidence of the Parliament, they typically sit as a member of Parliament and lead the Nationalist Party of Richensland as its First Secretary.

Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Richensland phoenix.png
Coat of arms of Richensland
Standard of the PM and VP of Richensland.jpg
Standard of the Prime Minister
Aniq Sufyan

since 23 August 2021
Executive branch of the government of Richensland
StyleSupreme Overlord, followed by a position (as First Secretary)
The Most/ Right Honorable (as member of Parliament; de facto formal)
Mr. Chairman (as Chairman of the
Monetary Authority)
Mr. Prime Minister (informal)
Sir (informal)
TypeHead of government
Member ofCabinet
Reports toPresident of Richensland
ResidenceAcropolis Palace of Sandstone (de jure)
Uses private residence (de facto)
NominatorNationalist Party (de jure)
Hereditary (de facto)
AppointerParliament and the President (de jure)
Hereditary (de facto)
Term lengthNo term limit, Parliament's term is 2 years or earlier, renewable indefinitely (de jure)
Life Tenure (de facto)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Richensland
Inaugural holderS. Thanukshan, Marquess of September (original)
Aniq Sufyan (current)
Formation13 August 2020 (original)
23 August 2021 (current)
Unofficial namesPM, Premier
DeputyNone (de jure)
Deputy Prime Minister of Richensland (de facto)

Richensland is a republic with a President as its head of state. However, the president's powers are largely ceremonial; the prime minister holds the executive power. The official de jure residence of the prime minister, Acropolis Palace of Sandstone, is in a virtual realm. The current prime minister is Aniq Sufyan of the Nationalist Party, the 2nd person to hold the position. He also previously held the position for two non consecutive terms before.


The position was first de facto established under the title of Prime Minister on 13 August 2020 by then King of Richensland, Aniq Sufyan.


As other nations had monarchies with prime ministers, King of Richensland, Aniq Sufyan established an office based on european countries with prime ministers. However, it was never intended to serve as Richensland's head of government, but as a personal advisor to the King. It was also established so that citizens could look forward to holding the nation's highest attainable political office.

Monarchical era

Under a system of absolute monarchy, the King held sweeping powers over state affairs. Unlike other absolute monarchies, the prime minister headed the cabinet and therefore was de facto head of government despite not having any powers usually vested in a head of government.

To maintain his tenure, the prime minister would require confidence of the King as the Kingdom of Richensland did not have a legislature. This gave the King sweeping powers on appointing the prime minister and therefore, the prime minister changed quite frequently.

M. Ryan was the last person to be appointed as prime minister under this system. Later in his tenure, he overthrew the King in a coup d'état known as the Declaration of Establishment of the Plurinational State of Richensland.

Plurinational era

After the coup d'état, M. Ryan declared himself the first President of Richensland and thus his tenure ended. The office remained vacant for a few days until the 2nd President of Richensland, Aniq Sufyan (who was overthrown in the coup d'état) appointed his first cousin as prime minister. This time, the prime minister is indeed the de facto head of government as intended. In April of 2021 until May of the same year, Richensland had two prime ministers serving the office at the same time.

Current era

The Most Serene Republic of Richensland was proclaimed on 2 May 2021 and with it the The Directory was proclaimed as its head of state and head of government. However, the office of prime minister was not abolished so it remained vacant until the ratification of the 2021 Constitution on 23 August 2021.

Aniq Sufyan became the first prime minister under such system. In the 2021 Constitution, it was also declared a hereditary position and only members of the House of Richensland can hold the position. The prime minister has then held sweeping dictatorial powers over Richensland such as its state assets as he is also the Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Richensland.

Power and duties

Upon entering office, the prime minister would have the following powers:
As Prime Minister

  • redrawing (gerrymandering) administrative divisions
  • suspend elections (and also decide election dates) and civil liberties
  • proclaim a state of emergency
  • rule by decree
  • oppress political opponents
  • appoint cabinet ministers
  • appoint the President of Richensland

As Chairman of the Monetary Authority

  • direct control over state assets
  • change the government's budget by will at discretion

As party leader

  • nominate party members as candidates to stand in election and will thus, get elected
  • use the party to influence the government's decision and thus, use the party to control the state

Other powers

Appointment and inauguration

After an election and the results are released, the President as well as the freshly elected Parliament, will elect a prime minister among them. In theory, the prime minister will usually be the party leader of the political party which wins the most seats in Parliament. In practice, the office will be passed down hereditarily.

After being "elected", the prime minister-designate will read out the oath of office and secrecy in a session of Parliament and after that, he will be the official prime minister.


There are two oaths that are read by the prime minister-designate to be inaugurated. It is as follows:

Oath of office
We, [full name], prime minister-designate, fully ordained by the representatives of the people, assume all powers that of prime minister of Richensland and that I shall execute those powers to the best of my ability with conscience. To the nation, I shall promise to uphold the constitution and the reforms of our founders to the office which I am about to enter. This be my promise.

Soon after becoming prime minister, the oath of secrecy will be read. It is as follows:

Oath of secrecy
We, [full name], having sworn the oath as prime minister, promise to never leak official secrets entrusted in me in my capacity as prime minister of Richensland. This be my promise.

Features of the office


The de jure residence of the prime minister is the Acropolis Palace of Sandstone, located in a virtual realm. In reality, the prime minister resides in his private residence for convenience, which is the de facto official residence of the prime minister.


The state does not provide the prime minister with an official vehicle. Public modes of transportation are also commonly used by prime ministers as it is cheap and easily assessable. When traveling overseas, the prime minister travels in a commercial plane and usually seats in economy class.


When referring to the prime minister, one can formally address his as The Most/ Right Honorable. Informally, one can also address him as Mr. Prime Minister or Sir. The highest style the prime minister can be addressed as is in his capacity as the First Secretary of the Nationalist Party which is Supreme Overlord. This can also be accompanied by a potion. An example will be "Supreme Overlord Protector", currently used by Aniq Sufyan. No two prime ministers are allowed the same position after the "Supreme Overlord" title.

Co- Prime Minister

The Co- Prime Minister is the title given to the prime minister when there is more than one prime minister at one time. This title is usually given to the least senior of the two and is used to differentiate between the two. It is not a political office but a mere title. Both prime ministers have equal power and leverage. During his tenure, he will known as the Co- Prime Minister but is holding the office of Prime Minister. The only person to hold this title is Indra Syazwi.


Deputy Prime Minister

The Deputy Prime Minister of Richensland, officially the Deputy Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, is the deputy head of government of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland. He is nominated and appointed by the prime minister and he does not need to be a cabinet member but all officeholders have all been cabinet members. The position has never been established by any law but just happens to exist and thus, all officeholders are de facto deputy prime ministers despite not being recognized by such by any law.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Richensland phoenix.png
Coat of arms of Richensland
Rifqi Hanif

since 23 August 2021
Executive branch of the government of Richensland
Member ofCabinet
NominatorPrime Minister of Richensland
AppointerPrime Minister of Richensland
Inaugural holderSulaiman (de facto; original)
Rifqi Hanif (de facto; current)
Formation13 August 2020 (de facto; original)
23 August 2021 (de facto; current)

The incumbent officeholder is Rifqi Hanif of the Nationalist Party of Richensland, appointed by prime minister Aniq Sufyan on 23 August 2021 as he is next in line of succession to inherit the prime ministerial office.

Alternate Prime Minister

Line of succession

When the prime minister is unavailable for any reason, the de facto deputy prime minister will take on the position temporarily. However, if the prime minister dies or resigns, it will pass down to the next senior person in line in the line of succession (unless there is an alternate prime minister) in the House of Richensland as the position is hereditary.

Line of succession
No. Name
- Aniq Sufyan
Current Prime Minister of Richensland
(23 August 2021 - present)
1 Tizian Aruna
Current Alternate Prime Minister of Richensland
(6 September 2021 - present)
2 Rifqi Hanif
Current Deputy Prime Minister of Richensland
(23 August 2021 - present)
3 Ayden Shafiq
Very unlikely to become Prime Minister


  • Prime Minister for the most number of terms: Aniq Sufyan (3 terms)
  • Prime Ministers for the least number of terms: Rifqi Hanif (1 term) and Indra Syazwi (1 term)
  • Only Deputy Prime Minister to have never became Prime Minister: Sulaiman
  • Longest serving Prime Minister: Aniq Sufyan (28+ days)
  • Shortest serving Prime Minister: Indra Syazwi (21 days)
  • Only Co- Prime Minister: Indra Syazwi

List of Prime Ministers