King of Richensland

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The King of Richensland was the title given to the head of state and de facto head of government of the Kingdom of Richensland. The title is currently used as the title of the pretender to the Richenslandic throne as the Head of the House of Richensland.

King of Richensland
Kingdom of Richensland.png
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchAniq Sufyan of Richensland
Last monarchAniq Sufyan of Richensland
Formation13 August 2020
Abolition3 November 2020


Titles and functions



The King of Richensland will assume the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Richensland as his own during his tenure.

Different variations of the arms may be used, for example, Aniq Sufyan uses his personal variation, with the sash of the Order of the Renaissance and batons when representing him personally, but uses the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Richensland when representing him in his capacity as King.

After the King abdicates, or is replaced by a new King, his title will revert to that of Prince of Richensland, and thus his coat of arms.

Royal Standard

List of Kings