Cabinet of Richensland

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12th Cabinet
Flag of Richensland real.png
12th Cabinet of Richensland
Date formed22 November 2021
People and organisations
PresidentAniq Sufyan
Vice President (s)Vacant
Member party  National
Unity Coalition
Legislature term(s)None (no legislature)
PredecessorAl Wardasaqri Cabinet

The cabinet of Richensland exercises executive authority in Richensland. Since the 22nd of November, 2021, the cabinet has been chaired by the President of Richensland. Ministers are appointed by said president.

The current cabinet is the 12th Cabinet, which was formed on 22 November 2021. The current cabinet consists of the following ministries:Ministers, as well as the president are not mandated to be a member of the legislature, and thus can act with greater independence. As the Parliament of Richensland was abolished on 22 October 2021, the cabinet is also exercising legislative powers in accordance with the Government of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland in exile Act, 2021.

Current cabinet

Colour Key for political parties
  Richenslandic Development Party
  Conservative Party
  Progressive Monarchist Party
  National and Progressive Party
  In Pog We Trust Party
  Shashan Dal
  Global Islamic Union
  RDP / CP
  National Unity Coalition

Current cabinet (12th Cabinet)

Porfolio Image Name Tenure Coa-
President of Richensland
(Head of state and
head of government)
Aniq Sufyan 22 October 2021 – present
Vice President (s) of Richensland Mullah Mujahid Al Wardasaqri 22 November - 14 December 2021
(as 1st Vice Pres.)
Muhammad the Great 22 November - 14 December 2021
(as 2nd Vice Pres.)
Vacant -
(as 1st Vice Pres.)
Vacant -
(as 2nd Vice Pres.)
Minister of Propaganda Oam Dinnist 22 October 2021 – present
Minister of State Security Rifqi Hanif 2 May 2021 – present
Minister of National Affairs S. Thanukshan 13 August 2020 – present
Aniq Sufyan -
Minister of Justice Mullah Mujahid Al Wardasaqri 17 October - 14 December 2021
Vacant -
Minister of Investigations Jayden Tan August 2021 – present
Minister for the Eradication of Cycoldia Aliff Najmi 22 October 2021 – present
Minister of Atomic Energy Muhammad the Great 22 November - 14 December 2021
Vân Tinh Nghiên Tuyết 17 December 2021 – present
Minister of Citizenship Attainment Tee Tian Wen 17 October 2021 – present
Vacant -
Minister of Meme Affairs Pepe the frog 22 October 2021 – present
Minister of Junk, nonsense and complaints Dat Boi 22 October 2021 – present