Constitution of Richensland

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Constitution of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Jurisdiction Richensland
Ratified23 August 2021
Date effective23 August 2021
SystemUnitary one-party parliamentary republic
BranchesThree (Executive, Legislative and Judicial)
ChambersUnicameral (Parliament)
ExecutiveCabinet, headed by the prime minister
JudiciaryRRT (Richenslandic Revolutionary Tribunal)
Electoral collegeNo
Commissioned byThe Directory
SupersedesTransitional Constitution of Richensland

The Constitution of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland is the current constitution of Richensland, adopted on 23 August 2021 by the Directory, who drafted it, and took effect on the very same date. It is the third constitution adopted by the government of Richensland since the nation's founding on 13 August 2020.

Originally, it contained 20 chapters and has been amended 9 times. The constitution of the Grand Republic of Zeprana was based and inspired from it. The preamble was inspired by that of Thailand's 2017 constitution.

The constitution was ratified and was effective from 23 August 2021. Despite that, it was only fully implemented since October of 2021.

First and transitional constitution

2021 constitution

Amendment issues

The constitution was drafted with very bulky articles. As a result, amending the constitution has been very confusing, even more with so many amendments being made.

Other then bulky articles, provisions are scattered all over the constitution which meant that if something was to be amended, it would mean that several articles, sometimes even chapters would be amended at a single time.

Putting said problems into consideration, it has made the nation's government's simple duty of keeping track on relevant laws every messed up.

Controversial articles

There was controversy regarding Chapter Fourteen of the constitution, which consists of articles 40, 41, 42. It was written in those articles that the state would not recognize a same sex marriage and that marriage was between a man and a woman, which has always been the moral truth. They describe as follows:

Art. 40: Marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

Art. 41: The state will most likely not recognize a same-sex marriage but a civil union instead as an alternative.

Art. 42: The state's religious institutions are the only institutions that can finalize a marriage. No state permission is required to marry.

— Chapter Fourteen, Constitution of Richensland

Despite gays and lesbians having been granted their full rights by the Constitution Act, 2021, no amendment has been made to the chapter and it can be presumed that provisions that has been put in place by the chapter are still in force till this day.


Constitution Act, 2021 (1 amendment)
Government of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland in exile Act, 2021 (2 amendments)
Proclamation 2021/2 (4 amendments)
Proclamation 2021/3 (2 amendments)

Contrary to popular belief, Proclamation 2021/5 is not a constitutional amendment as the proclamation only created two new categories of decrees that can be issued by the president but the new categories were not to be decreed for law but to exercise constitutional powers, this meant that in accordance with old laws (Government of the Most Serene Republic of Richensland Act, 2021), the powers of president remain the same and therefore, is not a constitutional amendment.