Southeast Asian Micronational Association

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Southeast Asian Micronational Association
Flag of Southeast Asian Micronational Association
Logo of Southeast Asian Micronational Association
HeadquartersSubejia City, Subejia (de jure)
Vlanderming, Marhaenia (de facto)[a]
Working languageEnglish
Official languages[b]
  • 5 full members
  • 2 observer organisations
• Chair
Ahmad Marhaen
Saleh A.H
• Foundation
24 July 2021
• Reformation
9 October 2023
• Current charter
7 December 2023

The Southeast Asian Micronational Association or commonly abbreviated as the SEAMA (/simɑː/) is an international organisation that serves to enrich ties and to promote peace, sports, unity and cooperation between micronations located in Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asian Micronational Association was founded by Subejia on 24 July 2021 after the leader noticed the inactivity of the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia founded by the Association of Indonesian Micronations back in 2013. The goals of the SEAMA is to make peace between micronations located in Southeast Asia and enrich diplomatic relations.

SEAMA's membership is open to any sovereign nation that (atleast) any of its territory located in Southeast Asia. If they did not want to or the application is failed, they will not recognized by the SEAMA at all.



Azwariq Qadri of the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia interested in joining the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia. After many years later, he realised that the MASA is in period of inactivity.

Foundation era (2021–2022)


Azwariq Qadri of Subejia founded the SEAMA on 24 July 2021 after seeing the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia is inactive. Azwariq Qadri declared the foundation of the SEAMA and also Subejia's website. Then Ezraia accepted to became a member of the SEAMA.

Establishment of the SEAMGF

Azwariq also established Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation, commonly abbreviated as the SEAMGF. The Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation was under the regulation of the SEAMA. Azwariq found inspirations in the Southeast Asia Games, then he decided to establish the SEAMGF but under the regulation of the SEAMA.

Operation The End

The Operation The End was declared by the Chair himself[who?]. The infamous military operation was fictional and it was bloodless. It was controversial and still has been debated as the Democratic Republic of Subejia declared war on the People's Fascist of Nabilia (now as United Nabilia). The main objective of the military operation was to "end fascism ideology". It was ended by treaty and therefore, the SEAMA held an election on February 2022.

The first Chair election

The first election was held on 1 February until 9 February 2022. It was the aftermath of the Operation The End. After the Most Serene Republic of Richensland joined the organisation, Nyck Bradaten was selected as running mate for Azwariq Qadri, the incumbent Chair at that time. Even though, Azwariq won the election without sham election.

Foundation of the SEAMFERB

Southeast Asian Micronations Film and Entertainment Rating Board, or abbreviated as the SEAMFERB, was founded on 10 February 2022, which was after the election was held. Kim Il Sung, Emperor of the Han Raya Empire, was elected as chief executive officer of the organisation. The organisation was similar to the Cupertino Alliance's Amalgamated Film Rating Board, which responsible for the classification of the video works (film, television programmes, commercials, public information, etc.).

Implementation of the Charter

The Charter of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association was adopted on 18 February 2022. The charter contains 6 parts and 33 articles, and was amended on 23 February 2022, in which to giving a special protection for the fictional micronations.

Post-foundation era (2022–present)

The organisation was announced its Discord server and moved from WhatsApp to Discord. The organisation started to grew and mostly influenced micronations located in Southeast Asia.

A vote of no confidence against the supreme justice Ezra was held, as requested by the incumbent Chair at that time, Azwariq. He told that Ezra cannot open his Discord account. As a result, the vote of no confidence was held on 24 October 2022.

The December 2022 election finally was held after many postponed, in which became a sudden transition while Thomas Jacobs won uncontested. It is the first time since the SEAMA's first Chair election.

On 11 January 2023, Thomas Jacobs announced his resignation and shocked the whole organisation. His resignation later makes Manggala Alif Prasetia became the first acting chair in the SEAMA's history.

On 15 January, Azwariq Qadri announced the February 2023 election. Later, on 28 February, it was announced that the election was tied. After Azwariq being criticised for unilateral decision, it was decided that Nyck Bradaten and Saleh A.H won the election due to rotational chairmanship. Shiro of Zenrax stated that "the SEAMA should had rotational chair" due to lack of members.

On 5 June, Richensland was dissolved thus making its membership revoked. However, Subejia has been stagnant and inactive.

Reformation era (2023-present)

Since Subejia's inactivity for reasons still unknown, the SEAMA became inactive as well as its leadership, leaving the SEAMA in a state of inactivity. After some time in this period, Saleh A.H, the then Chair, appointed Ahmad Marhaen as his successor as the Chair on 9 October 2023. Afterwards, Marhaen announced on the Discord server that "reformation begins" on 10 October 2023, starting the reformation era in the SEAMA.


The SEAMA is comprised of three branches: Quorum, the Executive, and the Supreme Court. The chair acts as the executive leader of the SEAMA, assisted by the vice-chair, while the Supreme Court enforces law.


Quorum is the main assembly, where the members of the SEAMA discuss and vote on motions. The Quorum sessions frequently held by Chair if he/she wanted to.


The executive is led by the chair and vice-chair. The chair is the SEAMA's executive leader. Experienced delegates are elected for three-months term. They chair Quorum sessions, administer the Executive, and represent the organisation. The chair is also often involved in diplomatic conflicts resolutions.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the SEAMA's judicial body. The court's most senior judge is the supreme justice, who is elected by Quorum for four-month terms. The Court is administered by a registrar, who is currently Azwariq Qadri, the office's inaugural holder.

The supreme justice is second-only in power to the chair, and their responsibilities extend beyond hearing cases. They serve as the SEAMA's chief legal officer, and often advise Quorum and the Executive. The supreme justice can veto unlawful Quorum motions and any charter amendment. In certain cases, they can unilaterally demote members, expell observers, reject applicants, and suspend delegates.

The Court's main business is issuing non-binding advisory opinions. Anyone can file a reference with the Court, asking for guidance on specific legal questions.

The Court also deals with civil claims. Only one recent case, which is Han Raya Empire v. United Republic of Flopge.[c], but later dismissed by the Registrar.

Members and observers

The SEAMA's membership includes members and observers. Members and observers send up to three delegates, who can contribute to discussions and debates. Only delegates for full members can vote and stand for elections.

Observers send just one delegate who can observe proceedings and participate in discussions in the lounge, but cannot speak in Quorum sessions. Observership must be renewed every two months (by notice to the chair), or it expires.

Full members

  Represents as founding members
Member state Code Date of admission
 Democratic Republic of Subejia DRS 24 July 2021
Union of Ezraia Socialist Republic UES
 Sultanate of Unova UNO 19 March 2022
Republic of Zarkyiv ZAR
Republic of Olov (Vice-Chair) ROV 20 December 2022
People's Republic of Marhaenia People's Republic of Marhaenia (Chair) MHE 13 October 2023
Alrodnia United Constitutional Republic of Alrodnia ARN 7 December 2023
Socialist Republic of Steinchen SCH 29 December 2023
Sultanate of Selatan SLN 27 February 2024

Former members

Former members is the full members that was expulsed or departed from the SEAMA. They either being inactive or violated the Charter of the SEAMA. They can rejoin the SEAMA by signing an agreement to make sure they are still active and really want to rejoin.

  Denotes as being replaced or predecessor members
  Denotes as founding members
Member state Code Date of admission Reason
Weltgewerkscaft WGS 10 November 2021 Dissolved[d]
Federation of Indische FID 1 October 2021[e] Expelled, inactive
Han Raya Empire HRE 10 November 2021[f] Expelled, inactive
Usdanzerk USD
 Most Serene Republic of Richensland RIC 31 January 2022[g] Dissolved
Zenrax Imperial Federation of Zenrax ZRX 20 December 2022 Departured[h]

Permanent observers

The Han Raya Empire wanted to join on behalf of the World Central Alliance, and the Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation had officially became permanent observer because the organisation is founded on the same date of the foundation of the SEAMA. Later, permanent observers' position abolished.

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  1. The headquarters of the SEAMA is currently located in Vlanderming, Marhaenia, because of Subejia's inactivity.
  2. The official languages of the SEAMA is the official languages of its member states.
  3. The United Republic of Flopge has been expelled and currently on trial.
  4. Replaced by the Federation of Kadramani
  5. Although the Federation of Meme Indonesia (now as Federation of Indische) is not the founding member, the Federation of Meme Indonesia is technically the second member to join the SEAMA.
  6. Both members are not the founding member, even though join during the foundation.
  7. Although the Most Serene Republic of Richensland is not the founding member, Richensland is technically the third member to join the SEAMA.
  8. Due to the SEAMA's "effective collapse" from inactive leadership.