Democratic Republic of Subejia

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Democratic Republic of Subejia
Republik Demokratik Subejia  (Malay)
Flag of Subejia
Coat of arms of Subejia
Coat of arms
Motto: Maju dan Berjaya
Advanced and Success
CapitalSubejia City
Largest cityBandar Diraja
Official language
and national language
Recognised languageEnglish
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional republic
Azwariq Qadri (SEMASA)
Mohd Salleh (SEMASA)
Dewan Negara Subejia (Senate)
Dewan Rakyat Subejia (House of Representatives)
Independence from Malaysia
• Establishment of Subejia
18 March 2020
28 February 2021
• Estimate
CurrencySubejian Dollar (de jure)
Malaysian Ringgit (de facto)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The Democratic Republic of Subejia (Malay: Republik Demokratik Subejia), most commonly known as Subejia, is a micronation that located in Malaysia. It was established in residential area beside the river called Klang River. Since 23 June 2021, Azwariq Qadri was elected back to become president of Subejia.[b] Subejia also created Southeast Asian Micronational Association and Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation (SEAMGF) and a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation.


Subejia originally called Federation of Subejo. Before it was became a micronation, it was a village called Kampong Subejo. Some legends from Subejia said that Subejia's name came from the village hero called Ucok Subejo.[c] The name "Subejia" is a combination of the last name of Ucok and the Latin-Greek suffix "-ia"/"ία" which can be translated as "land of the Subejo".


Early 19th century

First king of Subejia was born. His name is Sultan Al-Badir ibn Almahrum Sultan Subejia Pertama Al-Putra Badawitir. His father is founder of Kampong Subejo and not establish Subejia. In Subejia, there is 0.98% Javanese live in Subejia before World War II started.

During World War II

During Japanese occupation, some Japanese colonies that live in Subejia are "friendly". Sarake Tsukasa, most commonly known as Raja Sasuke[d], also occupied Subejia. After World War II was ended, Raja Sasuke don't want to go his homeland, Japan. It is because he wanted to take care Subejia until he died. He take care of Subejia for 50 years. On 18 March 1989, Raja Sasuke died because of old sick.

During MCO 2020

Azwariq Qadri, visited Subejia and became king since Raja Sasuke's death. He re-created Subejia since he was listen that his teacher said:[e]

"Bring your kingdom's flag!"

His teacher make inspiration for him and became a reality.[f]

During this time, COVID-19 pandemic give impact to Subejia and it's economy. At this time, many controversies are found out such as, Subejian Civil War, conflict with Princess Shamie and many more.[g]


Azwariq Qadri held Third Presidency Election of Subejia and became president. After that, on 28 February 2021, Subejia restored its independence and established Malaysian Weeb Association.[h] During Fourth Presidency Election of Subejia, Tan Sri Kennedy take the place and won the election but then he resigned before became president of Subejia. Election Commission of Subejia held Fifth Presidency Election of Subejia and Azwariq Qadri became president of Subejia back. Subejia also declared the war on Nabilia and known as Operation The End.


Azwariq Qadri, became the first President of Subejia since 28 February 2021

Subejia is a federal parliamentary republic based on Westminster system. Similar to some macronations, including Singapore. Subejia's government is run in two branches. Each of these branches oversee a separate part of the Subejian Government, ensuring the separation of powers.


The executive branch consists of the President, Vice President and the Cabinet. Each cabinet run a specific section of the Subejian executive. These include Minister of Health, Minister of Sports and Youth, Minister of Defence and several others. The incumbent President is Azwariq Qadri and the incumbent Vice President is Mohd Salleh.


The Legislative Branch of Subejian Government consists of the Subejian House of Representatives, which is elected by the people of Subejia and other nations that Subejia recognize every five years. The five members of Parliament are elected from single-member states by everyone.[i] Parliament has a maximum mandate of five years by law. The Parliament will be dissolved if loss of majority, resignation and other reasons. President of Subejia and the Cabinet can held new election if they loss majority.[j]

Culture and media

Subejia is very unpopular in micronational world. Since it's creation, no one actually knew what Subejia is. In actual fact, Subejia had Microwiki page[k] but was then deleted because no one was able to write the page. On 24 July 2021, the President of Subejia officially created its own website but was deleted.[l]


Subejia recognizes all Malaysian public holidays, as well as Islamic Holy Days.

National Holidays
Date Name
2 February President's Birthday[m]
28 February Independence Day
13 March Raja Sasuke's Coronation Anniversary Day
18 March Subejia's Establishment Day
24 July Subejia Declaration (Hari Penubuhan SEAMA)
31 August Subejia's Warriors Day (Hari Unggul Subejia)
16 September Subejia Memorial Day (Hari Peringatan Perjuangan Pahlawan Subejia)


Subejia has restricted explicit content since the winning of the Parti Melayu Sosialis Subejia in the 2021 election.


Subejia is located in Malaysia and the location only known by President, Vice President and the minister in Subejia. Subejia also has park that became state according to Subejia's constitutions.[n]


Flag State Population Governor
BandarSubejiaFlag.jpg Bandar Subejia 5 Azwariq Qadri
BandarDiraja.jpg Bandar Diraja 3 Mohd Salleh
BandarPaklang.jpg Bandar Paklang 4 Shahibullah
TamanSubejia.jpg Taman Subejia 0 Salinawati
TaqimaFlag.png Taqima 3 Mustaqim


  1. As Commonwealth micronations, Subejia uses this song before the national anthem lyrics was proposed or written
  2. Azwariq Qadri elected himself back because the 2nd President of Subejia was resigned and Subejia re-elected new president
  3. Ucok Subejo's name came from GTA San Andreas Indonesia.
  4. His name came from Naruto, an anime that is so popular in that time
  5. The teacher said that during his co-curriculum school camp in 2020
  6. King Ernest Emmanuel also said that "make your dream became a reality" during MicroCon 2019
  7. Subejia has many conflict because of its independence and declaring war on Taqim Union (and even Taqim Union didn't exist)
  8. Malaysian Weeb Association is unofficially unrecognize non-government organization in Subejia and was dissolved during post-de jure collapsed of Subejia.
  9. Except for under 11 years old
  10. Election Commission of Subejia held the election. President of Subejia need to ask Election Commission of Subejia to held new election.
  11. The page was unrecognisable and it was a terrible page on Microwiki.
  12. Subejia's website was deleted and was remake as new website.
  13. President's birthday is official from Subejia's government. The date will be change if there is new president was elected.
  14. This was stated on Subejia's Law Of States and still used until now.

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