Democratic Kingdom of Subejia

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Democratic Kingdom of Subejia
Flag of Subejia
Coat of arms[a] of Subejia
Coat of arms[a]
Motto: Advance and Success
(Malay: Maju dan Berjaya)
Anthem: Subejia Maju Jaya[a]
CapitalBandar Subejia
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Absolute monarchy (de facto)
Yang di-Pertuan Agong[a] 
• 2020
Azwariq Qadri
• 2020–2021
Mohd Salleh
Putera/Puteri Subejia 
• 2020
  • Puteri Shamie
  • Puteri Dhannia
  • Puteri Shakilla
  • Putera Qayyum
Prime Minister 
• 2020
Mohd Que Danie
• 2020–2021
Azwariq Qadri
• 2020–2021
Tan Sri Kennedy
Historical eraSubejian Civil War
• Formation
18 March 2020
28 February 2021
• Formation of the Democratic Republic of Subejia
28 February 2021
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Provisional Government of Subejo
Republic of Subejia
Democratic Republic of Subejia
  1. ^ There is no official flag, coat of arms and even national anthem.
  2. ^ The Subejian Civil War was breakout on the unknown date. The war was ended on 28 February 2021.

The Democratic Kingdom of Subejia was a restoration by Azwariq Qadri that existed from 18 March 2020 until 28 February 2021, when it was reformed into the Democratic Republic of Subejia.


Azwariq Qadri's restoration was the greatest era ever in Subejia's history. He reformed it with his cousins. His cousin, Mohd Que Danie, was elected as Prime Minister of Subejia. There is many conflicts happened such as Operation Razif. He also very controversial and he retired because he doesn't want to became a king anymore. Mohd Salleh replaced Azwariq's throne. On 28 February 2021, after a few postpone, Azwariq Qadri restored independence and established King Act.[b]

Subejian Civil War (2020-2021)

It was started after Azwariq Qadri retired as King of Subejia. Azwariq also declared war on Subejia's monarchy and codenamed as Operation Razif (Malay: Operasi Razif). He failed to abdicated Mohd Salleh's throne. After that, Azwariq Qadri restored independence of Subejia and established new government.


The dissolution is due to independence restoration and revolution by Azwariq Qadri. The revolution also codenamed as February Revolution. The government of Subejia had to be change due to revolution.


The Democratic Kingdom of Subejia was a constitutional monarchy. It was led by Sultan Qadri I, and Mohd Que Danie was the Prime Minister.


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  2. King Act was abolished on 25 May 2021 due to de jure dissolution.