Azwariq Qadri

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Azwariq Qadri
Azwariq Qadri during Hari Raya Aidilfitri in 2021
1st and 3rd President of Subejia
Assumed office
23 June 2021
Vice PresidentMohd Salleh
Preceded byTan Sri Kennedy (has resigned before appointed as 2nd President of Subejia)
In office
28 February 2021 – 24 May 2021
Preceded byMohd Salleh (as 11th King of DRS)
Succeeded byTan Sri Kennedy (has resigned before appointed as 2nd President of Subejia)
1st Governor of Subejia City
Assumed office
23 June 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Chairman of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association
Assumed office
24 July 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Minister of Health (Ezraia)
In office
2 April 2021 – 24 May 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Prime Minister of Subejia
In office
2020 – 28 February 2021
MonarchMohd Salleh (after Azwariq Qadri resigned as King of Subejia)
Preceded byMohd Que Danie
Succeeded byOffice abolished
King of Subejia
In office
13 March 2020 – 2021
Prime MinistersHimself (since 2020)
Mohd Que Danie (since 13 March 2020)
Puteri Shamie (since MCO 2020)
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byMohd Salleh
Personal details
Born2 February 2008 (2008-02-02) (age 13)
Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Political party
ParentsSalinawati (mother)
Military service
Allegiance Subejia
Branch/serviceSubejian Royal Army
Years of service2020-2021
Battles/warsOperation Razif
Operation Razif 2.0

Dato' Azwariq Qadri bin Azizam (Jawi: عزيزعام أزوراق قدري بن; born 2 February 2008) is a Malaysian micronationalist and politician who has served as the 1st President of Subejia. He was the leader of Socialist Malay Party of Subejia or SEMASA for short. He is also referred to as the "Father of National Unity" (Bapa Kesatuan Nasional).

He was elected to become 1st Minister of Health in Ezraia but then resigned because he doesn't have an authority to Ezraia's government.

He was also a member of Parliament and Governor for Subejia City. He also lead the Parliament because there is no speaker in Dewan Rakyat Subejia.

Early life

Azwariq Qadri was born in Kuala Lumpur to Salinawati, his mother. He started his micronation career when he was playing outside and acting like real army. He was influenced by Malaysia's history. He found out Sealand on YouTube and he feels interesting. He also found out Molossia on YouTube channel called Derek Adam Thomas and that video made him more interested in micronation world. He acting being Raja Sasuke and his soldiers. On 18 March 2021, he established Subejia with his cousins during MCO.

Micronational career


Azwariq founded Subejia on 18 March 2020. Originally a monarchy, Azwariq was the King of Subejia until to the unknown date. Mohd Salleh replaced him because Azwariq doesn't want to be a king anymore. After Mohd Salleh resigned as king, Azwariq proclaimed independent of Subejia on 28 February 2021 after a few postpone.


Many conflicts and war happened during this time. He also declare war on Subejia's government but he decided to not take a risk. He also declare a war on Taqim Union, even Mustaqim don't establish it.

Operation Razif and Operation Razif 2.0

He declared war and called it Operation Razif (Operasi Razif). He got that name from a comedy drama that he watched on television called Kampung People. There is a character that he interested and love named Razif. Operation Razif failed to make Subejia's government surrender. He re-declared a same war as Operation Razif but just same, no casualties from this war.

Syafikah Party

Before SEMASA establish, he use to become leader of Syafikah Party. The name was taken by his brother name, Syafiq. This party was dissolved because he thought that he couldn't have majority. Tan Sri Kennedy claimed that this party will be never win in Fourth Presidency Election of Subejia that held on 2021.


He proclaimed independent of Subejia on 28 February 2021. He also served as the first President of Subejia. Tan Sri Kennedy came to Subejia and establish Tupperware Party but then he left from his political party. His old party called Syafikah Party but then dissolved because of Tupperware Party. He assembled his grandfather and himself to establish SEMASA Party (known as GERAKAN before it was changed).


His movement on GERAKAN Party make him re-elected as President of Subejia. GERAKAN actually stands for Gerila Anti-Kemusnahan Subejia (Guerilla Anti-Destruction of Subejia). Later, he changed the name to Socialist Malay Party of Subejia or abbreviated as SEMASA.

Military career

During Subejian Civil War, also known as Operation Razif, he officially served in Subejian Royal Army. He served as Commander during that time. He was promoted to General after North Korea-Ezraia War (also known as The First Coalition).

Political career

He served as Prime Minister of Subejia after he retired as King of Subejia. His grandfather, Mohd Salleh, take his reign and became King of Subejia. He started a political party called Syafikah Party. He dissolved the party during Fourth Presidency Election of Subejia. He reassembled all members of Syafikah Party except his brother. He appointed as the 1st President of Subejia during Proclamation of Independence and re-appointed as 3rd President of Subejia during Fifth Presidential Election of Subejia.

Controversies and issues

He is very racist when he was Prime Minister of Subejia. He stated the people that outside of Subejia should be called as "Rockhingnya".[a] He also declared war on Subejia's government and it was called "Operation Razif" (Operasi Razif) but then it was failed. Same to "Operation Razif 2.0". He also declare war on Taqim Union but Taqim Union wasn't establish by Mustaqim. He also proclaimed state of emergency because of "Cat Cold War" (Perang Dingin Kucing). The "Cat Cold War" was caused by his grandmother wanted to throw away the kitten that he has because of its smell and also affected to the economy.[b]

Personal life

Azwariq Qadri's dream is to become animator that work at his own production studio. He also want to become very successful in life.

Azwariq's family is of Malay and Iban descent.[c]


  1. Rockhingnya is a parody from a word called Rohingya. Azwariq Qadri said that it was a joke.
  2. It's not affect because Subejia doesn't trade with any micronation
  3. His grandmother is an Iban descent