Federation of Zenrax

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Federation of Zenrax
Flag of Zenrax.png
Zenrax coa.png
Coat of arms

Freedom and Strength
North America, Middle East (pending)
Capital city Stormhold
Capital Territories
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Zenraxian
Government Executive monarchy with feudal elements
- Monarch Thomas I
Legislature Imperial Senate
Established 15 December 1999 (first factions)
17 December 2014 (as Zenrax)
Area claimed 3 sq mi
Population 27 (active)
~50 (residents)
Currency US Dollar ($)
Time zone GMT-10 to GMT-4
National animal Hydra

Official website

Zenrax, or the Federation of Zenrax, is a micronation located on the North American continent. Officially founded in 2014, its roots stretch back to late 1999, with the formation of warring factions that fought over control of what is now the capital territory. Zenrax is among the larger nations currently active within the Micronation community, boasting a population of over fifty within its actual borders. It is currently led by Emperor Thomas, who has reigned since late 2014.

Having developed in relative isolation from other people, the inhabitants have developed their own sense of culture, language, and fashion. As such, many of the names of the Kingdoms reflect that. For example, the Imperial Federation is named after Zenrax, which, loosely translated from one of its (now failed) conlangs, means "Land of Heaven," or "Kingdom of Heaven."

In its current form, Zenrax is a modest-sized nation, and its well-established foreign policy has given rise to a good reputation abroad for the micronation, its leader, and many of its prominent citizens. However, its internal government is still currently undergoing reformations to combat the effects of inactivity, while the country's institutions retain a provisional role. In the meantime, it has published various potential plans to establish a permanent capital within the next 12 to 15 years, thus taking the government out of its consistently provisionary status and working towards its stated goal of establishing itself as a politically self-sufficient, sovereign microstate.


As mentioned above, Zenrax takes its name from a couple of failed conlangs (artificially constructed languages) in our Kingdoms. Loosely translated, it means "Peaceful Land," "Kingdom of Heaven," and other very similar things. In addition, Zenrax also takes its name off a defunct location (now absorbed into Wyvern) that once acted as the capital of the current Empire.

Likewise, many of the other names for the Kingdoms take their name out of this poorly developed language of ours. Examples are Ferro and Pyrax, to name a couple.


Before its unification in 2014, various preceding countries within modern-day Zenrax were founded and disbanded in succession, most of these existing between the years 1999 and 2009. Among these factions were the Confederacy (existed in 2003), and the Red Alliance (existed 2005-c.2009). The Confederacy was the only successful direct democracy to last more than a few short months in modern-day Zenrax, and many of its governmental institutions are loosely based on its highly successful legislature. The Red Alliance, being the merger of two militaristic factions, dominated the land for many months, and its storied existence contributed much to Zenrax's modern culture, government, and law. The modern-day Sovereign Order of the Rose (officially founded as an unnamed order c.2003 in the wake of the Confederacy's collapse) is now dedicated to enshrining the spirit of honor, cooperation, and effective diplomacy those factions came to represent for the longest time.

By 2006, the Red Alliance had become the sole dominant faction in the land, and this intermittent warfare began to gradually cease due to its lopsided power compared to other existing factions. Additionally, various members of the family had begun to go their separate ways from 2006 to 2010. This lack of activity ultimately led to the gradual and total dissolution of the Red Alliance around the years 2009 to 2010. This lack of activity triggered what is now known as the Interregnum Period, which lasted from 2010 to 2014, during which activity was effectively non-existent and control of the Territory rested squarely in the hands of its legal owners (essentially, the parents of these children).

The Interregnum ended in 2014, when the founder and current Emperor began to plan out a State in which they could all take part once again, this time as a united and solid entity, rather than an ordinary faction. In late 2014, five kingdoms were established, many led by former leaders of the very factions that had battled it out in the old days. Thus, the Empire of Stormhold was born. Declaring its foundation on the early hours of 17th December, 2014, the new Emperor rapidly convened the first and only meeting of that government's Senate, which set the foundations of the Imperial Government until mid-2015.

The Empire of Stormhold, while thriving, had a faulty government. Upon the initiation of an expansion phase in May of 2015, it reorganized itself into the Imperial Federation of Zenrax. The rejuvenated micronation then declared its political independence on May 21st, 2015. Additional reformed were passed that defined both Imperial and Senatorial authority, changed the flag, and allowed for further expansion outside the capital. The new government nonetheless continued to use the same institutions as it had pre-reform, as they were initially thought to be an effective means of keeping the country active.

By late 2016 though, it had become clear that the central government, with its institutions, had nonetheless failed to operate in support of both the Empire and its people. This culmination of issues (based mostly off inactivity from the Senate and lack of communication between member States) came to a head when the government began shutting down, starting with its diplomatic offices in June 2016. Lack of adequate representation from many States and Territories, coupled by inactivity from elected Senators, triggered a de facto dissolution of the Senate in late 2016, when its active numbers decreased below requirements to meet a basic Quorum.

Throughout 2017, the government of Zenrax passed a number of far-reaching modernization reforms. The Senate was re-formed as an appointed body representing core territories, with the concept of individual States being rendered obsolete (despite the lack of change in those same territories). Additionally, the official name of the country was shortened from its former name to "The Federation of Zenrax." Additionally, a new flag was adopted, (being a clear variation of the multi-cross flag previously used). These latest reforms were completed in January of 2018, with the completion of the Imperial Senate's expansion to the social media platform Facebook, where more active Senators were brought on board.


The Government is headed by the Emperor. He has the power to pass executive decrees, act as a final judicial authority in criminal and civil cases, treat with foreign powers, authorize laws passed by the Senate. He also has exclusive control over the Imperial Guard, one branch of the Zenraxian military. (The Army is under control of the Imperial Senate, and the State Security's various offices are regulated by their host Territories and follow provisions laid down by the Imperial Senate.) Furthermore, the Emperor has the power to call into session the government (namely the Imperial Senate) and future bodies that have the need for existence. Finally, the Emperor holds all chivalrous powers, enabling him to recognize individual and group achievements made by others both within and outside of Zenrax's jurisdiction.

Limitations of the Emperor include the following: He cannot make or abolish laws that cause interference with only one Kingdom or other definitive Territory without Senate approval (if it has not been declared inactive). He cannot ratify a treaty with a foreign power that would dissolve any territory of the Empire without the approval of those affected. The Emperor also cannot make nor approve of any laws which infringe upon the inherent rights of the people. In addition, he cannot raise taxes without the approval of the Senate. Lastly, the Emperor is unable to dissolve the Imperial Senate without its approval (even if in order to re-form the government straightaway), if it has shown signs of meaningful activity within a reasonable amount of time.

The various leaders of Zenrax's core territories are autonomous rulers in their own right. In addition to the powers and limitations being similar to that of the Emperor (but being confined to their own domains) they have additional limitations and privileges. Together, they help decide the fate of the country by representing themselves by appointing representatives to the Imperial Senate. (with the approval or initiation of the Emperor). There, they collectively draft and pass laws that the Emperor cannot ratify on his own, electing new Emperors in the case of the old one's death or abdication, collecting and raising local taxes, and otherwise making important internal decisions while the Emperor is indisposed, or away on other duties.

Administration & Territory

The Empire consists of several autonomous (or "Core") Territories (which have been entitled to representation in the Senate, per Imperial Decree), as well as a number of dependent territories. The following are considered a part of the Official Territory Roster. These are considered permanently, actively, and/or solidly under the control of Zenrax and/or its client States or Territories.

  • The Capital Territories Nominally under direct rule, but entitled to a Senate seat
    • The Kingdom of Wyvern Governed by a special regent
      • Old Zenrax (North)
      • Old Wyvern (South)
      • Olympus (exclave; provisional territory)
      • Helios (exclave; dormant)
      • Stormhold (the Provisional Capital of Zenrax)
    • The Principality of Pyrax Governed by a special regent
      • The Territory of Pyrax (official State Security Headquarters)
      • The Territory of Evergreen (official Imperial Guard Headquarters)


While being somewhat unique in and of itself, Imperial culture remains much of the way it has been in the Old South, for many generations. Also heavily influencing Imperial culture are aspects of feudal Japan, as well as Victorian Era Britain during the height of its power. Native Texan cultures, as well as Hispanic culture, also have some influence on the people of Zenrax.

However, many aspects of its government and culture are fairly unique, having been built from scratch. The government model is meant to emphasize the freedom for a person to choose their destiny, whatever it may be, so long as it does not involve intentionally bringing harm to another individual in the process.

Several attempts have been made at our own script, which is preserved in old notebooks to this day. Further attempts in building on this in order to establish a conlang (artificially constructed language) have largely failed.


Currently, the only exclave territory not adjacent to the United States of America is the territory widely known as Tanner Bank, known to Zenrax as Dragonstone. While the Empire itself encompasses several states, it does not hold any true inhabited coastline, and as such cannot field a Navy at this time. Currently, there is a Special Administrative Zone bordered by the United Arab Emirates (in Dubai, UAE), that is claimed as a temporary provisional territory. This is considered a temporary exclave of the Capital and is not usually included in the official register of territories.

There are also several claims held on a quasi-ceremonial basis by the Empire, and fall outside of its established control. These claims are not typically enforced, as the Empire lacks sufficient strength (economically or martially) to do so.

Foreign Relations

Currently, Imperial policy strictly forbids the giving and receiving of recognition of statehood alone as a tool of diplomacy. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in relations with Zenrax in order to establish any sort of diplomatic connection with this micronation. As a result, it is more exclusive in terms of allies, often holding new nations at arm's length, should they fail to exhibit civilized behaviour from the beginning of their existence. The full and current foreign policy can be read here: https://forum.micronations.wiki/showthread.php?tid=1577&pid=12694#pid12694

Regardless of the otherwise exclusive attitude in terms of foreign policy, Zenrax has developed close relations with other political entities (commonly known as micronations to outsiders) over time. The lists below need not be considered exhaustive. Additionally, the aforementioned link is updated on a more stringent basis, and thus should be seen as the prevailing authority on its current foreign affairs status.

The ones listed below are formally considered as allies:

The following are political entities that Zenrax has developed other types of diplomatic relations with, be it in the form of honors, military appointments for/by their members, and treaties establishing a mutual trust and/or friendship:

The following are political entities that Zenrax has deemed in an official capacity, upon agreement with the other party, to be under its diplomatic protection, regardless of treaty status or recognition of sovereignty:

The following are entities that Zenrax has strained or otherwise hostile relations with. They are deemed on an official basis as being engaged in malicious activity or other types of aggression against Zenrax, its territories, independent states under its protection, and/or its allies:

None at this time.