Imperial Federation of Zenrax

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Imperial Federation of Zenrax
Flag of Imperial Federation of Zenrax
Coat of arms of Imperial Federation of Zenrax
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Strength and Honor
CapitalCapital Territory
Official languagesEnglish (official), Spanish (regional), Thai (regional)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
• Viceroy
HG The Lord Svein Smedberg
LegislatureThe Senate
Establishment15 December 1999 (first factions)
17 December 2014 (unification)
May 12th, 2022 (current government)
• Census
+/- 12 citizens
CurrencyOfficial: Guilder (ƒ)
(1 ƒ = 1 gram of silver)
Regional (de facto): US Dollar ($); Thai Baht (฿)
Time zoneUS Central Time (capital)
Indochina Time (headquarters)

Zenrax, also known as the Imperial Federation of Zenrax, is an unrecognized, autonomously governed organization that is nominally headquartered on the North American and Asian continents. Although it declares itself both a country and empire of its citizens, it makes no challenge where conflicts arise in sovereignty, as part of its policy of coexistence and cooperation with peers, neighbors, and so on. As part of a long-running series of project or hobby organizations, Zenrax's current iteration has existed since 2014, with the current government having formed in May 2022. Shiro I Mephistopheles, officially the third leader of the country, took the role of head of state beginning in late 2014.

Following the loss of Novapara to its dissolution in August 2023, the Imperial Federation of Zenrax consists of two states: Stormhold and Aphelia. States are viewed as equal entities within the federal system and possess considerable self-governance rights, as well as exercise collective veto power on crown decisions through their representation in the Imperial Senate. The official currency, the Guilder, is pegged to 1 gram of silver. However, local currencies (USD, THB, and GBP) are almost always the universal default and are also accepted as legal tender. While internal economics are almost nonexistent, Zenrax still derives a modest GDP through its reliance on citizens' economic activity outside of its borders. The country does not levy a tax on citizens, with taxation being voluntary and the central government (namely the Emperor) instead being charged to use other means of maintaining any financial upkeep.

During nearly its entire history, Zenrax has maintained a modest population size. Recruitment is relatively strict in the way micronations go, likely being the leading cause of Zenrax's low number of active citizens. Citizenship applications are extended or accepted on academic, professional, or other personal merit, and invitations for joining are rarely extended to persons under the age of 18 (excepting direct relatives of existing citizens). After a territorial decline in the early 2020's, Zenrax controls (exclusively through citizens' holdings of real estate) a small portion of rural territory, with resident populations of less than a few dozen at its peak. While it has had a small military structure throughout its existence, the armed forces have taken almost entirely a ceremonial role since the late 2010's. The nation has seen no deployments of personnel under arms since 2015, and its government has been entirely civilian-led since 2016, when the last of its active-duty military personnel left the United States armed forces.

While Zenrax has had a single head of state since 2014, its government has changed several times to either meet the needs of changing demographics or to address constitutional or traditional conflicts with outmoded government models. Since May 2022, Zenrax's current internal structure consists of two main parts: its core organization of scholars and practitioners, and a small government that exists to manage the organization's assets (including its states' affairs) along with its external relations. Over the years of its existence, Zenrax has crafted a foreign policy meant to operate within its own citizens' capabilities and simultaneously cater to their best interests. The goal of Zenrax's internal and external policies is straightforward: its government and its policies exist to maximize opportunity for citizens and close allies in terms of academic, economic, or micronational opportunities. In pursuit of this, Zenrax has pursued bilateral ties with others on both formal and informal bases (see below). Notably, Zenrax is a senior member of the self-declared Holy Roman Empire (serving as Vice Chancellor and Aulic Judge), and a member of the Grand Unified Micronational (where its Emperor was Chair in the first half of 2023.) Zenrax is also a signatory to the Union Against Micronational War, albeit with reservations.


Zenrax took its name from a failed attempt at a local artificial language that was originally created for recreational purposes by citizens. Loosely translated, it meant "Peaceful Land," "Kingdom of Heaven," and so forth. Zenrax was also the name of a location that dissolved upon the nation's federalization in 2015-2018. Other examples of place names taking meaning from this created language include Ferro and Pyrax. (Both ceased to exist in late 2016 and late 2018, respectively.)



Prior to Zenrax's existence, various entities in the area were founded and disbanded in succession from 1999 through 2009. Locally, the most historically important of these factions were the Confederacy (existed during most of 2003), and the Red Alliance (existed 2005 - c. 2009). The Confederacy was the only successful direct democracy to exist, with elections not being held for over a decade since then until Zenrax's foundation in 2014. The Red Alliance was a unitary, militaristic faction that controlled the area for several years until its eventual death by stagnation after 2009, when its original citizens dispersed for a while. Its storied existence contributed much to Zenrax's culture, government, and law. After the Red Alliance faded into obscurity, there was no related activity until the formation of Stormhold beginning 2014 and culminating with the election of its head of state and the subsequent formation of the Senate, both on December 16, 2014.

Early Period (2014-2019)

After a provisional period lasting six months, Stormhold federalized. In the process, it reorganized itself into the Federation of Zenrax on May 21, 2015. The newly reorganized polity then ceremonially declared independence to commemorate the event. Between 2015 and 2018, the government further refined its core institutions and enacted increasingly broad reforms to combat the building effects of national stagnation. Between May 2015 and October 2018, there were three major reformations of the failing central government in attempts to keep the entity alive. By late 2018, Zenrax had become extremely burdened by non-functional core institutions (such as the Senate) that could not be legally dissolved or assimilated by other branches of government. Seeing this, the central government elected to dissolve the Federation by November 2018, leaving only the capital territory (also now called Zenrax) and the Order of the Rose intact.

Regency Period (2019-2022)

Reforms in 2019 breathed new life into the country, slowing the pace at which the country was falling into dormancy. Reforms conducted through 2019 and 2020 saw the organization fundamentally restructure to accommodate a slow pace of activity, as well as its members' shifting personal goals. The government adopted a formal structure during this time that included the present day offices of the Sovereign, Viceroy, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Prime Minister (although the latter title gradually reverted to a ceremonial one). Different reforms were attempted during the intervening years such as creating offshoot countries such as Dragos, or centralizing the government and shedding vestiges of its former federal government and retaining an academic style of government.

The period from late 2020 to early 2022 was characterized by the organization falling into dormancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the government attempted to retain its sovereignty, its membership continued to deteriorate and the organization transitioned into an academic order. In June 2021, the government transferred its sovereignty to Stormhold, its formerly capital state. In this political move, the formerly capital region of Stormhold broke off, inheriting Zenrax's sovereignty and all related assets until the latter could feasibly operate independently. The move lasted for some four months, during which the Stormhold government continued its parent government's claims to imperium in the old tradition. The current government was formed after 31 March 2022, when Stormhold lost its sovereignty through a declaration of insolvency, an act which cost its membership in the Grand Unified Micronational, although it retained membership in the Holy Roman Empire during this period The two polities again merged, with Zenrax once again assuming its claims to internally imperial status (although this claim is currently unrecognized).

Modern Period (2022-)

Zenrax federalized again in May 2022, under the authority of the states of Stormhold, Novapara, and Aphelia. In July 2022, external relations were reopened, with treaties with Zenrax's remaining existing allies confirmed. Additionally, Zenrax rejoined the Grand Unified Micronational, after completing post-merger consolidation efforts with Aphelia. In the same month, the old Sovereign Order of the Rose was subsequently transferred back to Zenraxian control, although under the Sovereign's personal guidance and independent of the nation-state. Additionally, the nation's administrative Headquarters relocated, for the first time since December 2014, away from Stormhold-held territory to Thailand. (The capital, however, was ruled to remain in Stormhold until physical territory was once again secured.)


Zenrax has been ruled by seven formal types of governments since its foundation on December 16, 2014. The current government (the 7th) is a second instance of imperial federalism in the country.

The 1st Government: Post-Unification

The first government existed Zenrax was known as Stormhold, and ran as a unitary government with just a Senate and the Emperor making all internal decisions, in tandem with the royal family (which incidentally consisted of most of the citizenry at the time).

The 2nd Government: Federation

Zenrax federalized in 2015, and the Senate was reformed to accommodate this as the second government. This arrangement lasted until November 2018, when the federation dissolved, leaving only a residual territory to serve as headquarters.

The 3rd Government: Absolutism

The third government barely existed, being ruled solely by decree until the government reformed in mid-2019.

The 4th Government: Democratic Constitutionalism

The fourth government, led by a new office of the Prime Minister, lasted for about a year until inactivity reverted to a rule-by-decree approach due to government inactivity. Notably, the power (and attending limitations) that the Head of State should hold was perpetually undecided, unlike before the Federation's dissolution in 2018. Nonetheless, the head of state still had well-defined duties as a figurehead that include managing external affairs, moderating the government's proceedings, and acting as a final point of appeal in the case of internal disputes. However, inactivity in key positions lead to the government's collapse by late 2020.

The 5th Government: Academic Technocracy

The fifth government restructured into a hybrid technocratic government in late 2020 that ran akin to an academic order with minor trappings of government. This government lasted until early 2021, until the government finally collapsed and Stormhold inherited Zenrax's sovereignty for about six months.

The 6th Government: The Stormhold Regency

The sixth government was known as the Stormhold Government, although nothing of note happened outside of its ill-fated attempt at breathing life back into the micronation. The government declared insolvency and folded back into Zenrax in mid-2022.

The 7th Government: The Second Federation

The Seventh Government of Zenrax is an homage to its Imperial Federation roots, although the current structure is fundamentally different than before, with states being almost entirely self-governed, with national policy being dictated by the imperial crown. The state holds collective veto over all imperial crown decisions through their governors' membership in the Imperial Senate, which otherwise acts as an entirely ceremonial body. The current Imperial Federation of Zenrax has Stormhold as three states, all admitted in 2022 (the previous ones having left on the first federation's dissolution in 2018). While the current government could have been properly termed the "Second Imperial Federation," this was eschewed in the name of continuity in the face of inactivity-caused instability, and a desire to revive the old traditions. Rule by an odd combination of decree and passive consensus among the States and high officials are the norm in the Second Federation government, and this has continued since. The current term of Emperor Shiro I Mephistopheles (r. 2014-) either ends or renews at the end of 2024, at which a referendum will be held to determine the status of his reign, and the continuing mandate of the government to exist.


Political Parties

As with its earliest months, the Imperial Federation's political parties have long since dissolved. Although the 2019 revival was based off the core members of Abelden's Behemoth Party, the party itself ceased to exist in function (if not in name) as elections came with progressively less frequency due to a shrinking and increasingly inactive population. By 2022, the party was effectively non-functional and the country's government once again shifted to a default apolitical stance.

The most notable difference between the second Federation and the first is the absence of a hard ban on political parties. While they are permitted to exist within the country, they effectively serve almost no function, due to the infrequency of elections and a very stable government, which has retained the same core of leadership since 2019 with almost no fanfare, despite successive changes in government style.

Term Limits

The only office in the Imperial Federation with constitutionally fixed terms remains that of the Emperor. The oldest laws remaining on record state (among other things) that the Emperor serves at the confidence of the people, and must renew this confidence once every five years, or face elections. The current Emperor, Shiro, is on his second term, which ends on December 15, 2024, during which he faces a confidence vote in the Imperial Senate. No term limits exist for those appointed Senators who are themselves the heads of their respective States. The Emperor cannot simultaneously exercise Crown and Senatorial powers, and usually delegates an additional member of government to carry out Senatorial responsibilities in his (or her) stead.

As for the States, each of these follow its own laws to elect and retain their leadership. Ministerial posts are selected from either the Senate or persons the Senate chooses by consensus as Representatives in their own right (even though the office itself does not exist in an official capacity). Examples of Representatives include HG, Thomas Bainbridge, who serves as Foreign Minister and Stormhold's Senatorial Representative.

Ministerial offices are confirmed or renewed every year on August 11, during which time the government commemorates its annual historical holiday. Similarly, the legal code renews around this time of the year, during which major governmental changes have also been documented to happen.

Claims to Imperium

The government claims Imperium, although this title was meant to be strictly an originally derived, "by right of election" style and "in its own right," rather than an inherited one in the vein that those claiming to be successors of Rome do. It is largely because of this fact that, as of April 2022, claims to imperial rank are currently unrecognized outside of Zenrax, nor are aggressively pressed where impractical. Current political theory suggests that the Emperor claims the title akin to those of the Emperors of Trebizond, who themselves deferred to another sovereign of imperial rank until 1453, by which point both Emperors ruled over less territory than many of their own nominal vassals, subjects, and less than most contemporary kings of that age. However, this concept conflicts with the Holy Roman Empire's standing policy, of which Zenrax is a member, and with Austenasia, which holds a theory of universality that Zenrax does not espouse. As such, Zenrax has, in all but a few cases, avoided pressing this claim outside of its internal states and has not made it a condition for recognition towards, or from, other entities with their own policies regarding Imperium.

Logo of the Ministry of Energy, Science, and Technology (EST)


While being somewhat unique in and of itself, Zenraxian culture still remains much of the way it has been in the Old South for many generations, even after its dissolution and subsequent revival. Influencing the government's former institutions were aspects of feudal Japan as well as Victorian Era Britain during the height of its power. Native Texan cultures also had some influence on the original people of Zenrax. The current government vaguely resembles that of the United Kingdom, although there are notable attempts to create something unique that fits Zenrax specifically as a smaller polity. In later years, the people derived some influence from the people of Thailand, where parts of the government are currently based. The government still retains some inspiration from fictional works, such as Star Wars (the Imperial March still remaining the sole national anthem since 2014).

Many aspects of its government and culture are fairly unique, having been built from scratch or having evolved organically over many years. The government model, to the present day, is meant to emphasize the freedom for a person to choose their destiny, whatever that may be, so long as it does not involve intentionally bringing harm to another individual in the process. Several attempts have been made at a "native" script, some of which may survive. Most subsequent attempts in improving these scripts have failed, with none being made since the mid-2010's.

The military, specifically the US armed forces, have had a profound cultural influence on Zenrax since before its unification. Several citizens served in their respective national armed forces, including the Emperor (US Navy) and the former Minister of Truth (US Army). Military ideals are still found in Zenrax, even with the transition of its government into a civilian administration beginning from 2016, with the end of the Emperor's own military service in the United States. Instead, a more balanced culture of mastery over one's self has become the core tenet of many of its citizens and statespersons (akin to the Bushido code of post-Meiji samurai after the abolishment of that social class). Since 2019, Zenrax has stressed its academic and scientific endeavors as the highest forms of citizenship possible within the country, alongside military service done with honorable conduct.

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic Policies

Throughout its history, Zenrax has remained very exclusive with its choices of allies, often holding new nations at arm's length until a strong case for compatibility could be made from both sides. Alliances and other treaties have usually lasted until the de facto dissolution of the other party, with one notable exception being Zenrax's treaty with Abelden, which it withdrew from in June 2019 following a political scandal that ultimately afflicted both nations.

Several strict prohibitions were historically made against what diplomatic requests Zenrax could honor. Among these are prohibitions of mutual recognition as a sole-use tool of diplomacy (since early 2015), informal relations as a sole-use tool of diplomacy (since 2017), and purely ceremonial trade agreements (since 2018). In 2022, further actions were decreed including prohibitions on associations with micronational entities in any state of declared war during the past six months. Additionally, Zenrax generally avoids entering into agreements with entities whose head of state and/or government is under the age of majority in their respective countries.

War has not been a tool of diplomacy in the country since 2016, with the last action by its militia being a routine patrol of then-controlled territory in late 2015. As such, Zenrax typically eschews association in organizations whose members regularly engage in protracted interpersonal conflicts with others, favoring instead mature organizations enjoying a state of both peace and stability, or, at least, a consistent diplomatic profile and stable leadership.

The following are political entities that Zenrax maintains external relations with, with formal agreements being renewed (unilaterally or otherwise) since 2019. Notes are in italics.

  • Karno-Ruthenian Empire (treaty of friendship & cooperation), since 11 December 2014.
    This is the only extant treaty signed before the Unification of Zenrax in 2014. It was signed as the State of Stormhold underwent unification in 16 December 2014 into the Great Kingdoms of Stormhold, which reorganized into the present-day Zenrax on 21 May 2015. The treaty document itself was subsequently lost to time, until its rediscovery in late 2022. The treaty has since been revalidated and treated as if it were always in force, as the discovery coincided with additional warming in relations between the two countries.
  • Austenasia Empire of Austenasia (treaty of cooperation and recognition of titles since November 30th, 2023)
    Zenrax has long regarded Austenasia as a friendly entity, with the two polities actively cooperating on political matters of mutual import since 2016. Along with recognizing each others' imperial titles (to intentionally unclear extent), this friendly status was solidifed by law in a 2023 treaty.
  • Kingdom of Wyvern Kingdom of Wyvern (Allies through external non-treaty agreements since at least 2017.)
    Having cooperated for years, both Wyvern and Zenrax are also members of the self-proclaimed Holy Roman Empire since 2019, which serves as a legal basis for close cooperation between the two states where possible. Zenrax considers Wyvern a long-term ally. Their prime minister, the Duke of Dullahan, is an honorary citizen through membership in the Order of the Rose.
  • Principality of Montescano (treaty of cooperation), since July 2019
    Montescano transformed into the Empire of Pavlov following reforms at some point in 2020. The treaty was re-validated in 2022.
  • Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall (treaty of mutual political/economic support and cooperation), since July 2019.
    Zenrax maintains relations through Hrafnarfjall's North Sea Empire by extension. The two have enjoyed a strong relationship since 2019, and shared citizenship, a rarity for Zenrax elsewhere, is common here.
  • Vishwamitra State of Vishwamitra (peace & cooperation treaty since July 2022).
    Tensions arose in late July 2022 between important citizens of Zenrax and senior officials in Vishwamitra over diplomatic disputes the latter was engaged in. However, both sides chose to retain the treaty. While relations were normalized through early 2023, active cooperation remains mostly limited to organizational rather than bilateral efforts.

The following are political entities that, while either no longer independent and/or extant, maintain special significance in Zenrax's foreign policy history.

  • Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell (economic, political, and military alliance without treaty), since Spring 2015.
    Siar Fordell's government slowly ceased to exist as a named entity by 2022 due to a lack of external activities. Siar Fordell was one of Zenrax's closest real allies during the late 2010's, until the former's gradual withdrawal from the international space.
  • Aphelia Space Research Nation (STEM and art collaboration/space program support), since 2018.
    ASRN subsequently joined Zenrax in 2022 as one of its sovereign States. The space programs of the two were subsequently merged into the Imperial Space Research Agency. ASRN remains one of Zenrax's most important institutions.


A core part of Zenrax's foreign policy over the past decade has been to increase the impact of its few people within the micronational community through participation in various micronational organizations considered relevant to its interests. Zenrax rarely departs from such organizations for political reasons, with reasons for departure being driven nearly entirely through internal or external activity. Example include departures from the GUM was interrupted due to internal problems, or its more recent departure from SEAMA due to the organization's effective collapse from inactive leadership.

  •  Holy Roman Empire -- Prince-Elector since 2019
    Despite its prolonged inactivity, Zenrax retains membership, as it considers the HRE's existence integral to its long-lasting informal alliance with Wyvern. Zenrax holds the seats of Prince-Elector, Vice Chancellor, and Aulic Judge.
  •  Grand Unified Micronational -- Full Member since 2016
    Zenrax has held membership since 2016 in multiple periods, most recently rejoining in June 2022 after a brief interruption of membership. Zenrax's delegates have held various positions in the organization, most recently as Chair in the first half of 2023.
  • International Aerospace Community -- Member since June 2021
    Zenrax assumed Aphelia's seat in the IAC in August 2022. While the organization is nearly dead from inactivity, Zenrax still maintains membership, partially for cultural reasons.

Foreign Honors

Foreign honors has been used as a tool of diplomacy by both Zenrax and its predecessors since before its recorded history. The most notable usage is the occasional awarding of the Order of the Rose, done continuously on an annual or biannual basis since its unification in 2014. Recipients are treated as something akin to honorary citizens, given leave to come and go from Zenrax's otherwise exclusive spaces as they choose. As such, the Rose is kept on a strict quota and rarely awarded except to those dignitaries already enjoying a strong trust and friendship from Zenrax and its small population.

In 2022, the defunct Order of the Hydra, the nation's second-highest honor since 2015, revived and was awarded to several individuals in two ranks (Knight and Companion). Additionally, plans are in the works for a Legion of Honor, awarded to so-called Friends of the Empire. Awards for merit will also be phased in as non-chivalry awards to persons both within and outside of Zenrax.