Southeast Asian Micronational Association

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Southeast Asian Micronational Association
SEAMA's Logo.png

Headquarters Subejia City, Subejia

Official language Malay, English,
Indonesian (informal, for Indonesian micronations), any language that is spoken in Southeast Asia when necessary

Membership 5 full members, 2 observers

Chair Azwariq Qadri
Vice-chair Ezra
Supreme justice Azwariq Qadri
– Foundation 24 July 2021
– Observership 22 October 2021

The Southeast Asian Micronational Association, commonly abbreviated as the SEAMA, is an intermicronational organisation that serves to enrich ties between micronations located in Southeast Asia, promote sports, unity and cooperation.

Subejia founded the Southeast Asian Micronational Association on 24 July 2021 after noticing the inactivity of the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia founded by Association of Indonesian Micronations back in 2013. The goal of the SEAMA is to make peace with each micronations in Southeast Asia and making diplomatic relations for economic development.

SEAMA membership is open to any independent sovereign state that is located in Southeast Asia. If they didn't want to or the application is failed, they will not recognize by SEAMA at all. The members of SEAMA can promote the organisation.

As of 10 November 2021, the SEAMA has 6 active members.



Subejia founded the SEAMA on 24 July 2021 after seeing the Micronational Association of Southeast Asia was inactive. Azwariq Qadri declared the foundation of SEAMA and also Subejia's website. Ezraia accepted to became a full member of SEAMA.

Establishment of SEAMGF

Azwariq also established Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation, commonly abbreviated as the SEAMGF. Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation are under the regulation of the SEAMA. Azwariq finding inspiration in the Southeast Asia Games, he decided to establish SEAMGF but under the regulation of SEAMA.


The SEAMA is comprised of two branches: the Executive and Legislative. The chair acts as the executive leader of the SEAMA while the deputy chair enforces law.


The executive is led by the chair and vice-chair. The chair is the SEAMA's executive leader. Experienced delegates are elected for two-months term. They chair Quorum sessions, administer the Executive, and represent the organisation. The chair is also often involved in diplomatic conflict resolution.

The first official inaugural chair was the SEAMA's founder, Azwariq Qadri of Subejia

Members and observers

Full members

Full members are ratified during its foundation that enjoy all rights and duties given to a member state: they can contribute news, discussion and debates, voting in Southeast Asian Micronations Summit. There are currently four full-members states. They are:

Former members

Former members was the full members that is ratified to be withdrawal from the SEAMA. They either being inactive or violates any rules in the SEAMA. They can rejoined by signing the agreement to make sure they still active. They are:

  • Flag of Weltgewerkscaft.jpg Weltgewerkscaft

Permanent observers

Han Raya Empire wanted to join on behalf of World Alliance Central. Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation had officially became permanent observer because the organisation is founded on the same date and leader.

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